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Name:multi-fandom mobile addiction
Location:United States of America
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For 10 years, the crack_van propagated multi-fandom addiction through an exhaustive regimen of positive and negative reinforcement and mental cleansing. Not really! It was just a place to find everything you needed to enjoy new fandoms without fear of badfic or WiP’s.

Although the community is now closed, an archive of nearly 25,000 posts remains for your enjoyment.

Want the good stuff? Check out [community profile] crack_van's sidebar for fandom overviews - including character bios, pics and fandom resources - and for previously recced fanworks in hundreds of fandoms.

Craving even more? Check out the following multi-fandom communities:

ship_manifesto: pairing-specific essays & overviews.
[community profile] fancake: open recs community for all fandoms.

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