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22nd-Dec-2004 07:36 am Digital Revelation, by Apapazukamori (PG-13)
Fandom : CLAMP – SERIES: X fusion with Chobits
Pairing : Fuuma/Kamui (sort of) and many others
Author on LJ: [ profile] baitedbreath
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Fuuma finds something he has always wanted lying in the trash, his very own persocon (personal computer)!

This story is fun, and cute. The fic follows the general story line from the Chobits manga but characters from X take the place of the characters originally in the manga.

I was never a large fan of Chobits but was very entertained by the idea of X characters within the Chobits verse.

The author manages to keep the story true to Chobits but still keep the X characters completely in character. That in itself makes this fic worth reading, not to mention the subtle hints of shounen ai, and its completely addictive cuteness.

Digital Revelation
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1st-Dec-2004 01:53 pm CLAMP: A limited Overview

I will be running one of this month's Small Fandom supplements.

The fandom I will be in charge of is actually a collection of fandoms created by CLAMP.

For those not familiar with CLAMP I will give a small (ok it is long...) overview of who they are and what you can expect from their work and the work of their fans.

Info about CLAMP )

Since many may be unfamiliar with the fandoms I will be making recommendations from I will give a short overview of a few of them. Please note I may REC from a CLAMP fandom that I was unable to provide an overview for, but most of the RECs will be from the fandoms listed bellow.

So here they are:
Selected CLAMP fandom overviews )

And Finally...
Links for archives and information )
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