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8th-Oct-2003 11:39 pm "Grinded Concrete" by Charli J
Fandom: S.W.A.T.
Title & URL: "Grinded Concrete"
Pairings: Street/Gamble, Street/Lara, Street/Deke Hayes
Author on LJ: [ profile] kissmeagain
Author Website:N/A

Why this must be read: Because it once again proves my theory that Jim Street is a ho! Actually, no. But it does do three very convincing relationships, two of them are slash. In the first scene, she gets the Street/Gamble relationship and the character's voices down so well it's breathtaking. Deke and Street in a food fight with little kids? So cute. And, I can see the two of them doing that, starting the fight and running off to hide. I bet they didn't even help clean up. And Just…She writes Jim so well, with a hint of angst but not totally taken over by it. Words can not express how much I loved this when I first read it, and reading it over now, I'm still in love with every second of it. It's a short read, and I recommend it to anyone who's seen the movie.
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1st-Oct-2003 02:21 am S.W.A.T. --An Overview
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