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23rd-Oct-2013 06:57 pm In The Frame by Dawnwind (Explicit)
Pairing: William Bodie/Ray Doyle
Length: 49,016 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] dawnebeth

Why this must be read: I love this story. It is a crossover with characters Dawnwind introduced me to last year in her big bang story, For Kicks. "In The Frame" is not a sequel but a story in what now can be called a series of crossovers with The Professionals and The Racing Game. Sid Halley and Chico Barnes are the two private detectives in The Racing Game who are friends with Bodie and Doyle. The four lads investigate the murder of a jockey, the drugging of horses, and the fixing of horse races.

Go forth and enjoy a writer whom I enjoy in several fandoms. Oh, and there be kinky sex in this story. That makes me very happy.

In The Frame
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15th-Nov-2011 05:04 pm For Kicks by Dawnwind (NC-17)
Pairing: Bodie/Doyle, Sid Halley/Chico Barnes
Length: 70,222 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] dawnebeth
Author Website: Dawnwind on Love of Me and Thee Archive, Dawnwind on AO3, Dawnwind on The (New) Starsky & Hutch Archives,
Note: Art created by [ profile] cloudless_9193

Why this must be read: A brand new, hot off the preses [ profile] ci5_boxoftricks Bang Bang story. :)

This is a crossover with a British programme of the same era as Pros called The Racing Game. I'd never heard of it before I helped Dawnwind edit this story in preparation for this year's Big Bang. I rented the DVD from Netflix and it's a super cool series. You do not need to view the series to read this story. Dawn gives enough information that it's easy to understand who Sid and Chico are. If you're interested in investigating more, there is info here. (Note: for some odd reason, the IMDB page is down so I've put a link to the page.)

Summary of For Kicks from the author: After preventing the kidnapping of a wealthy Middle-Eastern business man's son, Bodie and Doyle are assigned to keep Karim Khorsandi safe until he signs an important oil contract. They team up with private investigators Halley and Barnes who are guarding Khorsandi's racehorse but it all goes awry. Bodie and Doyle have to unravel a complex knot of family loyalties and politics to find their suspect. They'd prefer to have stayed at home playing kinky sex games.

I hear a lot of calls for nice long case fic. Well, here is it. Full of investigation and the lads and danger. I think it's a great romp around London and the countryside, and an interesting look into the world of horse racing.

A teaser this way... )

For Kicks
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