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15th-Aug-2007 11:43 pm The Ninth Gate/American Gods (PG-15)
Title: Wisdom's Gate by Vanillafluffy
Pairing: none
Author on LJ:[ profile] vanillafluffy
Author Website: at
Why this must be read: Sick and hurting Johnny Depp character. That is all. (Just kidding!) It's an imaginative, well-written and plotty romp through the American Gods landscape told from Shadow's POV as he tries to help the irritating and self-absorbed Corso. Corso's brush with the Satanic has left him "tainted" and sick and slowly dying. Shadow and his otherworldly friends try to find some power that can help him. It's quite possible to enjoy this story knowing only American Gods or only The Ninth Gate, though I do recommend being familiar with one of them.


Wisdom's Gate
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15th-Oct-2005 10:27 pm Once Upon A Time in Mexico/From Hell/Ninth Gate (NC-17)
Title:The City by Guede Mazaka
Pairing: Dean Corso/Miguel/"Green Eyes," Sands/Frederick Abberline, Sands/El/Frederick Abberline/Carolina, References to El/Domino/Campa/Quino
Author on LJ: [ profile] guede_mazaka
Author Website: Tangible Schizophrenia
Why this must be read:

What a grand and glorious mix of fandoms! We are not in Kansas anymore. I've been waiting half the month to rec this.

Guede Mazaka is another shining light in our dark little fandom, though she's prolific in other fandoms, as well. The City is a multi-fandom AU set in a prohibition-era Los Angeles doppleganger called Los Diablos. A plot to kill the Mayor and pin the murder on El's "family" brings together this eclectic bunch of characters, no small number of whom are played by Johnny Depp. *g* She's even added an OMC, Miguel, whom she tells us looks a lot like Antonio Banderas. If you're new to OUaTiM, please don't start with this one; the crossover characters, not to mention canonically dead ones, will make your head spin. But, for the well- and multi- versed, this is a rare and delicious smorgasbord. Bon Apetit! (or, whatever the Spanish equivalent may be)

a rare, light moment )

The City
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