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15th-Jun-2005 06:01 pm Popslash/A Princess Bride
Title: A Hot Fairy Tale- The Pop Princess Bride: the Good Parts Version by S. Morgenstern as told to Vix (R)
Pairing: Justin Timberlake/Lance Bass ; Justin Timberlake/Britney Spears; Lance Bass/JC Chasez ; JC Chasez/Chris Kirkpatrick
Author on LJ: [ profile] uschickens
Author Website: The Kitsch N Sync
Why this must be read:

Because I laughed my ass off, and you will too. Seriously, the match-up of pop stereotypes, pop canon, and pop in-jokes to The Princess Bride canon is hysterically funny. It's a break from The Backstreet Boys recs because this is too much fun to skip and rules are made to be broken, yo (and there is a little BSB cameo at the end, anyway). So make Guilder and Florin modern record companies and let the fun begin. Justin Timberlake is Buttercup.( No, really, Justin Timberlake is Buttercup.), Lance Bass is Westley, Joey is Miracle Max, Chris Kirkpatrick is Inigo Montoya, and JC Chasez is Fezzik (he has a gift for rhyme. Sometimes.).

His name was Lance, but Justin never called him that. He was always Dance Boy, the silent, blushing shadow to Justin’s every move. )

A Hot Fairy Tale
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