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Noire by hydrangea (Teen)

Like in Cinderella, time is running out, and I expect this will be my last rec. It's been a blast having one last joyride. Cheers.

Fandom: Fairy Tales: Cinderella
Pairing/Characters: Cinderella/Princess, Cinderella/Stepmother
Length: 10K
Author Website: at AO3

Why this must be read: It's got the canon pieces but it's put together in a world of royal hierarchy and court intrigue.

Despite the pairing, there's no "ick incest" factor here. Cinderella is already grown and out of the house when her father marries his second wife, and they have no mother-daughter dynamic going. What they do have is a lot of secrets, a lot of politics and a lot of UST going on. Moody and absorbing and twisty. Enjoy.


If you like this, take a moment to tell the author. Feedback is precious and appreciated!

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