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15th-Feb-2007 09:14 pm Stargate: Atlantis/Sherman's March Crossover (NC-17 Overall)
Title: Accidents Happen series by Yin
Pairing: Rodney McKay/Pete Sherman
Author on LJ: [ profile] yin_again
Author Website: Not sure--try the author's LJ Memories

Why this must be read:
Fans of Rodney will find this story happy-making, even if they haven't seen Sherman's March. I find it to be a thoroughly enjoyable slash story, and if you aren't a complete OTPer, give this series a try. The first installment in the series is one of the stories posted as part of the Hewliganfest, and it was my favorite.

Accidents Happen (NC-17)
Shelter (NC-17)
Five Futures, coda to: Accidents Happen (PG)

This last part in the storyverse, which I haven't read yet, is a Stargate: Atlantis/Sherman's March/Slings & Arrows crossover. The pairing is Pete Sherman/Geoffrey Tennant, with mentions of Pete Sherman/Rodney McKay

(no such thing as a) Planned Happenstance Part 1 (NC-17)
Planned Happenstance Part 2
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