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15th-Jul-2011 06:47 pm Treasures by saki101 (NC-17)
Fandom: MAN FROM UNCLE/Around the World Under the Sea
Pairing: Napoleon/Illya, plus a lot of flirting and sexual tension with the other characters. :)
Author: [ profile] saki101
Length: about 10k
Author on LJ: [ profile] saki101
Author website: Tags on her journal
Why this must be read:

David McCallum, who played Illya in MFU, was also in a movie called "Around the World Under the Sea" in which he played an Illya-like scientist named Philip. This fic plays on that fact and puts these two men together under interesting circumstances. Two incredibly hot blonds in one place? Combustion will occur.

This fic is hot, hot, hot! There's plenty of sensuality, but also a strong current of angst, with a hint of sweet romance. It's so good. If you missed it the first time, please, please....I urge you to read it now. :)


Napoleon studied Margaret Hanford for a moment. She wouldn’t notice him staring. All her attention was focused now on the two scientists. She broke into their dialogue from time to time when it touched on seismology or marine biology, her specialties, but otherwise just listened and watched. Ardently. What else is going on with her and Illya and Volker? Napoleon thought. Is she trying to make Volker jealous? He seems like the type…maybe. Napoleon leaned back from the dinner table and observed even more carefully.

The other… Napoleon shook his head very slightly. He’d almost thought “the other Illya”. I’ll call the man by name then, Napoleon decided. Volker's more boisterous in his movements, more garrulous than my Illya. Surely Illya is the original and Volker… Napoleon caught himself again. Neither one is the original. They’re just two men who look alike. There is no other connection between them. Yet. Napoleon’s body remained at ease in his chair, but his eyes narrowed.

Full disclosure here: Saki wrote this for me for this year's Down the Chimney, which is the MFU fandom's secret Santa fic-a-thon. But it doesn't matter, really, who she wrote this for. Saki is a master, and any fic by her is worth reccing, especially this one.

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