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VID REC: Blake's 7 - Holding Out For a Hero

Several other people seem to be last-minute reccing vids, so I am going to finish my Blake's 7 recs with a quick vid rec. That really is it, though. Thank you, and goodnight.

So long, [livejournal.com profile] crack_van, and thanks for all the fishcs.

Vidder: zukalis
Musical artist: Bonnie Tyler
Pairing: Ensemble
Vidder on LJ: ?
Vidder's website: on Youtube
Why this vid kicks ass: Let's start with a quickly slid in rec for the series 2 trailer that the actual BBC produced (just for the DVDs) and put on their actual DVDs. What I love about this trailer is that it presents Blake's 7 as this exciting, fast-paced action show where people are always running around and punching other people, and things explode, and people let of quips, and THE TENSION IS REALLY HIGH. I love that. The show does have all those moments, and it has a lot of quips, but you get quite an odd idea of what it's like from the Beeb trailer.

This vid is fast and funny, which I like, and it has a very 80s song choice that fits with the look/feel of the show. It's a bit like that trailer I linked to in that it is a highly entertaining compilation of running and jumping and punching (including some nice bits where women literally kick ass too, because B7 is good like that). I also feel, though, that unlike the Beeb version this vid has been made with a sense of irony and it understands that the men of Blake's 7 are not really known for being like this really (the women are, though).

One of the most famous exchanges in the show is:

VILA Where are all the good guys?
BLAKE You could be looking at them.
AVON What a very depressing thought.

But they also all are heroes :D Even if it's only because Blake made them do it.

Link: Holding Out For A Hero

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