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15th-Nov-2003 11:53 am Homicide/Blue's Clues (PG)
Title: Gee's Clues by Saundra Mitchell
Pairing: n/a
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website:Autofocus Archive
Why this must be read:

Lest you think that all is sturm und drang in the world of Homicide fanfic, there are a number of very funny fics out there, as well as some very fucked-up crossovers. Saundra Marshall's "Gee's Clues" brings us the best of both worlds. This inspired fic, in script format, brings us Tim Bayliss teaming up with Blue and a very reluctant Frank Pembleton ("You're not going to sing are you?") to solve a murder. The fic riffs hilariously on several of Homicide's main themes: the prickly Bayliss/Pembleton partnership, Timmy's temper, Frank's manners (or lack thereof), the Luther Mahoney shooting, Baltimore drug culture, the crappy new detectives of Season 6, and last but not least, Tim's obsession with "why?" for one of the funniest fics ever. If you've ever seen Blue's Clues, you'll be especially impressed.

Gee's Clues
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