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15th-Oct-2013 05:49 pm The Eagle / Jane Eyre (NC-17)
Title: Passion and Profession by demon_rum
Pairing: Marcus Aquila / St. John Rivers
Length: ~127k
Author on LJ: [ profile] demon_rum
Author Website: On AO3
Why this must be read:

This is one of the most elaborate and amazingly detailed fics in the fandom. It takes us into the Jane Eyre universe and follows St. John Rivers (who, like Esca, is played by Jamie Bell in the 2011 adaptation) as he travels to India and meets one Cpt. Marcus Aquilaine. Rivers is a clergyman and Marcus a soldier and the care given to painting each of those separate lives with all their complications is praise-worthy alone. Throw in what the writer does with language and period culture and you have something seriously impressive. If you're into repressed feelings and historical detail then this is a goldmine and even if you're not it's a totally engrossing and fascinating read. NB. There are three chapters of notes before the start of the story with the warnings located in the second.

Passion and Profession
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15th-Jan-2010 02:34 pm Jane Eyre vs. The Mighty Boosh, by [ profile] maestro1123 (PG-13)
Pairing: Howard Moon/Vince Noir
Length: 24.5k words
Warnings: Spoilers for Jane Eyre
Author on LJ: [ profile] maestro1123
Author Website: The Pinstriped Emos on MySpace
Why this must be read:
Chapter One: In which Miss Noiyre arrives at Thornfield, blowjobs are mentioned, and the housekeeper has a problem with unsightly facial hair.

Reader, I married him.

Oh shit, wait — that comes later. Let me start over.

The opening lines make it clear that this fic is a witty, cheerfully anachronistic homage to Charlotte Brontë’s classic tale of mystery and romance. “Vince Noiyre” is a gender-bending male governess (“jobs are scarce enough for an electro-ponce-slash-classic-frontman”) who brings a lot of baggage — literal and metaphorical — to Thornfield, where he meets the brooding, riding-crop-wielding master of the house, “Howard Moonchester”; a hirsute housekeeper, Bollo; and his charge, Naboo, who is less interested in his lessons than in gaining access to whoever — or whatever — is kept locked up in the attic.

[ profile] maestro1123 does justice to both the plot of Jane Eyre and the personalities of the Boosh characters. Take, for example, her version of the scene where the lovelorn governess draws a self-portrait and the likeness of an apparent rival for the master’s affections.
Ah, who am I kidding. )

Action! Horror! Passion! Adam Ant! A gorilla in a maid’s cap! You’ll find them all in...

Jane Eyre vs. The Mighty Boosh
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