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26th-Jun-2007 11:02 pm A Sort of Homecoming by Trisse (PG-13)
Fandom: ER
Pairing: Luka/ensemble (stating the main pairing would give too much away)
Author on LJ: none as far as I know
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

A luxurious, thoughtful story about Luka's return from the Congo. Like the show, this fic lets all the other characters wander into Luka's arc, affecting and changing him. Trisse manages to keep a large cast in-character and balance them with Luka's recovery. One of my favorite ER fic conventions is making Susan Lewis the warm supportive friend, and "A Sort of Homecoming" utilizes it well. Also featuring a well-imagined family for Luka and Gillian (the woman Luka met in the Congo). Trisse keeps the story's tone harnessed and this makes Luka's inner drama all the more powerful.

A Sort of Homecoming
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21st-Jun-2007 11:46 pm Degrees of Separation by Mosca (NC-17)
Fandom: ER
Pairing: Elizabeth/Abby, Kerry/Susan, Kerry/Abby, Susan/Abby, Elizabeth/Susan, and Kerry/Elizabeth
Author on LJ: [ profile] mosca
Author Website: homoneurotica
Why this must be read:

Well, first of all, the whole idea of giving us a sexy or smutty vignette for each pairing among a group of four? Totally irresistible for sheer variety. Mosca's written a lot of great slash, and this one ties in to some of her other universes, but you can enjoy this fic without having read the other stories (although after reading "Degrees of Separation" you'll probably want to dip in to the rest of Mosca's stuff).

There are lots of things to enjoy about this fic other than the sheer fun and sexiness of the f/f lovin' (one of which takes place in the drug lockup, the Chekhov's gun of ER porn). The vignette structure allows for a kaleidoscopic view of each woman, showing different facets of her personality, her history, her sexuality, the way they express themselves in different relationships. The writing is sharp and intelligent, and the character observations believable.

Degrees of Separation
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13th-Jun-2007 08:00 pm Delicate Procedures by WhittyOne (R)
Fandom: ER
Pairing: Elizabeth Corday/Rocket Romano
Author on LJ: none (I think)
Author Website: profile
Why this must be read:

Written in season 8, pre-chop and thus building off the early spark between Elizabeth and Romano instead of the season 9 angst, this sexy, smart fic imagines Elizabeth coming to terms with an unbidden and at least half unwanted attraction to Romano, weaving in between the events of the show starting in season 5. At the pivotal moment, smartass banter turns into genuine connection.

WhittyOne takes their razor-sharp wits and fierce rivalry and ratchets up the intensity, writing a spot-on Elizabeth voice that stays true to the spirit of the woman who once propositioned Peter Benton with a hard-boiled egg, and digging deep into the boredom and frustration that ate away her ambition and spunk. And what relieves boredom and frustration? Hot doctor-doctor sex, obviously...

Excerpt )

Delicate Procedures
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9th-Jun-2007 04:20 pm Reconcilable Differences by Mrs. Eyre (K)
Fandom: ER
Pairing: Luka/Abby
Author on LJ: none (I think)
Author Website: profile
Why this must be read:

I meant to post this earlier last week, as a flipside of the coin that was C. Midori's Carter/Abby story. This is Luka and Abby, written years ago before the reconciliation. My favorite thing about the story is the way Abby's recovery from her addiction (remember that?) and Luka's ties to his past form such an integral part of the reasons why their love story unfolds the way it does. There's also a pretty pungent characterization of Carter that plays up his childish, petty side -- but the pungency is also warm and forgiving.

Don't be fooled by the typos, this story is as rich and aged and flavorful as a good red wine. It is also full of heart and wit and warmth, and a genuine understanding of human error. Mrs. Eyre's Abby is especially masterfully characterized, prickly and tough and vulnerable and very much an alcoholic. This is classic Luka/Abby.

Excerpt )

Reconcilable Differences
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1st-Jun-2007 04:37 pm Through the Door by C. Midori (M)
Fandom: ER
Pairing: Abby/Carter
Author on LJ: [ profile] cmidori
Author Website: profile
Why this must be read:

Hi, I'm [ profile] thelast_spagirl, and I'll be reccing for ER this month.

For years the AbLuCar love triangle swallowed up the ER fandom, and this is not only a piece of gorgeous writing but one of the most clear-headed and insightful explorations of these three characters that I've ever seen, with Susan rounding out a quadrangle of sorts.

This story will change your conceptions of the terms "Carby" and "Luby." (It's also followed by an equally, perhaps more, fantastic sequel called Things Behind the Sun.


Through the Door
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16th-Dec-2004 08:51 pm X-Files / ER (NC-17)
I apologize for being a day late with this crossover rec – I was away yesterday. I hope it’s better late than never!

Title:The Chicago Stories by WPAdmirer
Pairing: Walter Skinner / John Carter
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: The Chicago Stories
Why thismust be read:
There’s a sad lack of good ER slash online, though there are a few notable exceptions (such as Rocket Launcher, starring of all pairings Robert Romano and Dave Malucci!). The Chicago stories take John Carter, a very slashable character, and pair him with Walter Skinner of the X-Files. The pairing may seem improbable, but it works – this is a younger Carter, from just a few years into ER, and his naïve enthusiasm works well to counter Skinner’s tired worldliness. The series focuses mostly on the building relationship, with just enough adventure and intrigue to balance things out. It’s light and enjoyable, and definitely worth reading!

The Chicago Stories
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15th-May-2004 12:56 pm The Roachia Series by Cindy Combs (PG-13)
Pairing: Gen series. No pairings per se.
Author on LJ: I don't believe so.
Author Website: Cindy Combs

Crossovered with: Charmed, Nash Bridges, MacGyver, Voyager, ER, just to name a few.

Why this series must be read:

I love AUs with big, juicy, plots. I adore well-written stories where an author creates such a convincing world that you are simply glued to your computer screen until the end of the story and then you pray that there's a sequel and rejoice when you discover there is one.

Roachia is an AU set in the distant future. Settlers looking for a better life leave the overcrowded Earth in search of a new home and they find it on Roachia. Unfortunately, Roachia is populated by large bug like creatures. The Roachians want the land the humans occupy and the humans have no where else to go. War ensues. In an act of terrorism, the Roachians destroy Mountain Center, which was the training center for Sentinel and Guides. Every day the humans lose a bit more ground.

As the story starts off, Captain James Ellison and his team have been captured by the Roachians while trying to get civilians out of the occupied territory. They are placed in a basement where they find a tortured young man. Evidence indicates that they were trying to extract information from him, but what could they want from someone so young?

This may not be a crossover in the true sense. The author has taken a lot of known television characters, kept their personalities and put them in this world. It's a great deal of fun trying to pick them out.

While this story is not slash, you owe it to yourself to give it a read.

The Roachia Series
Links to individual stories:
Before Dawn
Home By Sunset
Under the Cover of Darkness
Harry's Promise

Be sure to leave feedback for the author if you enjoyed the story.
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