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ART REC: Veronai élet, by Atov (not rated)

Pairing/Characters: Mercutio/Métella, Raoul de Gardefeu/Tybalt, Bobinet with implied Bobinet/Gardefeu/Tybalt/Mercutio/Métella
Length: 3 drawings
Artist on Tumblr: apfelstrudelz
Artist Website: most art is under the atovision tag (note: sometimes gory) | other art on DeviantArt at ruberoidz, although nothing Rómeó és Júlia as of this post
Why this must be seen:

Alas, there is no crossover fic for this fandom yet, but there is some glorious crossover art, and perhaps someday it may inspire fic! Atov's art all has an energy that I love, with interesting compositions, beautiful coloring, and distinctly drawn characters.

"Veronai élet" ("Veronese Life") is a series of gorgeous drawings depicting the results of a somewhat cracky crossover where Mercutio and Tybalt somehow find themselves in late 19th century Paris, entangled with the wacky lives of the dandies and courtesans of Offenbach's comic operetta La Vie parisienne. Instead of everyone dying, Métella finds Mercutio helpful for more than one purpose, Gardefeu flirts shamelessly with this weird angry guy who looks remarkably like his friend and rival Bobinet, and everything ends in champagne and probably orgies.

Veronai élet

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