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15th-Aug-2007 11:43 pm The Ninth Gate/American Gods (PG-15)
Title: Wisdom's Gate by Vanillafluffy
Pairing: none
Author on LJ:[ profile] vanillafluffy
Author Website: at
Why this must be read: Sick and hurting Johnny Depp character. That is all. (Just kidding!) It's an imaginative, well-written and plotty romp through the American Gods landscape told from Shadow's POV as he tries to help the irritating and self-absorbed Corso. Corso's brush with the Satanic has left him "tainted" and sick and slowly dying. Shadow and his otherworldly friends try to find some power that can help him. It's quite possible to enjoy this story knowing only American Gods or only The Ninth Gate, though I do recommend being familiar with one of them.


Wisdom's Gate
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15th-Jul-2007 09:45 pm Supernatural/American Gods (PG-13)
A trifle late, but if the sun hasn't risen yet, it's still the day before, right?

Pairing: none
Author on LJ: [ profile] lyra_wing
Author's website: none - all fic memoried here

Why this must be read:
Lyra has this habit of writing amazing stories that leave you just wordlessly flailing, and Supernatural's world is perfectly suited to mesh with Neil Gaiman's mythos. Combine these two principles and you get "Dust in the Wind," a story of gods and myths, of the spirits and stories that make a land what it is, and how legends grow into something larger.

It comes with the added benefit of not needing to know the American Gods canon in order to enjoy the story - most everything you need you can pick up on the way.

Most of all, if ever a perfect ending for Sam and Dean could be imagined, this would be it. There's a a fundamental rightness in this story; a pure, elemental joy that sets into your bones and sparks alight at the last lines. Some roads never end and some stories only grow in the telling. This is how it should be for them.

excerpt )

Dust in the Wind
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