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15th-Sep-2013 10:25 am STAR WARS / DCU (PG)
Title: Flamebird
Characters: Tim, Jay, Bruce Wayne, Watto, Nightwing, Yoda
Length: ~4k words
Author on LJ: [ profile] sharpest_rose
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

It takes a fine chef's hand to concoct a savory crossover stew, and this author serves up some of the best. Flamebird is a well-known name in the DCU, its addition to the GFFA flavors a world filled with Padawans named Tim, an AgriCorps candidate named Jay, all watched over by a mystery named Nightwing. Lots of atmospheric touches and a profoundly right ending, this story is a winner. There is a fine illo for the story by [ profile] ratcreature right here.

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15th-May-2013 12:08 pm Déjà Vu All Over Again by victoria_p (musesfool)
Pairing: Gen. Derek Hale, Dick Grayson
Length: 2072
Author on LJ: [ profile] musesfool
Author Website: At AO3
Why this must be read:

Because -- sadly -- there's not enough outsider POV fic in Teen Wolf. Seriously, it's sad. It combines !!!Dick Grayson!!! aka !!!Robin!!! aka Nightwing!!! using his nifty detective skills to consult for Sheriff Stilinski and some whip-crack sharp dialog. It's short and fun and punches all the right buttons.

Back at the sheriff's office, he sits down across from Stilinski and says, "What about Derek Hale?"

"It's not him." The speaker is the flaily kid from the lacrosse field. He lunges through the door, awkward in that way where his sense of his body hasn't caught up with the new length of his legs and arms yet.

"Stiles," says the sheriff, warning and affection mingled in the one word.

"You know it's not him, Dad." Stiles comes into the office, and drops his backpack to the floor before flinging himself into the chair next to Dick.

"Maybe he's not killing these kids," Dick says, because he doesn't think he is and there's really no reason to leave that on the table, "but he sure looks like he could be cooking meth out at that burnt out house."

Déjà Vu All Over Again
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22nd-Feb-2013 02:01 pm To Know and Be Known by AlphaKantSpell (PG)
Fandom: DC Universe (Justice League)
Pairing: Batman/Flash (Bruce/Wally)
Length: 1,344
Rating: PG
Warnings: general spoilers for the cartoon, brief mention of character death
Author on LJ:
Author's Website: AlphaKantSpell on AO3
Summary: Like everyone, Wally assumed Bruce's daemon was a bat. It fit the whole persona, the costume, and the creature of the night routine. Wally should have known Bruce would never be what people expected he was.

Why this must be read: I've stumbled across a few stories that make Bruce's daemon something dangerous, which I completely understand, but this story gives us Bruce with a daemon that's something unexpected. Bruce's psychology has always fascinated me, and AlphaKantSpell goes into it just enough here to show how much it takes for him to let someone in. I'd never read Bruce/Wally before (I stick to Bruce/Joker usually), but I found this to be a great one-shot about how someone as upbeat as Wally could affect Bruce. The fic is told entirely from Wally's perspective as he tries to figure out what Bruce's daemon is. It's a terrific plot device that gives us insight into both of them.

As with most DC fic, a general idea of the characters is enough to follow along. This is written specifically to follow the Justice League cartoon, but I've never seen an episode and I had no trouble. This was written in a way that really had me understanding Wally--a character I tend to overlook. If you're a fan of the Flash in any form, definitely check this one out.

To Know and Be Known
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14th-Feb-2013 04:04 pm Fake Empires by Copperbadge, Mature
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 11,730
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website:At AO3
Why this must be read: For one thing it's told entirely 1st person POV which can't have been easy to do, but which works flawlessly here. That he starts out in Clark Ken, Ace Reporter mode plays a big factor in getting the right. When it opens, he's out to get at the mystery that lurks behind the bland facade Bruce Wayne shows the world, and where getting the answer to that question could have been the end of things, here the author uses it as a prologue for a story that juggles identity!porn, the delicious slow burn of UST, and these two men getting to know and trust each other--with one of the best last lines ever.

an excerpt )

Fake Empires
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13th-Feb-2013 04:02 pm Family Legacy by Mithen, General Audiences
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 4,212 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] mithen
Author Website: At AO3
Why this must be read: I love "what if?" stories. They're the whole point of fanfic, IMO, exloring what if this had happened instead of that, with an infinity of possibilities. One of the best things about comic books fandom is that you can pose questions like..."What if Thomas and Martha Wayne were driving through Kansas and discovered a spacecraft from Krypton?"

Apparently there was an actual Superman/Batman comic, #50, with that premise. I haven't read that, but would be very surprised if that version if anywhere near as satisfying as what Mithen does with the idea here. From Bruce stowing away in the car when Thomas sets out on his annual visit to Smallville, to how this knowledge of Clark is part of the fuel that drives him after parents are murdered, and to how Bruce finally does meet his alien brother--and then beyond that--this story is loaded with wonderful little moments.

excerpt from chapter two )

Family Legacy
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12th-Feb-2013 02:44 pm Morning-Gold at the Watchtower by Bradygirl_12, EXPLICIT
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor, Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 2,530 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] bradygirl_12
Author Website: Her fic on A03
Why this must be read: It's sexy and fun--what more do you need?

Oh, well, there's Diana being really comfortable in her skin and loving Steve, something Brady always does a great job of presenting. There's some sexy talk between the two of them that gets Diana revved up and needing to take the edge off until she can be with Steve... Oh,and did I mention she's on monitor duty at the Watchtower? Yes, well, 'monitor duty' takes on a whole new meaning as she accidentally hits a switch that gives her the best seat in the house as Superman and Batman go to their quarters and... Well, just go read it, you won't be sorry. :)

exerpt )

Morning-Gold at the Watchtower
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10th-Feb-2013 01:56 pm The Best Dog in the Whole Universe, by Starsandsea, G
Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Not applicable
Length: 1,240 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] starsandsea
Author Website: Unknown
Why this must be read: Because it's just a wonderful little story about a boy and his dog--in this case, Clark and Krypto. It will tug at your heart strings in a really good way, and make you smile, and and is just everything a story like this should be.

an excerpt )
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1st-Feb-2013 01:13 pm Keeping Busy by Klein_aster (PG-13)
Hi! I will be driving the DC van this month. Hope you like the stories I'll be reccing.

Fandom: DC Comics
Pairing: Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
Length: 3,566 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] kleine_aster
Author Website: [ profile] alexandraplatz
Why this must be read: The author doesn't explicitly say that this story is a sequel to the previously rec'd, and entirely wonderful, No Pie At All, but reading it, I couldn't help but think it could be and that's just one of the things that makes it a treat. In that earlier story, the guys are just embarking upon their journey, and it's full of awkward and uncertain moments. Here, decades down the line, they are completely comfortable with each other and yet with no loss of excitement, no sense of taking anything for granted, and that's a beautiful thing.

If you ever wanted to imagine Clark on a motorcycle, this story will help you do that (accompanied by a tantalizing hint of a past adventure). If you love the idea of Bruce in semi-retirement still directing the extended Bat family, you will find that here. If the idea of Clark shopping the world for cheesy Batman souvenirs sounds like it could make you smile, you will not be disappointed. And don't let that PG rating persuade you to anticipate any lack of sexy goings on because nothing could be more erroneous.

an excerpt )

Keeping Busy
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28th-Oct-2012 04:20 pm Puzzles and Masks by Seiberwing (PG)
Fandom: DC Comics (Batman 1960)
Characters: The Riddler
Length:  ~3000 words
Author on LJ:  [ profile] seiberwing
Author Website: N/A
Why this must be read:   Not many people tackle writing fic for the campy 1960s Batman tv show, and the few that do usually adopt the ironic sensibility of the original. Seiberwing does something very different: treating the characters with respect, giving them an honest and non-winking voice for all of their glorious day-glo insanity. The Riddler in Seiberwing's stories is Gorshin and no one else: all of his dramatic and terrifying mannerisms, his creepy delicacy and manic glee, come through with a nearly visual impact. If you've ever seen the show, you will see Gorshin in your mind's eye. If you haven't, what?  Go watch it!  you'll still be able to enjoy this psychological exploration.  Seiberwing has written a variety of stories in the 1960s universe, all of them very good, but this is one of my favorites for its fascinating portrait of Riddler's beautiful mind.

Riddler stripped off his prison uniform and tossed it away with disgust. Careful, almost ritualistic attention was given to every verdant piece of clothing as he pulled it on, fastening the buttons with utmost care. It was like washing off the last vestiges of the Gotham State Penitentiary in a warm rose-petal bath. He slipped his arms around himself and ran a hand down his shoulder, savoring the sensation of the fabric against his prickling skin. A laugh bubbled up in his throat, rising to outright shrieks of glee. The Riddler was back, let the dull cow-eyed agents of order and justice tremble. Once again the world was beautiful.

Puzzles and Masks
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23rd-Oct-2012 07:15 pm Static by Kasuchi (NC-17)
Fandom: DC COMICS (Animated series, more or less)
Pairing: Clark Kent/Lois Lane
Length: 9,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] kasuchi
Author Website: Fiction Tag
Why this must be read: Phone sex. A wonderful slow burn between Clark and Lois. A realistically annoyed reaction to Lois discovering Clark and Superman are the same person. Phone sex. Snappy repartee. A wonderful Lois: confident, secure, and witty.

Did I mention very hot phone sex?

"Ouch, Lois. That hurts, right here."

"Damn straight it does, 'cause it's the truth. How you have any secrets is a mystery. You are the worst liar I've ever seen." By now her nightgown was halfway up her hips. She ran the pads of her fingers along her bare thighs, knuckles brushing against her panties before skittering away.



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17th-Oct-2012 07:52 pm Too Much by NiftywithaN (PG)
Pairing/characters: Damian Wayne, Dick Grayson
Length: less than 1,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] niftywithan
Author Website: Fanfic tag
Why this must be read:  Another story by this author, Too Big, was recced a while ago, and this forms a beautiful companion piece to it.  However, it stands on its own perfectly well!  The former features a young Dick Grayson with Bruce Wayne, and "Too Much" shows the flip side--Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as his Robin.  Damian is that wonderful mix of prickly and vulnerable that makes the character such fun to write and read about, and the story captures his relationship with Dick with deft strokes.

Damian clamped his eyes shut and forced those thoughts away. It was a dream, nothing more. Not a nightmare, of course, because only children had nightmares. No. It was just a vivid, terrible dream, and it was ridiculous. Damian should not be so upset. Honestly. He threatened to kill Grayson at least three times a day, so why should a dream in which he actually carried out that threat bother him so much?

Too Much

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7th-Oct-2012 09:59 pm No Pie at All, by Kleine_Aster (NC-17)
Characters:  Superman/Batman
Length: 5,000
Author on LJ: [ profile] kleine_aster
Author Website: Her page on AO3
Why this must be read: The author warns for "awkward sex," and I almost let that scare me off, because I was afraid it would be embarrassing sex.  But I braved the click and was rewarded with a story that does a great job of illustrating what can be fun about NC-17 fics with this pairing.  The balance of power between the characters swings back and forth throughout the story, with Bruce being more experienced and confident, yet often finding himself taken off-guard by his own reactions to being with a physically stronger partner.  The sex is both awkward and hot, with a growing affection between the two that's endearing and believable. It is also quite funny:

They could be inches away from the headline 'Billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne massacred in unspecified hilarious sex accident', and Batman has a long list of things he wishes to accomplish before he'd even consider leaving this world.

He feels oddly fragile in these arms. Part of him wants to give in to that, that feeling, and another part of him wants to resist it. Could be self-preservation; could be stupid pride. It doesn't help that Superman looks at him as if he was fragile. Protective. Possessive. It's like looking into a mirror, only that there's a warmth there that Bruce lacks.

It's so strange.

No Pie at All
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5th-Oct-2012 09:45 pm Perennial by Glymr (Tim Drake/Conner Kent, NC-17)
*waves*  I'm [ profile] mithen and I'll be driving the Crack Van for DC Comics this month!  I tend to lean toward stories that are both short and sweet, but will aim to include some longer stories and smutty fun as well. 

Characters:  Tim Drake/Conner Kent (pre-reboot)
Length: around 100,000 words 
Author on LJ: She prefers Glymr on Dreamwidth.
Author Website:
Why this must be read: "Perennial" is long, detailed, satisfyingly romantic, angsty and hot in equal measures.  It starts off as a simple "what if" question:  what if Tim Drake's parents had moved to Smallville when he was young?  Then it follows the events of the comics universe over the course of a tumultuous time in Tim and Kon's lives, describing how they meet, fall in love, and deal with tragedy.  A detailed knowledge of the comic events of the time isn't necessary to enjoy the slow burn of this story, which shouldn't be missed.

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18th-Sep-2012 03:15 pm Puppy Love, or The Dog Prince by Mithen (PG-13)
PSA: The comics fandom Crack Van needs more drivers! PLEASE go sign up here or it might go away as a Monthly Fandom.

Pairing: Bruce/Clark
Length: 5,300 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] jij, [ profile] mithen
Author Website: on AO3
Why this must be read:
This is an older story in the fandom, but still cute and fun. Superman is turned into a dog until his true love recognizes him. How cute is that?!?! Also, Batman baby-talking a puppy.

All of Mithen's stories are great, by the way, so be sure to go take a look and leave feedback!

Puppy Love, or The Dog Prince by Jen
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5th-Sep-2012 03:41 pm Yadda Yadda by museofspeed (Explicit)
Fandom: DC Comics/Marvel Comics
Pairing: Nightwing/Deadpool
Length: 1,103 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] museofspeed
Author Website: on AO3, fic masterlist
Why this must be read:
Two masters of mid-fight banter meet! There's really only one way to shut either of them up, right? Fun little fic involving two of my favorite characters.

Yadda Yadda by museofspeed
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5th-Sep-2012 01:12 pm don't bogart the Bat logo, dude by irrelevant (NC-17)
Fandom: DC Comics (Teen Titans - comics universe version)
Pairing: Tim Drake/Kon-El (AKA - Red Robin/Superboy)
Length: 4,800 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] sans_pertinence
Author Website: on Dreamwidth
Why this must be read:
Actually, you really need to just mosey on over to Dreamwidth and read EVERYTHING that irrelevant has written, because it is all fantastic. Now, that said, read this story in particular because Kon being hit over the head by a sudden, lusty clue-by-four because Tim was wearing his boxers is just too perfect. The dialogue and characterization is EXCELLENT. This story had me giggling and d'awwwing and smiling for awhile after the fact.

Sample of the awesome. )

don't bogart the Bat logo, dude by irrelevant
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2nd-Sep-2012 01:50 pm Gonna Be A Better One (A Thousand Miles To Your Door) by Traincat (Teen)
Pairing: Tim Drake/Conner Kent (AKA - Robin/Superboy, Tim/Kon)
Length: 18,667 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] traincat
Author Website: on AO3, on DreamWidth
Why this must be read:
Tim's father finding out about his secret life as Robin was the start of a whole lot of change in the Batfamily, and no amount of universe retconning can make fans forget about the pathos of those issues. This story posits that Tim and Kon were in a relationship prior to it all and deals with the fallout of Tim dropping off the radar... and Kon not accepting that. And yet, it is surprisingly lacking in the UBER-ANGST and massive melodrama that a lot of stories centering around this idea have. Somehow, the understated nature of this story makes it even better. The characters feel real and no one is vilified, not even Jack Drake. This story is sweet and lovely.

This is one of my absolute favorite stories centering around these events in the comics and I highly recommend it. :D

Gonna Be A Better One (A Thousand Miles To Your Door) by Traincat
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9th-Aug-2012 01:43 am Dick's Tips by suki_blue (NC-17)

Hi there! I’m [ profile] inapoleonand I’ll be driving your comics van this month! I mainly read DC, so that’s what I’ll be reccing – maybe with a few Marvel thrown in. Well, we’re off to a late start, so let’s get this show on the road!

Pairing: Dick Grayson/Tim Drake
Length: one-shot
Author on LJ: suki_blue
Author Website: not that I can find.
Why this must be read:

Today’s fic focuses on, you guessed it, the Batfamily. Batman et al are the easiest to find fic on, which makes it even harder to find fics that stand out. This fic is a great mix of DC comics verse with what feels like a little of the animated verse thrown in – plus it’s cute, nostalgic for the old timers and a great introduction for the newbies.

The fact that this is an adorable fic about one of my favourite pairings (as brothers or otherwise) doesn’t help at all. So go check it out!

Dick's Tips

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7th-Apr-2012 02:30 pm On the Care and Feeding of Superheroes, by Pepper Potts and Alvin Draper by galaxysoup (G)
Fandom: COMICS (Iron Man movieverse and DC comicsverse)
Pairing: none
Length: 5,504 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] galaxysoup
Author Website: galaxysoup on AO3
Why this must be read:
Tony finds out that sidekicks have a slightly lower mortality rate than wise-cracking bestfriends through his "research" into comic books, so he finds someone to train Pepper to be his sidekick (no, she will NOT let him call her Iron Maiden). This story is fantastic because it is so true to every character. The author gently makes fun of the standard comics tropes while at the same time staying within their bounds, making this a lovely story with layers to it. She never actually states WHO Alvin Draper is, but if you have read DC you should know, which gives this story a delicious undercurrent -- so many things left implied, and yet you still come away from the story satisfied. Do give this story a try, it's fantastic!

On the Care and Feeding of Superheroes, by Pepper Potts and Alvin Draper by galaxysoup
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5th-Apr-2012 11:07 am Recruitment gone viral by amaresu (G)
Fandom: COMICS (notably DC Universe, DC Animated Universe - Young Justice continuity, and Global Frequency)
Pairing: none
Length: 2,568 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] amaresu
Author Website: amaresu on AO3, amaresu's fic on LJ
Why this must be read:
Global Frequency is one of those comics that works well with just about ANYTHING. It is also one of the few comics I go back and reread on occasion (and I watch my copy of the unaired pilot episode of the stillborn show based on it, BECAUSE IT IS AWESOME). I love this story because it is about Miranda Zero recruiting... and everyone who has read GF knows how fun THAT always is. In this case, she's recruiting heroes... and it is her reasons for recruiting and the reactions of her recruits that make this a fantastic little story. It had me grinning, anyway.

Recruitment gone viral by amaresu
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16th-Dec-2011 10:12 pm The Inescapable Truth by ethrosdemon (PG-13)
Pairing: Arthur/Eames (pre-slash), Tim Drake/Dick Grayson (past)
Length: ~ 11,600 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ethrosdemon
Author Website: Bibliotecque; Dream a Little Dream Inception Tag on LJ
Why this must be read: I could've recommended any one of [ profile] ethrosdemon's stories and been happy, but this is a story for which I have a particular fondness. I'm a huge fan of stories that present me with a truth and then convince me of it. This is one of those.

If you don't know anything about Batman, the author has some notes and a basic primer. Essentially, you need to know (in the simplest terms) that there were 3 Robins: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake. What you need to know about Tim Drake is that he was one of the most focused of the Robins; smart, lethal, and possibly the most like Batman himself. Secretive, particular, and loyal to a fault not only describes Tim Drake, but the man he grew up to be: Arthur from Inception.

The thing is, I can believe this version. I can totally imagine Tim getting out of the vigilante business and still ending up in a world that's larger than life and just as dangerous. It would be pretty hard to be the sidekick/partner to BATMAN, and go on to have a normal life.

So, even if you don't know anything about Batman, read this with an open mind and imagine. If you don't know anything about Inception, same thing goes although you might have it slightly easier. Still, the story works, and not only does it have Arthur trying to resolve family issues (as only the screwed-up Bat!family can), but Eames happens to be in Gotham City, and not surprisingly, gets entangled in Arthur's secrets. Sometimes even heroes need to trust someone, and no matter who your family is ... at the end of the day, they're still family. Lovely insight into both fandoms. Let [ profile] ethrosdemon make a believer out of you, too.

Gotham is Arthur's broken heart )

On LJ: The Inescapable Truth

It doesn't matter how old or new or (how popular) a story is, authors love feedback!
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28th-Sep-2011 11:39 pm By Any Other Name by Traincat (Gen)
Fandom: DCU
Pairing: Lois/Clark, Connor
Length: 4,987
Author on LJ: [ profile] traincat, traincat
Author Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

This is a very funny, heartwarming story.  Connor Kent is a clone of Clark Kent, and he is the fun-loving Superboy.  But when he first showed up fresh from a lab, Clark had no idea what to do with him.  And kept him as much at arms length as he could for quite a while, which is a douche thing to do to a teen who only wants approval and a place to belong.  There are several fics that deal with this by having various people give Clark a clue-by-four.  This one, originally posted on [ profile] yj_anon_meme, is one of the best.  Lois is Awesome, Connor is his loveable self, and Clark Kent gets pwned.

snippet of fic )

By Any Other Name
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23rd-Sep-2011 12:03 am Veritas by ShayneT (FR13)
Fandom: DCU--pretty much every Superman incarnation you can think of.
Pairing: Lois/Clark
Length: 136,226
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: TTH,,
Why this must be read:

An alternate Clark Kent finds himself flying a planeload of passengers from 1993 Metropolis into real world post-9/11 2008 Washington DC. How will he deal with this new, darker world?

It took me a while to decide which of ShayneT's fics I was going to rec, particularly since I missed crossover day.  Shayne has done some great humor fics, but in the end I decided to go with something serious (and long).  This fic is a visit-to-a-weird-planet-revisited type story, with a Clark Kent who was never Superman finding himself in a world where Superman is a comic book character.  And this fic is also a look at a post-9/11 world through the eyes of a pre-9/11 person.  But nothing is exactly what it seems at first.

It's a story about destiny, and hope, and figuring out what Superman is all about.  And it's an engaging story that pulls you along for 136k words to find out what happens in the end.  Both Clark and Lois have some growing to do before they can become the heroes they were meant to be.  Shayne does a great job of making us feel for them, and care about what happens to these two who are different than any version of them we know.

Snippet of Fic )
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20th-Sep-2011 08:44 pm Persistence of Memory by ladymordechai (G)
Pairing: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)/Supergirl
Length: 273 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ladymordecai,
Author Website: AO3, fanfiction tag
Why this must be read:

One of the interesting things about comics is how often things are rebooted, as new writers take old characters and make them their own.  Sometimes the reboots are small, and sometimes they're huge.  As we gear up for the big reboot of the DC universe, let's take a moment to remember the last major universe reboot, the Crisis.

This fic is a lot shorter than I would normally rec (only 273 words!) but every one of those words packs a punch.  It's about Barbara, afterwards, watching the skies for something she doesn't know.

Persistence of Memory
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4th-Sep-2011 10:56 am Observe and Record by melannen (G)
Fandom: HIGHLANDER/Batman (comics)
Pairing: none on-screen
Length: 3,625 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] melannen, but this author is inactive on LJ and can instead be found on DreamWidth
Author Website: on Ao3
Why this must be read:

This little gem of a story is, quite simply, delightful. I had a grin on my face through reading it. OF COURSE a Timothy Drake in the world of Highlander would end up as a Watcher! How could our creepy little obsessive stalker-boy NOT!? Also, Richard Gracen, RICHARD GRACEN! Fusion between Richie Ryan and Dick Grayson, of course, but using the name Gracen (Elizabeth Gracen was the actor who played Amanda in Highlander). That is excellent, right there. This story is fun, witty, and the undercurrents are simply delicious. In a battle of wills between Methos and Batman, who would YOU bet on?

Observe and Record by melannen
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1st-Sep-2011 12:25 pm Nine Lives by MarcusRowland (PG-13/Teen)
Hello! My name is [ profile] cloudtrader and it is my honor to drive the Highlander van this month. I've gotten permission from the mods to do a little something different for my turn at the wheel, too. Highlander is the little black dress of fanfic... you can basically fit it into just about ANY fandom there is. In fact, I kinda don't consider a fandom to be mature until people have written a crossover with Highlander for it. So this month I'm going to feature exclusively Highlander crossovers!

Fandom: HIGHLANDER/Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman/Batman (comics)
Pairing: Clark Kent/Lois Lane
Length: 22,153 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] ffutures
Author Website: Marcus Rowland's work archived on AO3
Why this must be read:

Nine Lives was written awhile back, but that's okay, all of the fandoms involved are pretty old, too. Lois & Clark was a delightful and still beloved version of the DCU for me and in this story we get to look back at the 1990's from a future perspective (I love the line about Lois wondering what eBay is). This gives the story a nostalgic feeling, but don't worry, the pacing and action of the story put you right into it. This is a very plot-driven story where you as the reader take a ride with the characters to try and solve the mystery centered around headless bodies, a Toledo Salamanca sword up for auction being bid on by powerful elites like Bruce Wayne, and a conspiracy between a newspaper social reporter and those same powerful elites. You know more than Lois and Clark do, but you still have to work out the intricacies of what is happening with them. I found the characterizations and motivations of the entire cast of this story, original characters included, very compelling. The resolution of the story fits well with all the universes involved, too. This is a fun romp and an excellent read.

Nine Lives by Marcus L. Rowland
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28th-Mar-2011 11:20 am Nothing To Worry About by Duskdog (T)
Characters: Guy Gardner, Kilowog, multiple Green Lantern Corps members, Tora Olafsdotter mentions
Length: 2535 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] duskdog717
Author's Website: LJ Fanfic Tags
Why this must be read:

Guy Gardner's character would seem to be tough to write and this author handles him expertly, along with placing one of my favorite GL's, Kilowog, in the stellar place of being Guy's friend and sounding board about relationships. The upcoming Green Lantern movie won't be any better than these characterizations.

Nothing To Worry About
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20th-Mar-2011 01:51 pm The Tiger's Daughter An Arthur Curry Adventure by Dr. SN (T)
Pairing: Aquaman/FOC
Length: 41061 words
Author on LJ: I don't think there is one.
Author Website: FFN Profile
Why this must be read:

Aquaman is a DC character whose use must be tailored to the sea. Justice League stories, comics and TV appearances cater to this need, while his Batman: The Brave and the Bold appearance played up his robust, hearty manner on land. This story takes place in and around Florida, (coincidentally, a favorite spot of the world in my book) and while most of the action is on land or aboard boats, Aquaman's marine mystique flows from his presence in this story, not exactly robust or hearty, but learning about how to be more human, how to have fun, as per his mentor's suggestion. The author's summary: Twenty three year old Arthur Curry is trying to lead a normal life as a graduate student at a Florida research institute when he meets the daughter of a world famous kung fu movie star. The mysterious young woman lives on a boat and is hiding from the mob. So, here you have it, an action-filled, romance-ready story with rough-and-tumble mobsters and a charming FOC. This is a DC Elseworlds story, twisting the 'characters in unusual ways,' and Dr. SN succeeds in fitting the premise to the promise, resulting in a terrific read; along the way, Aquaman's powers receive the scientific explanation you were waiting for.

The Tiger's Daughter An Arthur Curry Adventure
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Title: Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight
Author: [ profile] freddylloyd
Characters: The early Teen Titans (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad), their allies (Speedy/Roy Harper and Beast Boy), and the Justice League of America (Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and Black Canary).
Length: 22 comics pages
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For crossover day, I had no problem picking this utterly on point saga of the Teen Titans as they emerged from the primordial soup of DC, with characterizations gleaned from later incarnations of the group. Join with me in reading this nostalgic adventure with full-on 60's atmosphere, from Robin and Wonder Girl dancing The Swim to Roy Harper wearing a turtleneck and blazer. It's fun and exciting and the possible addition of the writer's sketches just adds to the allure, though this story is complete in script form.

Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight
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13th-Mar-2011 11:41 am A Holiday Party by shiny_glor_chan (T)
Characters: Dick Grayson, Koriand'r, Joey Wilson, Raven, Donna Troy, Gar Logan, Vic Stone, Wally West, Garth, Roy Harper, Lian Harper, Danny Chase
Length: 5015 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] shiny_glor_chan
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Though today, March 13th, is not the holiday of this story, it is the Monkey Festival at Japan's Kasuga Grand Shrine and a certain parallel may be drawn: like all holidays, it involves extra work. The work is entirely worth it, naturally, as it involves people you haven't seen for a while and you want everything to be perfect. And if it's for the appreciation of children, you try even harder. So it's natural, too, that the ending of this story comes about as told. Everyone in the character list above has a good time and a gentle family fic like this one would not be complete without humor, even funny visual images as those Garth projects. Garth escapes to the bottom of a pool, fortunately.

A Holiday Party
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