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11th-Jan-2014 11:55 pm Belle Époque by songbird (G)
Pairing/Characters: Esca/Marcus, Violet Crawley
Length: 10896
Author on LJ: n/a
Author's Website: AO3
Why this must be read:

Whenever I read fusions, I'm always blown away at how seamlessly the author is able to mix two very distinctively different universes together.  Especially when it comes to something like The Eagle and Downton Abbey, which is done so wonderfully in Belle Époque .  But perhaps the best thing about this fic is the spot on voice of Violet Crawley, which is both lovely and hilarious and her perspective on what blossoms between Esca, her nephew and Marcus, the Crawley's new chauffeur.  And I especially loved how Esca and Marcus are portrayed here in Edwardian times and even through Violet's eyes there is so much going on beneath the surface between these two.  There are some amazing details and just wonderful characterizations all around and even if you don't know either fandom, it's a great read.

Belle Époque
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