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Accio My Heart by waspabi (NC-17)

This is my last rec and I will shortly be switching off posting access for the last time. Thank you, everyone, for all of your lovely comments over the past month. [livejournal.com profile] crack_van has been a labor of love these many years, and it's really gratifying to know that it has meant so much to so many people.

Pairing: Harry Styles/Nick Grimshaw, OT5 Friendship
Length: ~99,000 words
Author on LJ: [livejournal.com profile] waspabi
Author on AO3: waspabi
Why this must be read:

I spent a good few years in Harry Potter fandom, and have read a lot of crossovers since then, but very few have been as fully-fleshed and whimsical as the best of the fics written in that fandom. This is an exception.

It's 2010, twelve years after the defeat of Lord Voldemort, and the biggest problems in Harry's life (that's Styles, not Potter) are the fact that he's apparently hooked up with his new DADA professor (Mega Fit Nick From the Club), and Louis' seeming determination to drive Gryffindor's rivalry with Slytherin over the cliff of no return. Includes appearances by many of the Harry Potter characters, and a backstory that makes the 1D/Radio 1 characters' presence feel organic.

In which Harry makes too many Care of Magical Creatures similes, Liam is a facsimile of a sham of a lie of a Prefect, Zayn is handy with the hexes, Louis thinks petty rivalry is for winners, and Niall divines the future (and the future is chaos).

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Thanks for all the 1D recs. I still need to read most of them.

My god...it's over. No more crack_van.


I need chocolate.
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Farewell - I'm glad to see that you had posting fun this time, too.

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Awww. Fare thee well Crack Van. What a fantastic achievement over all these years!

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It's so weird! But we can always go back and explore the tags!

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Nostalgia. I very very occasionally read something, but not much. Of COURSE I still had to follow crack van! It contains CRACK!
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Thank you for all the recs and hard work on the comm - I'll miss it! ♥

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Gosh, not seeing CV posts every day is going to take getting used to.
Thanks for the years, and all you have done! xxx

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Thank you to all the mods, all the reccers, and everyone else who has made this my favourite community on LJ. I will miss the crap out of this comm.

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Thank you and farewell. I've only been an intermittent visitor but I've always appreciated having you here.

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Thank you again, for Crack Van. A wonderful resource.