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23rd-Sep-2009 03:17 pm Grotesque Mask by Tarlan (PG)

Of course the TV series Adventure Inc wasn't about naked midnight swims *cough*toobad*cough*, so even if the team indulged in between their adventures, as I'm sure they did *g*, here is also a story that could have been a part of the series.

Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Judson Cross from Adventure Inc.
Pairing: none
Length: short
Author on LJ: [personal profile] tarlanx
Author's website: Phoenix Michael Biehn website and Tarlan's fiction archive

Why this must be read:
As stated above, this story could have been a part of the series. It has the adventure, the historical artifact, the danger it brings the team in, the whisp of the supernatural that also was such a nice part of the series - but it has something else as well: namely the question about ethics. Because as good as it sounds, trying to find historically significant artifacts and bringing them to light for all of us to see and learn from, maybe doing that isn't always such a good idea. Maybe it might have consequences... serious consequences. And doing what you thought was harmless, and right, might not be so for others.

Grotesque mask

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23rd-Sep-2009 12:27 am Midnight swim by Donna S (PG13)
And now for a little self-indulgement *g*

Fandom: MICHAEL BIEHN CHARACTERS - Judson Cross from Adventure Inc.
Pairing: almost....
Length: short, more a ficlet
Author on LJ: unknown
Author's website: -

Why this must be read:
Because I think Michael Biehn is hot and this fic paints him in all his naked glory *happy sigh* All during a nice midnight swim.

But actually, apart from the 'eye candy', this is really a sad little story, in which the author doesn't follow the easy fanfic paths, but stays a lot more true to reality. And so what it's really about is unrequited feelings.

Midnight Swim

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