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24th-Feb-2012 08:02 am VID REC: Youko Kurama and the Forty Thieves (PG-13) by Megumiuramesi
Pairing:  None, Kurama, Youko, Yusuke
Length:  1:42
Music:  Aladdin and the 40 Thieves by Disney
Vidder on LJ:  Unknown
Vidder Website:  Megumiuramesi
Why this must be watched: 

The vidder's theme here is indoctrinating Yusuke into Youko's band of thieves and Yusuke's reaction to it. 

It's short, and snappy and has lots of Youko in his early days.  I also liked the unusual combo of Disney meets anime. 

Youko Kurama and the Forty Thieves

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23rd-Feb-2012 08:08 am Romeo and Juliet by LadyFlamewing (NC-17)
Pairing:  Kurama/Yusuke
Length:  2100-ish
Author on LJ:  Unknown
Stories found on:
Why this is a must read: 

Right off the bat, I have to say I'm usually not a fan of cross dressing fic.  So I usually pass most of them by.  The ones that do make me pause and give a second look have an unusual hook that makes me glad I'm not too stuck in my ways.

Anyhoo, with Romeo and Juliet we get a few things that I love in Yu Yu Hakusho fic.  Kurama being his sly, fox-demony self, Yusuke intimidating classmates at will while trying not to let his curiosity get the better of him, and humor.  The way the story is written has this tongue-in-cheek kind of humor all through it and makes the whole thing a fun read.

"Come by and help me run lines?" Kurama asks softly, after explaining - unnecessarily, but Yusuke's not about to tell him that - the situation with his school play. Something about a Shakespeare and teenagers and death - as if Yusuke needs to be any more familiar with that.

Romeo and Juliet
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15th-Feb-2012 11:16 am Yu Yu Hakusho/Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin (NC-17)

Title:  History Lessons  by Rose and Julie
Pairing:  Keiko/Kenshin, hints of Keiko/Kurama
Length:  14K-ish
Authors on LJ:  [ profile] buffybot76 and [ profile] whirleeq
Author Website:  Story found at

Why this is a must read:

I know I’ve stated somewhere that I’m a sucker for time travel fics.  This one is sort of a time travel with a bit of a twist at the end.  Or maybe a Rip Van Winkle description would be better.  With a twist.  Anyway, Keiko has been studying the Meiji Restoration in history class and gets a chance to meet the greatest assassin of the Ishin Shisi, the feared Hitokiri Battousai.  With a twist.

I loved the way these two authors paced the story.  I found the set up for the two to get together to be sweet with just the right amount of angst and of course the sex was hot, which is a given.  Having a basic knowledge of Samurai X/Rurouni Kenshin will help with this fic, as a lot of Kenshin’s early days before and just after he becomes a wanderer is mentioned.

History Lessions

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10th-Feb-2012 08:06 am Carbon by MikaStarlight (NC-17)
Pairing:  Yusuke/Hiei/Kurama in any combo you could think of
Length:  57K
Author on LJ:  [ profile] mika_starlight
More fic can be found at:

Why this is a must read:

I was intrigued by the "what if Yusuke had never gone to Makai" theme.  [ profile] mika_starlight does a great job describing Yusuke's "growing pains" as his demon heritage makes itself known.  In the author's own words, "Suppose that Yusuke hadn't gone to Makai after finding out he was a demon. How would he react to his new demonic instincts and powers in a decidedly human world? Who else but Kurama could offer advice on becoming a demon? Perhaps Hiei?  Includes WAFF, chance of OOC, hand job, oral, anal, threesome, DP, solo, rim and a great deal of random smut."

A great, longer read which you don't want to miss out on.

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1st-Feb-2012 08:28 am Yuugou Hakusho (PG-13) by Mistress259

Greetings all!  I'm redhedlvr back for a third trip behind the wheel.  This month I'll be reccing one of my favorite animes, Yu Yu Hakusho.  A few notes, Youko Kurama, in all his forms, is my favorite character so my recs will be very Youko-centric.  I have tried to pick a variety of stories (gen, het, slash and the obligatory threesome) so hopefully there will be something for everyone.

Pairing:  None, hints of Kurama/Yusuke towards the end
Length:  Five chapters plus a sequel
Author on LJ:  Unknown
Story can be found at:  Morgan D's Tiny Page of Yu Yu Hakusho

Why this must be read:  Author's summary "Kurama's life, from his rebirth as a human to his first dealings with Yusuke Urameshi."  I found this to be an original and intriguing idea for fanfic and it didn't disappoint.  Mistress259 writes beautifully and tells of Youko's very first moments as a human newborn.  There's also quite a bit of biting humor that I always associate with Youko.

Snippet:  Greetings, Mother, Father. I am the demon spirit who has consumed your son’s soul.

Yuugou Hakusho
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29th-Dec-2006 10:49 pm VID REC: Yu Yu Hakusho - Ghostbusters
Subject Line: VID REC: Fandom - Song Title

Vidder: HFP
Musical artist: Ray Parker, JR
Pairing: None
Vidder on LJ: not that I know of
Vidder's website: Hot Fudge Productions
Why this vid kicks ass:

Because it's Yu Yu Hakusho to the Ghostbusters theme song. Holy crap, how is that not awesome? This is a fun, entertaining vid, totally accessible to those who aren't familiar with the YYH fandom. The quality is great and the vidder did an excellent job of putting the vid together.

Hot Fudge Productions. Ghostbusters is the second video on the page. You have to right-click on the link to download.

Or can just play the video on Youtube here. The video quality isn't as good, however.
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29th-Dec-2006 02:41 pm Come Back by Kitsuneko (G)
Characters: The Kuwabara siblings
Author on LJ: not that I know of
Author Website: Her profile
Why this story must be read:

It's short, it's simple. The exact nature of the Kuwabara family can vary greatly from one fanfic to another. In the anime, we never see Kazuma and Shizuru's parents. In the manga, we get a brief mention that Kuwabara's mom doesn't as a lot of questions (they were trying to stash a dead body in his bedroom at the time) and later we see their father briefly. In both canons, it is mentioned that the Kuwabaras have some association with Genkai, but that's about it. Either way, they don't seem to have a deep involvement in their children's lives, and the fanfic writers often take that and run with it.

Come Back presents one possibility. The language is simple but clear, and while the story isn't really told from Kazuma's perspective, you still see a little of the child's confusion and lack of understanding. It's a fast read, and definitely worth it.

Come Back by Kitsuneko
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21st-Dec-2006 12:19 am The First Wake by Kahn (PG)
Pairings: None, but you could interpret it a couple different ways if you want to. The author says she originally intended it to be Kurama/Yuusuke in later chapters.
Author on LJ: [ profile] kahn
Author Website: umm... somewhere. She also mods [ profile] reikawriters

Why this must be read:

Deathfics are not rare in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom. This is to be expected, considering the series kills its characters off regularly (though they usually bring them right back). However few of them touch on the aftermath of a loss quite as well as this piece.

Whether it was intentional or not, one thing Kahn did with this story that I really liked, is that we only see three characters react to Kuwabara's death, and those three are the three immortals. Hiei, Yukina and Kurama are all at least a century old and have experienced loss before, but still find themselves somewhat floored by this one.

The First Wake is technically the first story in the series 41 Funerals but it stands alone perfectly. This is fortunate since it's also the only story in the series so far.

I think it's different when you love them. )

The First Wake by Kahn

Full disclosure: [ profile] kahn and I are both co-mods over at [ profile] reikaiwriters and she wrote this story as a companion piece to something I had written. So I'm definitely pre-disposed to like this, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a beautifully written piece.
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15th-Dec-2006 08:48 pm Yu Yu Hakusho/Harry Potter (PG-13)
Title: The Best Defense
Pairing: Kurama/Hiei, Yuusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina
Author on LJ: [ profile] joishbishmyouga
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Yeah, I know. Harry Potter crossovers are a dime a dozen, but The Best Defense has two votes in its favor. 1) Kurama is not the new DADA teacher and 2) there's a plot that does not involve giving Hermione a makeover.

This is one of those fics that I'm reccing mostly because everyone in the fandom has read it. It has its weaknesses, including a heavy reliance on endnotes and authornotes, but it does some interesting things with demonic mythology in both fandoms.

The Best Defense by JoIsBishMyouga
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13th-Dec-2006 07:14 am Skeleton Dancer by Fate VII (R)
Pairing: Yuusuke/Keiko, Kuwabara/Yukina, Kurama/Hiei
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: n/a
Why this fic must be read:

Because it's long and plotty and hilarious. There are zombies! Zombies! And they're not any happier about it than we are, trust me. There's also a necromancer named El Zorromancer who just wants to conquer the world and how can you not love that?

We can shoot zombies. I mean, I'll need a machine gun first, but then I can shoot zombies. )

Skeleton Dancer by Fate VII
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10th-Dec-2006 03:29 am Fatalistic by Windswift, (PG)
Pairing: Hina/Hiei's dad
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: n/a
Why this fic must be read:

YYH fandom has dozens of stories about Hiei's quest for his sister and how being cast out as a Forbidden Child shaped his life. What we don't see a lot of are stories telling the other sides of the story.

Windswift shows us Hina after losing her child, and Yukina after forsaking her own people. She poses an interesting theory on why the Ice Maidens are so fiercely insular and gives us a vivid glimpse at how the birth of this child could have affected the women around him to the point that one died, and the other became determined to destroy her entire race.

Read more... )
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9th-Dec-2006 04:39 am Koorimes in Heat by Lori McDonald, (R)
Pairing: Kurama/Hiei, Kuwabara/Yukina
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: Lori used to have a site, but damned if I can find it anywhere
Why this fic must be read:

There are so many cliches and stereotypes rammed into this one story that it's almost impossible to believe.

Yukina is a Koorime, an ice maiden. Little is known about them except that they're all girls, they don't much like men and they're a cruel, hard species. Hiei, being the son of a Koorime, is something of an anomaly (a Forbidden child). This leads to him being much abused in fandom.

Koorimes in Heat is wacky, silly, and more than a little strange. Seriously, there's a real chance that Lori was on cold medecine when she wrote it.

It takes a lot to unnerve Genkai )

Koorimes in Heat by Lori McDonald
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4th-Dec-2006 09:17 pm Summer of the Garden by Kahn, (PG-13)
Pairing: Kurama/Kuronue
Author on LJ: [ profile] kahn
Author Website: [ profile] reikaiwriters
Why this fic must be read:

Kurama/Kuronue is a pairing that requires a lot of originality. Not because it's all been done, but for the exact opposite reason. There's almost no canon whatsoever for them. Kurama's life before he was reborn in human body is a virtual unknown and can be summed up in five or six bullet points:

-He's a kitsune/fox demon
-He was full-grown one thousand years ago
-He was(is) a thief
-Based on the number of old acquantainces who show up and try to kill him, he wasn't much of a team player.
-He can control plants.

Kuronue's past is even vaguer. We only ever see him in flashback scenes, and even then he's only alive for about ten seconds. He was, apparently, very much attached to his pendant, and when he fell into a trap he encouraged Kurama to leave him and save himself.

Having so little to work with certainly gives the writer a lot of creative leeway, but it also tends to invite sloppiness. If there are no rules to follow, how do you judge the quality?

[ profile] kahn manages to take what little the series gives us and fleshes it out into a believable scenario explaining how these two met. She takes a character we know almost nothing about and extrapolates a back-story, voice and personality that rings true. And even better, she takes Kurama, a cold-hearted, occasionally merciless fighter with power to make others of his kind quail, and explains how he could have fallen into the situation he's in without making him helpless.

Summer of the Garden is set before the series begins, so there's no need to worry about not being familiar with the plot or characters. [ profile] kahn gives us everything we really need to know in the story itself. And while this is technically only the first part of the Earth and Sky Arc (which she seems to have more or less abaondoned, sadly) the story stands independantly.

You can have run of my castle, Nishoku had said, but do not disturb the treasure in the garden. )

Summer of the Garden by Kahn
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2nd-Dec-2006 05:00 am Yu Yu Hakusho fandom overview
Welcome to my anti-drug.

Yu Yu Hakusho has been translated to mean "Ghost Files" or "Poltergeist Reports" and that's slightly misleading. For starters, there are almost no ghosts to speak of unless one counts the main character. Secondly, the only files or reports that appear are the ones Koenma has stacked in a haphazard pile on the edge of his desk.

What this show does have are demons and demon-hunters, cataclysms, tournaments, diabolical madmen, best friends and bitter rivals (at the same time even) genocidal psychopaths, soul-devouring monsters, and zombie-making bugs. Yes, that's right. Zombie-making bugs.

The Ghost Files )
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