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15th-Apr-2006 11:52 am TMNT/The Day After Tomorrow (PG-13)
Title: The Ninja's Choice by Ellcrys
Pairing: none, gen-fic
Author on LJ: Not that I know of
Author Website: Altistic
Why this must be read:

Because I'm a sucker for disaster movies. Because there's no angst like the end of the world. Because the choice the guys are given is a terrible one.

This fic was written as an answer to the Day After Tomorrow fanfic challenge, where authors took the events of the movie and mixed them in with other fandoms. Ellcrys decision to use TMNT was... different, but well done.

Warning: Death fic

The Ninja's Choice by Ellcrys
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15th-Jul-2004 09:50 pm X-Men Movieverse/The Day After Tomorrow (PG)
Title: The Second Angel, by Vagabond Sal
Pairing: Hints of Bobby/John and Bobby/Marie
Author on LJ: [ profile] vagabond_sal
Author Website: wordsmithy

Why this must be read: [ profile] anniesj and [ profile] miggy issued a challenge to work the events of The Day After Tomorrow into fandoms of all kinds, resulting in some great crossover fiction in a lot of different fandoms. One of my favorites was this gem centered on Bobby, who finds himself the only one comfortable in a new ice age that's physically and emotionally breaking the other members of the team. While the details of the storms in the film aren't exactly precise -- this and most of the other stories were written prior to The Day After Tomorrow's release -- the story itself presents a Bobby willing to sacrifice all for those he loves.

The Second Angel
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