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15th-Aug-2008 12:45 pm Angel/Alias/Buffy/Desperate Housewives/Everwood/Popular/X-Men (R)
Title: The Perils of Prophecy Moppet (The Special Edition) by Jennifer-Oksana
Pairing: Wesley/Lilah, Spike/OFC, Connor/OFC, Jack/Irina... and some more, but those are the most important ones.
Length: long
Author on LJ: [ profile] jennyo
Author Website: Jennifer Oksana's: new site, old site
Why this must be read: This is an awesomely cracktastic crossover fic of Epic Proportions and many capitalized words. Written in the style of "A Series of Unfortunate Events", jennyo tells the tragic tale of one Rachael Pryce, daughter of Wesley and Lilah, who is Extremely Fated ("That meant that when apocalypses, interesting events, et cetera, came about, they would often center on [her]"). Just how interesting, you'll have to read it to find out. Complete with True Love, Judge Judy-like courtcases, Lilah homeschooling, Sydney Bristow's multiple marriages, faux!incest, Bree and Lilah's garden warfare, flying houses and Friends: The Musical! It simply does not get better than this!

excerpt )

The Perils of Prophecy Moppet (The Special Edition) and an alternate link
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7th-Aug-2005 03:43 pm That Wicked Witchcraft by Cccarioca (NC-17)
(Hi, it's me again from last month. I messed up an entry and am therefore back today to correct it! Anyway, I enjoyed reccing for you and hope you enjoyed reading the recs!)

Fandom: Harry Potter/Everwood
Pairing: Bright Abbott/?
Author on LJ: [ profile] cccarioca
Why this must be read:

This is my cross-over rec (just pretend it's the 15th of July again!)

I found this story when I was reading Everwood fanfiction – (I still have never seen Everwood, so don’t let that stop you from reading this!) by reading the prequel involving the Weasley twins and Ephram. That Old Black Magic is hilarious, but I’ve always preferred “That Wicked Witchcraft”.
It’s more about Witchcraft and Wizardry than about HP characters (there’s really only one as far as I remember), but I like the way cccarioca invents a sort-of University of Medicine, Wizard style, and how she integrates Bright into the World of Magic.
And I did quite enjoy the ending, which I didn’t see coming at all – call me clueless!

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15th-Jun-2005 04:46 pm The OC/Everwood (R)
Title: Untitled by luaithre and maeve
Pairing: Ephram/Ryan, Ephram/Summer
Author on LJ: [ profile] luaithre and [ profile] mabeval
Author Website: unknown
Why this must be read:

I usually prefer fics to have more dialogue, but this is written so well (in Summer’s POV) that I wouldn’t change a thing. I think Summer is a hard character to write and these authors really met the challenge. I really enjoyed their characterization of Ephram too, although it probably is quite different than the one portrayed on the show...and not just because of the whole gay!sex!thing.

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15th-Oct-2004 03:55 pm TheOC / Everwood (PG)
Title: Experimental by Kaethe
Pairing: Seth/Bright
Author on LJ: [ profile] kaethe
Author Website: unknown
Why this must be read: It’s sweet, funny, and believable. And totally does the Everwood/TheOC crossover community justice. ;)

"Bright Abbott, you are going to get laid," he said with quiet satisfaction, setting his beach towel down beside an unoccupied umbrella and turning to survey the possibilities.

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15th-Aug-2004 06:23 pm The O.C./Everwood by 142978
Fandom: The O.C./Everwood
Pairing: Ephram/Seth
Author on LJ: [ profile] 142978

Why this really should be read:

Written way in the early days (nearly a year ago!) of the O.C. airing, (and before Everwood's season 2 had begun), this is bringing together of two geeks, two 'no one gets how hot they are?' boys. Ephram and Seth are very similar in surface but with one big difference. I really adore this story, with its lovely Ephram and apt Seth.

It begins: When Ephram sleeps, he dreams of his mother.

Some nights he remembers things from the past, from his childhood. He remembers sitting on her lap in front of their grand piano in the parlor, her long fingers pushing down on his over the keys, her hair curling and brushing and tickling his cheek. He remembers the waffles she used to make, with butter and whipped cream – real whipped cream, thick and soft and smooth, not the stuff from a can – and fresh, dripping berries. He remembers walking in the park, her skirt caught in the wind like a sail.

It's Different, Now.
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30th-Mar-2004 02:47 pm Firecrackers by Miss Windy (NC-17)
Pairing: Bright/Laynie/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] misswindy
Author Website: Miss Windy
Why this must be read: Because it has to be one of the hottest things I have EVER read!!

Author's Summary : I guess you could consider this some kind of seriously pervy AU. Basically, college-aged Bright, Ephram and Laynie get conveniently piss-faced drunk, and get into a situation that's a little over everyone's heads.

I can't think of anything nicer than drunk boys playing with each other!!

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29th-Mar-2004 09:10 am Strange Currencies by Miss Windy (PG-13)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] misswindy
Author Website:
Why this must be read: Ephram has inspired Bright to become a very, very patient man.

This is in Bright's POV and is very very Bright. I think Miss Windy is my favorite Everwood author. She really understands where the chacters are coming from and where they should be going.

Strange Currencies
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29th-Mar-2004 09:00 am The Effects of Homosexual Subtext in Anime on Teenage Boys by davidduch_ess (NC-17)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] davidduch_ess
Author Website: None
Why this must be read: Bright and Ephram discuss homosexuality, anime, and homosexuality in anime, then get to the "dibble-dabble."

This is just a perfect example how boys and sex work. It doesn't matter how the sex happens, just so long as it does!

The Effects of Homosexual Subtext in Anime on Teenage Boys
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15th-Mar-2004 06:19 pm Everwood/The O.C. (NC-17)
Title: We’ll See How Brave You Are
Pairing: Seth/Ryan, Seth/Ephram, Ephram/Colin
Author on LJ: [ profile] callmesandy
Author Website: k collected

Why this must be read: It’s kind of tricky to rec crossovers in The O.C. mainly cause there aren’t that many. However, k went ahead and completely set the bar, in my mind, for crossovers. In "We’ll See How Brave You Are", k makes Sandy a cousin of Ephram’s mother so it seems only natural that the Cohens would vaction in Everwood to catch up with family, see how Ephram and Delia are doing since the death of their mother.

Seth and Ryan's visit coincides with the anniversary of Colin's death which Ephram isn't dealing with very well. This story so grabs the anguish Ephram would be feeling had there been a secret relationship between Ephram and Colin since Ephram wouldn't be able to really publicly grieve Colin's death. Ephram winds up seeking some kind of comfort with Seth and generally acts to piss Ryan off. I don’t want to give away too much but let’s say that everyone gets their act semi-together by the end and Ephram gets the chance to grieve that he’s never had.

An additional aside is that k’s characterizations of people from both shows are spot on. It’s a relatively seamless blending of two worlds.

Go, read, enjoy.

We’ll See How Brave You Are
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13th-Mar-2004 11:51 am Losing my Religion by Group Nine (R)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] groupnine
Author Website: none yet
Why this must be read: This is a wonderful semi future fic. Bright's all angsty and scared and so so cute.

Losing my Religion
Losing my Religion 2
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4th-Mar-2004 10:25 am If A Body (G)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] marleigh
Author Website: none
Why this must be read:
I really love Marleigh's way of making the characters relate to each other. She has this knack for drawing you into their world. Marleigh is so in tune with the characters she writes about that I just go all fan-girly over her.


Bright leaned over and gave Ephram a Look.


Ephram squirmed, "Are...are you flirting with me?"

Bright straightened up, poking the dirt with his lacrosse stick. His cheeks were bright red.

"Don't you think I could find someone better to flirt with?" Bright scoffed.

"You are! You are totally flirting with me."

"You wish."

She just gets it!!

This is a series of sorts...

If A Body
Meet A Body
Coming Through the Rye
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2nd-Mar-2004 02:11 pm Or Something by Meg (G)

Pairing: Ephram/Bright;Ephram/Other

Author on LJ:Meegzi31

Author Website:Selective Amnesia

Why this must be read:

This is one of the best examples of the relationship between Bright and Ephram. Classic clueless Bright stumbling into the real Ephram. Go. Read. Be one with the B/E!!

Or Something
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25th-Feb-2004 07:39 pm Signs by zahra, PG
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] hackthis
Author Website: Dysfunctional

Why this must be read: In a gist, this is about Bright driving cross-country to salvage his relationship with Ephram. It should be as simple as that, but it isn't. It's about fear and insecurity, secrets and regrets. It's also about finding the strength and the courage to love who you want to love and do what you want to do. I love the fact that Bright's trip to New York is also a metaphor about his personal journey towards accepting himself and loving Ephram.

It's the journey, not the destination, that matters. And this story will make you enjoy the ride.

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22nd-Feb-2004 03:37 pm Full Circle by insanegenius (PG13)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] insanegenius
Author Website: Can be found in Everwood Fanfiction Archive

Why this must be read: This story has an interesting format or style, and I think the difference is what makes it stand out for me. It chronicles a week in the Everwood, focusing specifically on a combative Bright and Ephram. With hints of UST mixing in with the truckloads of animosity between the two boys, you're in for a very entertaining and quite surprising time.

I don't want to say anymore for fear of spoiling it for you but here's to Snarky!Ephram and Sulky!Bright!

Full Circle
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17th-Feb-2004 11:01 pm The Quiet Revolution by jessica, PG-13
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] dammitcarl
Author Website: Young and Sexy

Why this must be read: Two guys kissing on the Fourth of July would raise no comment, if it was in New York or LA. But what if it was in Everwood?

That's what we find Bright and Ephram doing when the story begins. Just by kissing in the middle of the celebration, they have sparked changed. It may not be as loud or attention-getting as a Pride Parade, but it could be just as powerful. The effects may not engender a whole socio-cultural revolution in Everwood but it will surely transform the two participants as well as with those they share a history.

The Quiet Revolution
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17th-Feb-2004 01:16 am Say Anything by Miss Windy (PG-13)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] misswindy
Author Website: Fan Fiction by Miss Windy

Why this must be read: This is a fun, easy read. No angst and definitely no drama. Just two wonderful boys and sparkling snarky repartee that is so endearing. I love how Miss Windy takes the spirit of Bright and Ephram's relationship and slashes it, without really gaying it up. There are subtle glimpses of UST throughout the story, but it's not really all about that. This is really about how these two compliment one another -- apparent opposites yet very much fitting together almost pefectly.

I got a kick out of this interesting movie-as-metaphor reference/parallelism. Here, the two are about to watch some DVDs and Ephram asks Bright what they're watching. This is his answer:

"It's about this guy who's this angsty artist. And he's got this cute blonde best friend who's kinda hot in her own way and has this massive thing for him, see, but he only thinks of her as a friend because he's convinced he's fallen madly in love with this really beautiful, glamorous girl he hardly knows and - what? Why are you looking at me like that?"

Simply wonderful.

Say Anything
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16th-Feb-2004 11:01 am Time to Heal by troubletwinintx (PG)
Pairing: Deals mostly with the Ephram/Andy parental relationship
Author on LJ: Not that I am aware of
Author Website: Her account
Why this must be read: This author's fanfic was written during early season one, when the show was brand new, and she has a really good grasp of the characters. Heart-breaking and real, they really catch your attention. You should read the author's other fics, too. There is also a sequel to this fanfic.

"Has anyone been able to access any injuries yet?" the same paramedic asked.

"Not yet. We’ll have to do it on the way to the hospital. We need to get him transported now." Dr. Abbott suddenly took charge of the situation.

"Dr. Brown, would you like to ride with us?" the paramedic asked.

Again, Andy only nodded his head.

A little worried about Dr. Brown’s silence, Edna placed her hand on his shoulder and softly asked. "Doc, you okay?"

Glancing up, he stared into Edna’s eyes for only a brief moment before he looked away. She knew there were no words that could possibly describe what he was feeling. No words were needed. Dr. Brown’s tears said it all.

Time to Heal
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15th-Feb-2004 08:24 am CV Collision: EVERWOOD/MY SO-CALLED LIFE (R)
Title: The Last Refuge of 1998 by lalejandra
Pairing: Ephram Brown/Jordan Catalano
Author on LJ: [ profile] lalejandra
Author Website: You can find this and other Ephram-centric crossovers at Ephram's Adventures in New York

Why this must be read: I hardly ever like crossovers. Most attempts prove to be very clumsy and does not give justice to one, if not both fandoms. But there are a few exceptions. Like this fic.

I loved My So-Called Life. I emphatize with Angela, loving the wild, unattainable Jordan Catalano. I had a big crush on him...I mean, who wouldn't, right? And lalajendra strikes the right chord as she writes Jordan as an older, jaded and once-famous musician (which is a great counterpoint to Ephram's current success in the music industry).

There's really no doubt that lalejandra writes Everwood characters well...I love her Ephram here -- older and more mellowed out, yet still like the jaded teenager that he was when he came to Everwood. And I was so interested in the backstory about how both Ephram and Jordan came to be at the moment of meeting. She negotiates their past wonderfully, planting seeds of awe and envy and UST along the way. Until she creates a wonderful foundation for their possibly shared future.

The Last Refuge of 1998
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12th-Feb-2004 09:15 am Amnesia by zarah, PG-13
Pairing: Bright/Colin
Author on LJ: [ profile] hackthis
Author's website: Dysfunctional

Why this must be read: In the stories about Bright and Colin I've read so far, the plot almost always centers around the accident. And I don't blame them - there's a lot of angst potential over Colin wanting to remember and Bright being eaten up by the guilt. Especially when you consider slashing these two, the drama is upped to a whole different level.

Like this story. We have seen Colin struggle with all the people's expectation as well as his own personal frustration in the latter half of Everwood's Season 1. But here, zarah plays around with the concept of memory, by asking what's worse -- not remembering anything or remembering too much?

And that's what Bright has to contend with. He knows a lot about Colin, more than anyone in the world, especially more than Amy. He remembers what it was like before and has to deal with the aftermath. And he will always know that there's no one else to blame, except himself.

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8th-Feb-2004 12:04 am Circles and Circles and Circles Again by lalejandra (NC-17)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] lalejandra

Why this must be read: You heard the saying, "Be careful what you wish just might come true." Well, Ephram wished and boy, did he get it! After living in New York for 6 or so years, Ephram realizes he still carries some unresolved issues about his best friend Bright (whom he hasn't seen since Ephram graduated and left Everwood). One night, he has sex with a Bright look-alike...and who do you think it turns out to be?

Read more... )

Go. Read. Now.

Circles and Circles and Circles Again, Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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5th-Feb-2004 09:55 pm Daddy's Promises by BehrBeMine [Rating: G]
Pairing: Ephram/Amy implication
Author on LJ: [ profile] behrbemine
Author Website: BehrBeMine.Com
Why this must be read:

This was the first fanfic I ever read by this author, and her fanfics after this were just as amazingly good (Yes, that is a plug!). She has such an amazing way of writing Ephram and the angst to his voice... Her stories make you feel, and that is such an awesome thing an author can do in this fandom. Its so hard to get the emotion of Ephram with Andy just right, and that is what she does, especially since this fic was written waaay early on in Season One. She really makes you think about it. The only bad thing is that it is so short, but the fic makes way up for it.

Nothing here for Ephram but more of the familiar disappointment that's always been associated with his father. He lets his dad's promises fly right over his head. He closes his eyes to the fatherly looks of reassurance, closes his ears to the words that are always a lie.

He watches his sister grow to adore her father more and more every day. Feels his stomach clench to see the two members of his family acting as if they've always been close.

He lets the promises melt away into the emptiness they resemble and remembers that they'll never come true.

Daddy's Promises
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5th-Feb-2004 07:33 am Whilst This Machine by bj, PG-13
Pairing: Bright/Colin, Colin/Amy
Author on LJ: [ profile] allcanadiangirl
Author Website: and chimeras

Why this must be read: This is a beautifully painful Bright introspective about the triangle he finds himself in with Colin and Amy. We see the events unfold in haunting vignettes, as Bright tries to deal with his part in the accident. This is complicated by his feelings for Colin and his guilt over Amy.

It's surely a given that when you find allusions to Hamlet, you have an inkling that it's going to end bad. It's heart-breaking to see Bright's naivete as he unwittingly "casts" Colin, Amy and himself as characters from the play. Because it's almost as if he cursed them by doing so, as they begin to fulfill their respective roles perfectly: the tragic prince, the grief-crazed girlfriend, and her brother who kills royalty.

Whilst This Machine

This story is part of an ongoing series but it works well as a stand-alone. If you want to read what happens next, the sequel is My Heart's Core.
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4th-Feb-2004 08:57 am Falling is Like This by Miss Windy, PG-13
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] misswindy
Author Website: Fan Fiction by Miss Windy

Why this must be read: In Everwood, everything almost always gets shot to hell when someone starts talking. No one tries to understand because everyone else is either wallowing in their own angst or they perceive that everyone else is on the offensive. Like with Andy and Epram, or Ephram and Amy, or Bright and Harold. In some ways, this reminds me of what Joss Whedon said about the Buffy episode "Hush" where everyone couldn't speak -- that people had a hard time understanding one another when they were talking all the time but deprived of the ability of speech and without words to muck everything up, the characters get to the heart of the matter and begin to really communicate. That mindset is kinda like this...

Because words always get in the way when it comes to Bright and Ephram. It is very characteristic of these two: how the Ephram's wit can cut, how even the directness of Bright's vocabulary can wound. Even now that they're friends, it is still present in their banter (though without the anger and volatility of their earlier relationship). Here, the fic pushes the relationship into a different direction. Something less fraternal and even more confusing. And knowing that he doesn't have the right words, Bright seems to choose the perfect solution -- He lets his actions speak for him, as he tries to kiss Ephram. A lot. Until Ephram finally gets what Bright is trying to say.

He finally just ended up with his cheek almost pressed against Bright's chest, and no, it wasn't sexy at all, really, much to Bright's dismay. He'd expected for their bodies to sort of fall into place, but instead it felt awkward, stilted and wired. They were all the wrong angles for each other, and Bright couldn't find purchase anywhere.

He thought it was perfect.

Funny, sweet and surprisingly sexy, this is a wonderful story about two boys who are so different from one another, as they try to reach an understanding.

Falling is Like This
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2nd-Feb-2004 10:23 am Spock's Brain by Nope, PG-13
Pairing: N/A
Author on LJ: [ profile] nopejr
Author Website: NopeSpace

Why this must be read: This is a Colin-centric fic set during his second operation. As Colin goes under the knife, the writer attempts to imagine what he may have been imagining. The imagery is eerie; racing from funny to ominous in the span of a line or two. Just like with these passages:

"Ephram," insists Colin. "What are you playing?"

"Medulla oblongata in A Minor," says Ephram. Amy giggles.

Colin frowns. "What are you playing?"

"Can you tell me how to get," Bright sings off-key, conducting Ephram with a blue wax crayon, "how to get to Sesame Street?"

Amy laughs. It sounds, harsh like a bell. It is a bell. Ringing.

It almost reads like an episode of Six Feet Under or the Twilight Zone. Or in actuality, this fic actually reminds me of Buffy's Season 4 ender "Restless" where the 4 leads try to escape a bizarre dreamworld created from their fears and concerns. Like that episode, this fic is layered beautifully, with quirky, almost humorous images yet the readers are never let off the hook. We are never made to forget about the ever-present tone of hopelessness and death that is underneath it all.

And watch out for the last slays.

Spock's Brain
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1st-Feb-2004 09:40 pm Journey to Babel by EFA, PG-13 (and an Intro)
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] lierdumoa
Author Website: The Den (But it is on hiatus)
Why this must be read: Here, the writer shows us bittersweet snapshots of those left behind in Everwood after Colin's death. Yes, there is slash between Bright and Ehram but what i really loved about this is the way that the theme of communication/understanding (and the lack thereof) are weaved throughout the story. Between Bright and Amy, between Bright and his father, even with himself. Surprisingly, it is only with Ephram with whom Bright finds the smallest bit of connection. It is a moving glimpse into Bright's despair and alienation.

Journey to Babel

And a little about your Everwood Driver for February: I love fanfic. I like writing and reading it. The fandoms that I enjoy include: QAF, Oz, X-men Movieverse, X-Files, Jossverse (AtS & BtVS), Comicverse, Stargate, Fast and the Furious, Harry Potter, CSI, and my newest fave -- Everwood. Though I love Ephram, I really have a major soft spot for the lovable oafishness that is Bright. So like the rec above, expect all my recs to be Bright-centric...
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28th-Nov-2003 07:11 pm A Summer Story by Elizabeth
Author on LJ: [ profile] uhmidont
Author's website:fic-o-rama

Why this must be read: It's a great little snippet on what might have happened between season one and two. Oh, plus Bright's kissing boys. What more can you ask for?

Did he really just see Bright Abbott kissing a guy? Bright? Bright's too dumb to be gay. "Holy shit," he says. "Bright's...Holy shit."

A Summer Story
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26th-Nov-2003 01:03 pm New York Cares Series (R) by Marleigh
Pairing: Bright/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] marleigh

Why this must be read: An Officer and a Gentleman and its follow-ups Deconstructing Ephram and Fairytale of New York are quite possibly the most hilarious and heart-felt Everwood fics I have read. Set in the future, with a grown-up Bright serving as Everwood's finest and Ephram working as a studio pianist in New York City, there are so many pop cultural references and laugh-out-loud one-liners interspersed with touching emotional revelations that you find yourself near tears but laughing your ass off.

Bright was amused when Ephram told him the plans for the day. "Dude, a Broadway musical? You are so gay." Ephram gave him a dirty look. "Yeah, well so are you. Isn't that a case of the pot and the kettle?" "No, because the pot is straight-acting, straight-appearing and the kettle is a flaming queen." "The pot is a fucking dick and the kettle refuses to take that shit." Ephram laughed for a second and then sobered. "I'm not really a flaming queen, am I?" "Fuck no. You're almost as straight-acting, straight-appearing as I am." "Almost?" "You get a little swishy when you're performing. You kinda sashay up to the stage." Did he really? "Shut up."

An Officer and a Gentleman; Deconstructing Ephram; Fairytale of New York
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26th-Nov-2003 01:00 pm Subject line: Instinct by bigboobedcanuck (R)
Pairing: Ephram/Colin
Author on LJ: [ profile] bigboobedcanuck
Website: LJ Memories

Why this must be read: Back in the day, it was all about Colin waking up and Everwood getting its King back. Yeah, right. Colin wakes up another person - things are never going to be the same, kids. BBC, the mistress of the coming-out drama, does a great job at showing Colin at a vulnerable stage and how Ephram fits into his confusion. This piece spawned a whole series that can be found at the above link, so make sure you check those out, as well.

"It’s just...vague memories, more like feelings, or I don’t instinct, maybe. I just don’t think I ever really liked Amy like that. It was more...comfortable, and easy, I think. God, I don’t know."

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25th-Nov-2003 04:53 pm Proof of Life by parker gray (PG-13)
Pairing: Colin/Amy, Colin/Ephram, Ephram/Amy, Ephram/Madison
Author on LJ: [ profile] parkergray

Why this must be read: It's all Amy, all the time in this one. But, it's good. Can you believe it? Parker Gray manages to make me actually feel sympathy for Amy, and fills in the blanks since Colin died with some surprising revelations.

But she does know that she’s not going to be another point on a useless triangle; she’s not going to watch the other points want each other and know she’s in the way.

Proof of Life
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24th-Nov-2003 05:31 pm Another Life (G) by Zahra
Pairing: Colin/Ephram
Author on LJ: [ profile] hackthis

Why this must be read: Zahra kicks my ass a million ways from Sunday with her fic, but I like this short piece the best. Sometimes you don't want to be the perfect boy. Sometimes you want to be someone else. And that someone else is freer than you'll ever be.

In this other life Colin is a huge comic book geek, and he’s got first editions all over his walls. He likes Batman the best because the Dark Knight is an orphan, and more than anything right now, Colin wishes he belonged to someone else.

Another Life
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