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30th-Oct-2013 05:34 pm Night Blooming Flowers
Sorry! I fell off the posting wagon when I was sick for two weeks. I'll try to make it up with several Kushiel fics before tomorrow is over!

Pairing: OCs – F/M, F/F, M/M
Length: 1626
Author on LJ: [ profile] kitteninthedark
Author Website: Leni on AO3
Warnings: Fic is unrated.
Why this must be read: This gives several lovely little vignette exploring some of the different house of the Night Court – including some that we never saw first-hand in the books. Very well captured for such little pieces! Definitely worth a read.

Night Blooming Flowers
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13th-Oct-2013 06:14 pm Does Not All Go to One Place? (T)
Pairing: Melisande Shahrizai/Ptolemy Solon
Length: 1,103
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Meneldur on
Warnings: **Spoilers** through Kushiel's Mercy. Mild BDSM.
Why this must be read:

This is a wonderful look inside the mind of Melisande Shahrizai after all of the events of the first two trilogies. I really love this look into Melisande's characterization. I think this piece manages to both be true to book Melisande and beautifully provide further growth in her later years/the aftermath of the books.

Does Not All Go to One Place?

Less Spoilery Bonus Fic: I was torn between posting the above story and another good Melisande fic from Meneldur. If you want a fic that doesn't spoil the whole series, then please check out this nice little backstory, Let People Serve Thee.
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7th-Oct-2013 06:47 pm Only Ever One (NC-17)
Pairing: Mavros Shahrizai/OC
Length: 10,563
Author on LJ: Unknown
Author Website: Marlowe_Tops on AO3
Warnings: Fic is unrated, but Shahrizai is pretty much synonymous with BDSM. Check the tags for more specifics if you're on the fence.
Why this must be read: Mavros is one of my favorite characters in all of the books, and I think Marlowe_Tops captures him so beautifully in this piece. It's a bit longer than most of what I've been looking at to post, but it is so worth it. It's got great characterization, a great plot, great kink, great character growth, great look at Kushiel's scions, great humor...this fic is great in so many ways! And as far as I can tell, not a single spoiler for any of the books. This gives a fantastic view into the canon Kushiel world/vibe and provides a warm and fuzzy fanfic all rolled into one.

Only Ever One
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4th-Oct-2013 11:05 pm Kushiel's Fall (Teen)
Hello again, friends! I'm finally getting around to posting my first rec, and I'm sorry it's taken so long. I really wanted to find one that had a fantastic Kushiel vibe but did not spoil anything too huge from the books, in a rather blatant attempt to entice new readers to check out Kushiel's Dart.

Pairing: Favrielle nó Eglantine/OC
Length: 4701
Author on LJ: [ profile] edonohana
Author Website: Edonohana on AO3
Warnings: No warnings on the fic itself, but it does spoil one bit from the books (one which I included in a spoiler tag in the character section of the overview).
Why this must be read: As I mentioned in the fandom overview, despite being a minor character in the books, I really think Favrielle-fic is some of the best fic out there. Favrielle is a great character. Edonohana has her voice - and the voice of the books themselves – down perfectly.

Kushiel's Fall
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2nd-Oct-2013 09:14 pm Fandom Overview: Kushiel's Legacy
Hello! I am very pleased to commandeer the [ profile] crack_van and take you on a delicious ride to damnation and beyond; I have sworn it Terre d'Ange! I have struggled with how much detail to go into, because pretty much anything past the first book is guaranteed to be spoilerific, but thank goodness we have lj-cuts and spoiler tags.

These are my very favorite books and my very favorite fictional world! Bear with me as I wax poetic, which is actually fairly canon.

Basic Premise

Alternate medieval France where the inhabitants are descended from angels and a masochistic courtesan must save the realm.

(Lots of kink. Very LGBT and BDSM friendly.)


When Yeshua ben Yosef hung dying on the cross, his blood ensanguined the earth's soil and mixed with the Magdalene's tears. From the womb of the Earth sprang Blessed Elua, a first overlooked and then cherished angel whose sacred precept is Love as thou wilt.

And this he did. He traveled the world, with flowers springing up in his footsteps and animals coming to dote upon him. Various nations reacted in various ways – fear, apathy, treachery. Several angels really dug his happy free-love vibe and left heaven to wander with him. Naamah, who laid down with kings to free Elua from captivity and then lay with commoners to feed him; Kushiel, punisher of hell who loved his charges too much and was drawn to Elua's sacred precept; Azza, full of pride; Anael, who brought husbandry to the people; Shemhazai who brought knowledge; Camael the warrior; Eisheth the healer; and Cassiel, the Perfect Companion who, alone among the fallen angels, maintained the One God's traditions but protected Elua out of a sense of duty that even the One God had forgotten.

Cassiel alone remained chaste and acted as Elua's bodyguard. The rest Loved as thou wilt across the land, dividing up France and begetting pseudo-angelic offspring until the One God and Earth called them off to the Terre d'Ange beyond.

The Books – a breakdown of three trilogies. )

Characters & Fanfic-Favorite Pairings )

Fandom Links!

[ profile] eluaschildren All fic, all the time

[ profile] kushiel_trilogy Kushiel discussion community

[ profile] kushielexchange Fic & art exchange community that is just getting started. Jump in now!

[ profile] night_court A little dead at the moment, but a Night Court sorting community. I'm a mod there.

Jacqueline Carey - Author website

Rod & Weal - Great info on the books. Used to be just a reference, but looks like they've added RP now.

Kushiel's Legacy Wiki

Kushiel RPG and Kushiel RPG – OOC list - Kushiel Roleplaying Game! Play-by-email; original characters. Disclaimer: This one's mine! Has just been rebooted for a new game. Come on in! Set 200 yrs before Dart takes place, so that's really the only one you need to have read.

Edited to add:

[ profile] kushielsorting - Noble House (as opposed to Night Court) sorting community

FuckYeahKushielsLegacy - Tumblr

Night's Doorstep - DeviantART
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