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15th-Mar-2012 06:18 pm Death Note/Loveless (probably rated R)
Title: "To Lose Your Ears" by Anonymous
Pairing: mainly Light/Matsuda but with mentions of L/Light and Light/Misa
Author on LJ: Unknown, as the anonymous author never outed themselves, at least not that I could find. Their single known fic is on both [ profile] dn_kink and on [ profile] dn_kink2, but comments can only be left on the new meme's copy, because the old meme is defunct.
Author Website: Unknown
Why this must be read:

Light/Matsuda is an uncommon pairing in the Death Note fandom, and it has rarely been done so beautifully and tragically as it's done in this fanfic. It is a great character study for both people in the main pairing, perfectly capturing Light's charisma, intelligence and insanity, and also perfectly capturing Matsuda's hero-worship, hopefulness, and naivety.

It's a crossover with Loveless, a manga/anime where everyone is born with cat ears and a tail, and loses them at the same time as losing their virginity. It is not important to be familiar with Loveless, since this fanfic uses only Death Note characters and the Loveless mechanics/setting, but it is important to have read/watched the second half of the Death Note manga/anime, because otherwise some things in this fanfic won't make sense.

To Lose Your Ears
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