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15th-Aug-2004 08:02 pm Horatio Hornblower/Georgette Heyer (NC-17)
Title: Advantage by Skud
Pairing: Archie Kennedy/Sophy Stanton-Lacey
Author on LJ: [ profile] q_skud_
Author Website: The Scriptorium
Why this must be read:

If there's one thing Hornblower lacks it is good female characters. With the exception of Kitty Cobham, who kicks ass, the women who appear in the movies are overwhelmingly uninspiring. The Regency romance novels of Georgette Heyer on the other hand are notable for mostly having fabulous female characters, many of whom are incredibly strong and independent-minded particularly by the standards of the time. Thus, importing one of Heyer's best heroines is a brilliant solution to the Het limitations of Hornblower.

Here, Skud arranges a brief encounter between pre-novel Sophy Stanton-Lacey (of The Grand Sophy) and post-Justinian Midshipman Archie Kennedy. Skud captures the feel of a Heyer novel excellently, with light and witty dialogue and a wonderfully charged chemistry between Sophy and Archie. Plus, unlike the otherwise-fabulous novels of Ms. Heyer, in fanfic we get to see the inevitable smutty conclusion of all that chemistry and banter.

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