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15th-May-2012 10:40 pm Blind Diddly Date by channelD (FR13)
Okay, it's collision time today, and I must have driven the NCIS crack van way too fast without looking where I was going, because I collided with a fandom that...nobody probably thought would be possible to write a crossover with. Which makes the whole thing even more awesome.

Fandom: NCIS/The Simpsons
Pairing: hinted at Ziva David/Ned Flanders and Jenny Shepard/Seymour Skinner
Length: about 2,000
Author on LJ: unknown
Author website/archives: NFA
Why this must be read: This has got to be one of the crackiest stories I've ever read, and it's so hilariously funny, you'll laugh until you cry. The premise is, obviously, completely ridiculous: Ziva and Jenny having to deal with Ned Flanders and Seymour Skinner from The Simpsons as their respective Valentine's Day dates...and yet, that's why it actually works! Go ahead and give this fic a try -- I dare you! *g*

(Blind Diddly Date)
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15th-Aug-2009 07:38 am Bones of Shelbyville by Innie Darling (R)
Fandom: Supernatural/The Simpsons
Pairing: Gen with Dean/OFC on the side
Author on LJ: [ profile] innie_darling
Author Website: Innie Darling’s Fic Index
Why this must be read: It’s an example of a crack crossover at it’s finest. I mean, come on, it’s the Winchesters hunting in Springfield! And yet it’s so much more than its premise.

Excerpt )

Bones of Shelbyville
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15th-Mar-2005 10:12 am Highlander/Simpsons (PG)
Title: The Springfielder, by Don Lloyd
Pairing: None
Author Website: None
Why this must be read: I just about died laughing when this was first posted way back in the day; Don gets all the characters dead on and the in-jokes are great. Now, if only he'd write a Highlander/South Park crossover... ("You killed Kenny! You bastards!) Go! Read!

[Apu] "I am Apu, chief regional Slushie maker for the chain of Kwiki-Mart. I have come to be teaching you what you are needing to know. You, Homer Simpson, are immortal and cannot die.'

[Homer] "Woohooo!"

[Apu] "Excepting in de case in which your head is being removed from your shoulders. In the end, there can be being only one."

[Homer] "D'oh!"

The Springfielder
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