24th-Jun-2017 11:05 pm Doctor Who 10-11 World Enough and Time
In cyber space no one can hear you scream )
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24th-Jun-2017 02:02 pm I did it! :D
Thanks to everyone for the support and suggestions in the last two posts. You guys gave me the push I needed to get this going. ^___^

Drawesome on DW
[community profile] drawesome: A Drawing Community for Fan-Artists

Also, thanks to [personal profile] mific for volunteering to co-mod the comm. :)

I have a little bit of free time this weekend to plan out some introductory activities. And then the next step will be to signal boost the comm. Exciting! *___*
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23rd-Jun-2017 09:44 pm Naming the Art Community?
So, looking back at my previous post, I was really delighted that fellow fan-artists indicated an interest in having a community for practicing drawing skills, be it digital or traditional media.

I'm sitting here brainstorming community names. Basic names like Art, Artists, Draw, Drawing, Drawings, Drawn are already taken. Anyway, this is the kind of stuff I'm coming up with:

drawpaint, drawnow, drawit, drawthis, idrewthis, idraw, drawnbyhand, drawntoart, readysetdraw, drawingskills, wedraw, groupdraw, drawingtogether, drawingroup, drawyes, drawesome, drawpaintgrow, drawyay, yaydrawing, drawn2art, drawn2fanart, 123draw, quickdraw, lovetodraw, drawsomething, drawingroom, drawmore.

I...kinda like drawmore, wedraw, or drawthis. IDK.

What are you guys partial to? Got any other suggests?
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23rd-Jun-2017 02:35 pm PSA
I'm still tired from yesterday, but a head's up (via a genealogy news feed I follow) in case it's of any use to other people:

Find My Past (one of the big online genealogy sites for the UK) are allowing free access to their main UK collections till 26th June. (No strings attached for this one, not even fake-orders to get it; only registering if you haven't already.)

Some more details & instructions on the site's blog:

*skuttles off to collapse somewhere again*
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21st-Jun-2017 09:33 pm Network Sale!
I am having rl this week; it is rubbish. (Or at least, it was hot and now there is a Thing I have to go to tomorrow; everything will be at least better once the Thing is over and I have recovered, or more or less; it's a multi-part Thing, as so often in life. Stupid Thing.)

And then just now I happened to look and Network are having a 45% sale again!. And guess who still has nearly all her b'day money? Oh, yes, I do. Now I just have to decide what to spend it on, so at least that will be some sort of an antidote.

If you are in R2 or can play R2 discs, you too can snag yourself obscure old British telly! (Mostly ITV, it tends to be other companies that release the BBC stuff.) I have been poking through to see what's on offer from my wishlist (lots! \o/) and can tell you that you can also get Press Gang, Enemy at the Door, Public Eye and Sapphire and Steel at bargainous prices! (Also Manhunt, The Power Game, The Sandbaggers and Mr Palfrey and Undermind and Zodiac). So you should go out and buy them and then write me all the fic, obv.

Anyway, I thought I'd give the heads up and enable my like-minded souls on my flist. ([personal profile] liadtbunny, I am shocked that you did not already tell me this! I rely on you for these things! ;-D)
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19th-Jun-2017 02:39 am Ships that I Ship: Day 163: Amarant/Freya
Canon: Final Fantasy IX
Pairing: Amarant Coral/Freya Crescent
Canon Level: Teammates

I have capital-o Opinions on Freya and the canonical end to her character arc. Suffice it to say that I do not agree with it, and that my preference for Freya with Amarant shares a common cause with my dislike of her with Fratley but isn't the reason for my dislike by itself. But Freya and Amarant were built up by the game! Sparks practically flew the first time they met, and they had that nice scene outside the auction house where Amarant opened up to Freya, and then they worked together to defeat the Fire Shrine. They had an understanding between them, warrior-to-warrior. Amarant respected Freya, probably liked her company and cared for her well-being. Freya got Amarant, something not many other people did, because I think she saw something of herself in him. I really, truly believe they would have been great together.

Suggested reading:
If I Win by [ profile] runicmagitek
Alone by [ profile] Andrivette
Parlor Tricks by [ profile] Wallwalker
Rebuild by Anonymous
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20th-Jun-2017 11:29 am Art Community on DW?
I've been wanting to join a Fan-Artists community for quite some time, but haven't come across what I'm seeking. What I want is a place where fan-artists (of traditional media) can challenge and motivate each other, a place for collaborating and posting, for getting feedback and advice.

On LJ, I loved being part of [ profile] drawmelot, a community for traditional artists in the Merlin fandom. I especially always enjoyed their collaborative projects, eg. Tarot cards, Zodiac signs, Celtic animals.

I was wondering if there's anything like that out there on DW, fandom-specific or multi-fandom? And if not, would any other fan-artists be interesting in using such a comm?

Anyone wanna help me get something like that started?
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18th-Jun-2017 12:22 am Ships that I Ship: Day 162: Zack/Cloud
Canon: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Zack Fair/Cloud Strife
Canon Level: Friends

Somewhere about halfway through Final Fantasy VII, I was so thoroughly confused by what in the world was going on with the plot that I decided to go read fic in the hopes of clearing things up. (It certainly wouldn't have been able to make my confusion any worse.) And promptly fell down the Cloud/Zack hole but good. I like Zack's friendliness and general happy-go-lucky attitude, but it's his complete devotion to the people he cares about that really gets to me--and Cloud is definitely one of those people. I feel like it's only natural that Cloud would be drawn Zack's bright spirit. And the thing that makes them work for me is that Cloud has just as much devotion as Zack, only it's a little harder to see at first. I feel like Zack was able to see a smidgen of that (one of the few who did see Cloud's true strengths), was intrigued, and determined that he had to get to know Cloud.

Suggested reading:
Too Good To Be True by [ profile] Miko
Revisit by [ profile] Cephy
I Promise by [ profile] puella_nerdii
It Rains Ashes On Golgotha by [ profile] Harmony
In Your Hands by [ profile] sister_coyote
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20th-Jun-2017 01:21 am [challenge] hc_bingo
my hc_bingo card )
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19th-Jun-2017 03:21 pm, storm day!
Government just declared All Schools cancelled for tomorrow! \o/

ETA: It's official - Tropical Storm "Bret". Sounds so...douchebro. LOL.

All banks closed tomorrow too. So the bro and I *both* get a day off. \o/
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19th-Jun-2017 11:27 am Incoming
From where I'm standing, weather is being deceptively pleasant. Sun is shining, birds are singing. Gorgeous day on the island.

From another perspective though:

AHHHHHHHH. So this was taken an hour or two ago. Guess what's at our doorstep... /o\

Tropical Cyclone Bulletin: "The Met office is advising that citizens adopt all measures to preserve life and property." O_O
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19th-Jun-2017 02:15 pm Unconventional Courtship
[community profile] unconventionalcourtship is running again! It is the fest where you take a romance novel summary and kill it with fanfic write your own story from it (actual romance not necessary). It's always a lot of fun. There are banners, those are fun too. (I don't have one to hand right now, but there are lots at the comm. Some of them are even proper ships and things and not ones people made for the lols because of the tempting nature of the template.)

In the meantime, because of that, and because it's being summer, which is always unreasonable, have some summaries from the Unconventional Courtship Random Generator:

Cut for the usual ridiculous )
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18th-Jun-2017 02:55 pm Doctor Who 10-10 The Eaters of Light
What have the Romans ever done for us? )

Only two eps left. This series seems to have gone by very fast.
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17th-Jun-2017 01:52 pm Ships that I Ship: Day 161: Chouji/Ino/Shikamaru
Canon: Naruto
Pairing: Akimichi Chouji/Nara Shikamaru/Yamanaka Ino
Canon Level: Friends/Teammates

Aw yeah, Ino-Shika-Chou trio. I have said before why I like Chouji and Shikamaru, but for all that I adore them, I have to admit that they're not exactly a pairing with a lot of energy or grand passion. Ino would bring that in spades. I think she's fiercely protective of her teammates, albeit not in the most obvious ways, and of the three of them, she's the one who'd kick their butts and refuse to let them feel sorry for themselves. She'll force them to experience life rather than sit on the sidelines watching it. I do feel like Ino has a bit more energy than either Chouji or Shikamaru would be able to handle on their own, but with the three of them I think they'd be a good balance.

Suggested reading:
Their Bed by [ profile] greenkangaroo
Lessons On an Incomplete Relationship by [ profile] suzukiblu
Shikamaru Oneshots by [ profile] ScribRaven
Just Because by [ profile] des_butterfly
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16th-Jun-2017 01:02 pm Ships that I Ship: Day 160: Jedediah/Octavius
Canon: Night at the Museum
Pairing: Jedediah/Octavius
Canon Level: Enemies to Friends

They are two tiny people in a world of giants who have been enemies in the past but are now friends. It's practically a grand romance already. Okay, not really, but enemies to friends to lovers does have a long tradition, and I think they'd enjoy turning their us vs. each other rivalry into an us vs. everybody else thing as they explore the museum together and make a place for themselves in the wider, larger world of the museum.

Suggested reading:
A Classical Education by [ profile] mtgat
Playing Nice by [ profile] doorrepairgirl
Malak by [ profile] Kantayra
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16th-Jun-2017 09:11 pm Pictionary | Fic Rec | Moonlight
1. I just whiled away an hour amusing myself playing Pictionary with a neural network: Quick, Draw!. I'm there drawing my masterpiece Pig and it guesses "the Great Wall of China". *dies laughing*

2. Fic Rec! I have a major weakness for Angel/Demon AUs, and this series certainly delivers. *___*

Pater Noster by [ profile] manic_intent
Mycroft/Lestrade (BBC Sherlock) | Good Omens AU | Explicit | 26,551 words

3. I had Moonlight sitting in my laptop for quite a few months now, and was working up to watching it. I finally did this evening. I'd also seen two other queer-themed films this week, Pride and Handsome Devil, both of which I enjoyed and found pretty upbeat with uplifting endings.

I knew Moonlight would have a whole different tone and braced myself for it going in. Poor child. It was heartbreaking. The ending felt abrupt. I still don't know how I feel about it, but am glad that it was made, and that these kind of stories are being told, and getting recognition by the film industry.
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16th-Jun-2017 01:24 pm And so then obviously I signed up for another bingo
I never can resist [community profile] hc_bingo. I mean, between free interpretation, metaphor, choosing hurt-only, hurt/comfort, comfort-only, the multitudinous means of getting a bingo and the fact there are no penalties even if you don't even post one fill in amnesty, and a year-long period of writing altogether, what's to be afraid of?

Well, save the card itself. (I look at everyone else's cards and so many of the prompts and go YES YES YES and then get mine and go: 0_o for a few hours until ideas start arriving. This one is particularly scary, I feel, but has possibilities. And, you know, it's pretty, and it's not as if h/c and apocalypses aren't likely to overlap here and there...)

My hc_bingo card )

Ideas welcome! Also I am ridiculously tempted by writing the 12,500 word 25-in-one special achievement, except I cannot imagine how that would go or how I would pull it off and survive/keep a straight face.
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15th-Jun-2017 07:08 pm Ships that I Ship: Day 159: Big Barda/Scott
Canon: DC Universe
Pairing: Big Barda/Scott Free
Canon Level: Married

Yay for happily married couples who love each other. Barda is both bigger and stronger than Scott, something Scott is one hundred percent okay with, which is really fun to read about. It's hard not to like a couple that finds such joy in each other.

Suggested reading:
Scott Free Doesn't Understand Bondage by [ profile] queerquestion
Free by [ profile] RenaRoo
In Which Big Barda Discovers the Joy of Earth Showers by [ profile] Mithen
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14th-Jun-2017 05:00 pm Ships that I Ship: Day 158: John/Karkat
Canon: Homestuck
Pairing: John Egbert/Karkat Vantas
Canon Level: One-Sided Crush

There is just something super adorable that happens when you combine Karkat's eternal rage with John's complete inability to take Karkat's bluster seriously. Karkat could use some of John's goofiness in his life helping him to chill out a bit, and I think John would find Karkat and his all his differences endlessly fascinating.

Suggested reading:
Pitch by [ profile] perculious
Enforced Cultural Exchange by [ profile] Miko
But I'm a Friendleader! by [ profile] Cephied_Variable
Kismessitude Does Not Raise Your Prankster's Gambit by [ profile] vikki
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15th-Jun-2017 05:04 pm Fan Art (Cap Reverse Big Bang - Steve/Bucky)
Today's the day for posting! [personal profile] mific selected my artwork as inspiration, for the 2017 Captain America Reverse Big Bang challenge. Which resulted in the following awesome fic:

Summer Captain, Winter Soldier by [ profile] mific
Steve/Bucky | Fantasy AU | Rated M | 19,556 words

Here's my artwork:

Fan Art - Rook and Knight by [ profile] goss
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Steve Rogers, James "Bucky" Barnes

Click below to view the full image at AO3:

Notes: Artwork painted using watercolours. Additional graphics include eight fic dividers, drawn with ink pen.

Thanks to [personal profile] mific for developing such a wonderful fantasy AU. I was really delighted to see how the concepts and details in the artwork were given life in your fic. ^___^
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13th-Jun-2017 01:37 am Ships that I Ship: Day 157: Seifer/Zell
Canon: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Seifer Almasy/Zell Dincht
Canon Level: Antagonists

Oh man, the thing I wanted most after finishing this game was long Seifer redemption fic where he went around the world trying to Make Things Right after what he did and in the process he'd learn to forgive himself and be more mature and maybe also how to make a relationship work, preferably with Zell. I like Zell because he's not afraid to call Seifer on when he's being an asshole but he's ultimately a fair guy. Their fights aren't meanly vicious, and I think that'd still be true post-game. Let them snarl and bicker and tumble with each other, all while building something between them that neither knows about until it smacks them in the face because they're both horrible at emotional maturity.

Suggested reading:
Standard Operating Procedure by [ profile] Spindizzy
A Kiss With A Fist by [ profile] ZellieAlmasy
The True Story of the Butterfly and the Bumblebee by [ profile] eternalbreath
hindsight by [ profile] Baconfat
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15th-Jun-2017 02:32 pm Fannish links
1. [community profile] fic_corner is still taking nominations, for those who are interested!

2. A couple of months ago, I tried to rec a B5 vid, All Is Not Lost, but the link had died - but the vidder kindly let me know that it's now back, so let me attempt to rec it again (probably a repeat rec anyway, but always worthwhile) - see here.

3. Another vid which I just saw this morning: an amazing Minerva McGonagall vid.

(I feel like there have been more things I meant to link to lately, but that is all for now.)
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15th-Jun-2017 06:13 am This Week (Fannish and RL)
1. Corpus Christi

Public Holiday today, YAY! Thanks to multi-cultural diversity, the island ranks amongst countries with the highest number of public holidays. Usually it's around 18 days. And as a teacher, thank goodness for that - we live for every day off, *way* more than the students. *g*

2. Wonder Woman

After work yesterday, I went with a bunch of my teacher pals to see the Wonder Woman movie at the cinema. With all the spoilery gifs and stuff every which way online, I'd decided to check it out via DL over the weekend, and so this was really my second viewing. It was EVEN BETTER this time. All that WOMAN POWER in big screen. The fight scenes were MAJESTIC. MAGNIFICIENT. MAGICAL. And every other awesome M word. Gal Gadot is ethereal. I can see it becoming one of those movies that you grow even more fond of with every viewing. ♥_____♥

The preview for Justice League had me :D :D :D. Cannot wait!!

3. Chocolate Company Logo

I also DLed the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but mainly so my cousin and I could have something to watch while I played around with designing and sketching out the logo for her chocolate company. We eventually settled on a fancy version of a letter 'K', rather than any one picture or graphic. I told her this would be better, since we would obviously want to change up packaging over time (using tropical themes, pictures of cocoa pods/flowers, etc.), but would want a company logo to hold up for all the years to come, and be flexible in its look to go with any colour, design or graphic around it.

4. Online Flight Booking

Bought my mother a plane ticket to London to visit her brother. That morning, she mentioned thinking about visiting him, since he's over 80 and won't be travelling here anymore, and I thought it was a wonderful idea. Before she could talk herself out of it, since she tends to waffle on these things a lot, I just took charge, went on the British Airways website, found a direct flight and booked it. Paid with my credit card, and voila! I can't believe how easy the process was, doing it yourself online.

The look on her face when I presented her with a print-out of her travel itinerary, all paid for, just one hour after she mentioned it, was priceless. She hugged me so hard, with shining eyes, incredulous, and just so happy. Parents. *___*

5. Summer Job

Last night a tiny bit of good news. A couple weeks ago, I sent in an application to mark National Exam papers for Visual Arts over the summer vacation, and have been accepted. \o/ Even though it will take up 2 weeks out of summer vacation, it will be valuable experience to gain as a teacher of the subject, and also I could do with a bit of extra money. Hey, maybe it will help pay that huge credit card bill I just racked up. :b
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12th-Jun-2017 12:47 am Ships that I Ship: Day 156: Squall/Rinoa
Canon: Final Fantasy VIII
Pairing: Rinoa Heartilly/Squall Leonhart
Canon Level: Dating

There is something about the immersion you get with video games that gets to me so that I often end up shipping the canon couple despite myself. Rinoa's annoyingly peppy, Squall is trying real hard to earn his Angstiest Teenager Trophy, and yet I think they're super cute together. Rinoa refuses to let Squall wallow in his pessimistic attitude and drags him out of his shell in a way that none of his other friends can manage on their own. She has a core of tenacity that's easy to overlook but which hooks Squall and drags him into her orbit. They act as good counter-balances to each other with different strengths and weaknesses.

Suggested reading:
Play by Ear by [ profile] Abbykat
Driving Lessons by [ profile] ChelesNoir
Beautiful Day by [ profile] celeste9
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11th-Jun-2017 11:41 pm Ships that I Ship: Day 155: Jake/Mickey
Canon: Doctor Who
Pairing: Jake Simmonds/Mickey Smith
Canon Level: Fellow Freedom Fighters

I always liked Mickey, the average guy in the background supporting Rose who eventually grew and moved on to having his own adventures instead. So I greatly enjoyed "Rise of the Cybermen"/"The Age of Steel," and what better way to celebrate Mickey coming in to his own than for him to get a boyfriend. And Jake is right there. There's lots of potential for angst between them, what with Jake having known Mickey's parallel world self, and also lots of potential for adventures and fun.

Suggested reading:
Revelations in a Van by [ profile] semirose
Two lovers, One kiss by [ profile] marcella_riddle
Birds by [ profile] carolinecrane
See About Me by [ profile] lil_1337
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14th-Jun-2017 10:32 pm What I'm Reading Wednesday
What I've Just finished Reading

Frances Brody's Dying in the Wool, the first of the Kate Shackleton mysteries. I did like this, but the title, cover and first person narration promise a lighter tone than is actually the case - they seem quite serious so far. Kate Shackleton is another ex-VAD detective, and they're set in Yorkshire, which is a nice bonus, and seem pretty well-researched. (In the case of the first one, I'd say maybe too well-researched or too inclined to share it here and there, but it's better than the more common alternative.)

I also finished note-taking from Maureen Waller's The English Marriage, which was very readable, with plenty of examples and quotes from letters, diaries and court cases from the middle ages to the twentieth century, mostly of terrible marriages (but not always).

I think maybe one highlight is the super-sarcastic sentence of a 1845 Judge (Mr Justice Maule) on a labourer convicted of bigamy:Cut for lengthy sarcastic summing up )

And then I also went back through The Rise and Fall of the Victorian Servant by Pamela Horn and now I have notes from it, too. Not magically, but not too painfully either.

I also finished reading Alison Light's Common People, her history of her very 'ordinary' family. It was very interesting. I think the best bit was the Road to Netherne section, following a maternal line (which had a narrower, more distinct focus) but it was very good overall.

What I'm Reading Now

Still not really read much more of HMS Surprise. I tried the other night, but they went on about eating rats, the same day as next door's rats came back, and I was also stressed so I had my Doomwatch-inspired evil rats nightmare and when I woke I knew there actually were rats nearby (even if not irrationally terrifying dream rats; it doesn't help at 4am). I am now eyeing it warily, and instead reading:

A Medal for Murder, the second Kate Shackleton mystery. It is still not light, but it is interesting. (The misleading covers and titles are very misleading! I am not able to shake them off and accept its seriousness yet. I will persevere, because they are otherwise good and it's not Frances Brody's fault if the publishers set about misleading people. Mind, I think I resent the flashbacks. It's a detective story, I'm supposed to have it unravel courtesy of the detective; don't give me flashbacks!)

For note-taking, I have now returned to Jerry White's London in the 19th Century: A Human Awful Wonder of God, which I was forced to abandon six years ago due to illness. I triumph at last! Also, it's very readable and interesting as well as useful. (I have the 20th C and 18th C ones, too, which I am now looking forward to as well, at some point.)

What I'm Reading Next

Who knows? Possibly the collection of Gothic novels I picked up in the free bookshop. Otherwise, I have mostly just started things, so it's a bit early to say.
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14th-Jun-2017 11:14 am Savages performing "She Will" Live on KCRW
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14th-Jun-2017 11:11 am small personal note

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13th-Jun-2017 05:30 pm In which I am accomplished
(I'm sorry, my DW/LJ is v frivolous and always has been and there we are).

Now that I've posted that AAL! fic and one more Runaway Tales effort today, then not only have I achieved a bingo for [community profile] trope_bingo (even if it was probably too late to actually count), I have posted my stray [community profile] hc_bingo fills over there for amnesty, and now my stray [community profile] trope_bingo fills and a bingo for [community profile] origfic_bingo!

You know what this means? I am now at liberty to destroy the world multiple times over!* (Well, and also that I probably need to write something for [community profile] genprompt_bingo and my new table for [community profile] who_allsorts at some point & both are as yet virgin fields of unfilled squares, but hey, never mind. APOCALYPSE SUMMER! Or whatever, I'm very easily distracted and I still need to write that eighteen-month overdue [community profile] fandom_stocking S&S fic, and I'd like to write some more 500 Prompts too.)

But: *\o/*

I actually have no idea what I'm doing for any of the above, though. Suggestions are always welcome, even if I may well ignore them. (Bingos are for fun and id-pursuance!) ;-p

* For [community profile] tic_tac_woe. Not really, obviously, that would be wrong.
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