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15th-Mar-2009 05:00 pm The Ghost and Mr. Kenobi by MrsHamill - Star Wars/The ghost and mrs. Muir (R)
The 15th of the month is crossover day at the crack van. Alas, I don't think there are many crossover stories to be found for Star Wars, at least, I don't know them. But in honor of that day I want to rec a story that's (in the words of the author herself) 'shamelessly stolen from the 1947 film classic The Ghost and Mrs. Muir', so while it's not a true crossover, it at least is sort of....

There's no sex to speak of, but since it has a slashy content I rate it R anyways.

Pairing: Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, in a sense....
Length: long, one webpage, but in no way a novella, too short for that
Author: MrsHamill
On lj: [ profile] mrshamill
uthor Website: Mom's Kitchen (go treat yourself!)
WARNINGS: totally AU; and just in case, keep some hankies ready

Why this must be read: Another one of MrsHamill's superb stories and, together with 'Son of the Empire' my favorites of hers. This story of longing and an impossible love will pull at your heartstrings, well, it did at mine. One of the few stories that actually made me cry. I love the slow pace of it, the emotions in it and especially how she brings a wholey different AU to life.

Excerpt )

The Ghost and Mr. Kenobi

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