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31st-Dec-2006 11:05 am Looks can be deceiving by JenCat (R)
This will be my last rec for Mutant X this month. I've had a lot of fun, and I hope you guys had too!

Fandom: MUTANT X
Character(s): all
Author's LJ: unknown
Author's website: unknown

This story is R rated for safety, copied from author's own rating. However, do not drink while reading this.

Looks can be deceiving is a fun loving fic, where the team is hanging around to unwind. Can't tell you more than that, don't want to spoil the twist.

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Looks can be Deceiving
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22nd-Dec-2006 11:28 pm In the beginning, man created a wig by Zael (G)
Fandom: MUTANT X
Character(s): Wig.
Author's LJ: [ profile] teh_socksor
Author's website: Wig and Socks and the City
Why this must be read:

Zael is a talented and funny writer.

This story is told by one of the wigs Mason Eckhart has to wear. I wouldn't have thought of that myself!

Read it, gives a lot of insight!

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In the Beginning, Man Created A Wig
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22nd-Dec-2006 06:09 pm Alternative Angel by Purenightshade (G)
Fandom: Mutant X
All, including an OC
Author on LJ: [ profile] purenightshade
Author website:
Why this must be read:

Purenightshade writes interesting stories. They're funny, witty and put a lot of thought in them.

Alternative Angel is set in either season 1 or 2 of Mutant X and it's practically about a tele-cyber Mutant and a friendship of Jesse and someone on the internet.

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Alternative Angel
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22nd-Dec-2006 05:36 pm Shining Star by Laily (G)
Fandom: MUTANT X
Brennan Mulwray, Jesse Kilmartin, Lexa Pierce, Shalimar Fox
Author on LJ:[ profile] nizlaili
Author Website: Profile
Why this must be read:

This is a brilliantly written AU of the episode "No Exit", one of my favourite Mutant X episodes. Also, it holds a lot of Jesse angst, and well it's just good to hurt Jesse sometimes!

Laily's Jesse and Brennan are fantastic and very in character.

Do Read This.. but beware, it has a Major Character's Death in it.

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Shining Star
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15th-Dec-2006 01:10 am Mad Scientist and Evil Henchmen Employment Agency by Amaltheia (G)

Fandom: MUTANT X
Character(s): Mason Eckhart
Author on LJ: [ profile] thedivinegoat
Author Website: The Shrine of the Divine Goat
Why this must be read:

This fic had me on the floor. Because it answers the question of how Mason Eckhart get his employees, replacements and what not.

Amaltheia has no problems at all with writing Mason Eckhart (can you see a pattern here? I love Mason) and the fic is believable.

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Mad Scientist and Evil Henchmen Employment Agency

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14th-Dec-2006 11:30 pm My Evil Twin Brother by Lonelywalker (G)
Fandom: MUTANT X
Character(s): Marcus and  Mason Eckhart
Author on LJ: [ profile] lonelywalker
Author Website: World on a Wire
Why this must be read:

[ profile] lonelywalker is active in many fandoms, and she all writes them so well. It was hard to choose a fic written by [ profile] lonelywalker as she's written a few. They're all focused on Mason, but this one tells us a little about his youth, and his brother.

It's always great to read insight in our favourite character's youth and persona. And [ profile] lonelywalker nails it everytime she does that.

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My Evil Twin Brother
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11th-Dec-2006 03:33 pm Not Fade Away by Chya (PG-13)
Fandom: MUTANT X
Characters: All
Author on LJ: [ profile] chya
Author website: Chya's fanfic page
Why this must be read:

[ profile] chya is a wonderful writer and writes well-balanced stories. She writes mostly about Jesse and this story has enough angst to live of!

Not Fade Away is such a story, it's an AU from a Mutant X episode (Power Play) and it deals with... "What if"

You see, in the episode, Jesse gets a whiff of gas that destabilizes his molecular structure when he phases. What if Brennan couldn't help Jesse pull himself together?

This story tells us about the fear the rest of the Mutant X team has, and there are also brilliant pieces of other characters describing Jesse's situation.

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Not Fade Away

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8th-Dec-2006 08:16 pm The Good Fight  by Glacis (NC-17)

Fandom: MUTANT X
Pairing: Jesse Kilmartin/Brennan Mulwray
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: Castle's Keep
Why this must be read:

How did the Mutant X team feel during the events of 3x01 "Into the moonless night"?

Glacis writes the event brilliantly, keeping the characters in character, you can actually hear their voices talk.

Jesse wanting to save everyone and find Adam, Shalimar and Brennan fighting the good fight.

Warning: Major character(s) death, mild kink.

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The Good Fight

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5th-Dec-2006 07:03 pm The Efficiency Expert by Drucilla (G)
Fandom: MUTANT X
Pairing: None
Author on LJ: [ profile] kittydesade 
Author Website: Kitty Space
Why this must be read:

I'm a big Mason Eckhart fan. I also like Jesse Kilmartin, but that's just when the droolbuckets are at the ready. People don't drool over Mason Eckhart, do they?

Anyway, we ALL know about Efficiency Experts at work. They want to make your job a nicer place. Give workshops in order to make you work better, make  you more intelligent at work (or appear to be more intelligent). Some Efficiency Experts do a song and dance routine when training you for something else (I am not kidding!).

So, what if an Efficiency Expert got hired over Mason's head for Genomex? What would Mason do?

This fic is the only fic I found written by Drucilla. Nowadays she's writing Kingdom Hospital, and just as good as I may add, and I wonder if she has more...

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The Efficiency Expert
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3rd-Dec-2006 08:48 pm Nor all your tears by Dark Mirage (PG-13)

Fandom: MUTANT X
Pairing: Mason Eckhart/OC, Jesse Kilmartin/Emma deLauro 
Author on LJ: [ profile] kincsem 
Author Website: Matters Masonesque & More
Why this must be read:

Dark Mirage is known in the Mutant X fandom for her love for the character Mason Eckhart. She’s been praised over and over again for writing Mason fanfiction so convincingly, because she knows him. She knows what moves him, what makes him tick. She’s also been accused of forcing her Mason onto other fans, but I see little difference in CANON Mason and her AU Mason.

Nor All Your Tears is a wonderful, lengthy and brilliant piece, and it has everything you want when reading fanfiction. Humor, drama, good characterisation… Dark Mirage almost makes you forget it’s not canon, but a Mason based on the canon facts of the now gone faux Mutant X websites and logical thinking. Due to Dark Mirage’s background in science, all the science in this piece seems to fit. It sounds logical. She balances the well-known characters of the Mutant X universe perfectly with her original characters.

Dark Mirage writes everyone as three-dimensional human beings. Of course, there are actions in this piece that will even startle, if not scare the hell out of, die-hard Jesse/Adam/Emma fans. There’s feeling in this piece, not just platonic mention of the emotion, but you can feel it.

Nor All Your Tears is part of Dark Mirage’s ‘Impure stories’, simply put as the life of Mason Grey Eckhart. She explains it herself perfectly here

It’s been 4 years after the flooding of Sanctuary. Jesse and Emma now work for Mason and Genomex. Shalimar has 3 Martial Arts studios and Brennan is in prison, just like Adam Kane. New Mutants have escaped the Underground and started to live above grounds, and Genomex only captures the New Mutants gone awry. Mason Eckhart built St. Katherine’s, a hospital on the Genomex site, specially for curing New Mutants from deceases, and stop them from falling apart.

And then everything is falling apart.

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Nor All Your Tears

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1st-Dec-2006 09:43 am Mutant X overview

I am Adam Kane
I was a pioneer at genetic research
manipulating DNA to save human lives
but in many, their genes unexpectantly mutated
they developed super-human abilities
Together with the four most powerful
I fight to protect the world
that doesn't even know we exist.

We are, Mutant X

Creation can have it's side effects. )

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