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15th-Jan-2004 01:08 am LORD OF THE RINGS /TS ELIOT (PG)
Title: A Kind of Valediction by Altariel
Pairing: Faramir/Eowyn, I suppose
Author on LJ: [ profile] altariel1
Author Website: The author's work in all fandoms is archived at: & the author now has a shiny new LotR fiction site, Altariel and Isabeau
Why this must be read:

Not exactly what most think of when they hear the word 'crossover', but the nearest I could come up with!

Ten years after the end of the war, Faramir is still haunted by the past. Altariel blends Tolkien, TS Eliot & a smidge of Dickens with all the skill one would expect from such a talented author, and she conjures up an excellent read. This story won the Mithril Awards in the category 'Best Story focusing on Men' -- and rightly so. A smidge of a quotation...

The dead walk with us... Not here in Minas Tirith, he thought. Not any more. Once, perhaps, when old men had sat in crumbling halls and could not see their sons for tombs. As a boy, on winter nights, he would sit by the fire in the servants' hall and listen wide-eyed and rapt to their tales of all the empty houses in the city and their long dead masters that occupied them still. Now men who had once wept as winged terrors flew above them, who had seen evil embodied break down their very gates, whose southern lands had been delivered by the Dead - these men now laughed at tales of hauntings, called them the fancies of old women, and turned instead to talk of more important matters; of commerce, of business, of the doings of their friends - and their enemies. They opened up the long-sealed halls and filled them with their families. How quickly they had forgotten! Ten years, and the world was changed beyond all recognition. The dead walked the streets of the White City no more.

A Kind of Valediction
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