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Magnificent Seven/High Chaparral (PG-13)

Title: Desert Odyssey by K.T. Masoon
Pairing: N/A
Author on LJ: Not that I know of.
Author Website: None (fics available at Blackraptor)
Why this must be read:

You tend to find more ATF AU crossovers than in the Old West universe, but that doesn't mean there aren't great OW crossovers out there. Here K.T. crosses the guys with the old western High Chaparral, a show set on a ranch on the Arizona-Mexico border. When events take a turn for the worse as two of the seven return from escorting a criminal to Mexico, the Cannon family and the Seven find themselves working together.

Once Buck Cannon had patched up the big stranger as best he could, they got him on to his horse, a pretty bay they found grazing a short distance up the trail. Then as Buck led the wounded man, tied to his saddle, slumped and unresponsive, Blue rode as fast as his palomino would take him for the High Chaparral. It was almost dark as the buckboard clattered down the trail to meet them.

Once they made it to the ranch, Victoria took over. She ordered them to carry the patient to Blue's room since it was the closest, then shooed everyone way except Vaquero.

While she and Vaquero worked to save Buck and get him settled in bed, the others had been trying to find out who he was, firstly by going through the contents of his pockets.

The first thing Blue found was money - a lot of money.

Manolito looked up. "How much is a lot?" he asked.

"Over $100 in gold."

John whistled softly. "Guess he wasn't robbed then."

Desert Odyssey

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