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1st-Sep-2013 09:58 pm we hold these truths by empressearwig (Teen)
Hi, I'm [ profile] aishuu and I'm reccing for "small fandoms" this month. I love small fandoms, and I'm going to be spotlighting small fandoms by the following criteria:

1 - The fandom cannot have been recced on [ profile] crack_van before;

2 - The fic cannot originate with the [ profile] yuletide exchange (because yuletide fics have, generally speaking, been picked over and recced disproportionately to "off season" small fandom fics).

This is really broad so hopefully I'll be able to pull from that fandom that only had 10 fics, or inspire someone to realize that there's some "big" small fandoms no one's ever driven for (and they're overdue for a driver!).

Fandom: SMALL FANDOMS - The President's Daughter by Ellen Emerson White
Pairing: Preston/Meghan
Length: 2,700
Author: empressearwig

The President's Daughter is one of those nostalgia series for me - I always loved the cast and the intelligence of the characters, and it's what prepared me for The West Wing. The book series was originally set very firmly in the eighties politics and culture, but was updated around 2007 to update the references. Finding fic that I enjoy for it is always a delight - and I like that this fic manages to catch the character's voices so well. It provides a future for Meghan that I not only believe, but I like and hope for - it's a "happy" ending for her and a ship I like the sail.

What makes this fic work for me is the wittiness. The author has managed to catch White's tone perfectly, and the epistolary excerpts are really well done and help advance the story.

An Excerpt )

we hold these truths
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