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15th-Jan-2009 12:32 pm Due South/Men With Guns (PG-13)
Title: Out from Under
Author on LJ: [ profile] brigantine1
Pairing: Ray Kowalski/Benton Fraser (Mamet/Benton Fraser)
Length: +/- 17777 words
Author Website: Brig's memories
Why this must be read: Men With Guns' drug-addled Mamet is one of my favorite -- and one of the most heartbreaking -- characters in the CKR lineup of Beautiful and Dented. And in Out from Under, [ profile] brigantine1 pulls off an amazing trick: convincingly casting Ray Kowalski as Mamet. That alone is enough to tug the heartstrings but good, but then brig sends Fraser in to try and save him. Oh, Fraser. His clear-eyed understanding and willful optimism in the face of despair are especially painful and lovely in this world. Plus, brig manages to capture and expand on Men With Guns' urban small-time criminal milieu in a wonderfully satisfying and engrossing way. The ending isn't quite as strong as the rest of the fic, but that's mainly because the rest of the fic is so very damn good.

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Out from Under
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