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15th-Aug-2012 11:10 am AVENGERS/SESAME STREET
Title: It Starts Out Like an A-Word (As Anyone Can See) by Amy (G)
Pairing: none; gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] fox1013
Author Website: at AO3
Why this must be read:


The Avengers come to Sesame Street to help rebuild after the battle with the Chitauri. Steve and Elmo! Natasha and Big Bird! Thor and the Count! If for some reason, that is not enough for you, read it because it is absolutely true to all the characters - sweet and funny and poignant. If you are a crier, you might want to have tissues handy; if not, it will make you achy in the chestal area for sure.

a brief excerpt:

Mr. Thor is teaching Abby and Zoe how to use tools so they can help fix the flower boxes that fell from windowsills, even though his hammer is much bigger than theirs are. Mr. Clint is helping Big Bird rebuild his nest, and Mr. Bruce is sitting in a corner fixing the electric blanket. Miss Natasha is trying to help fix Oscar's trash can, and even though he keeps yelling at her she just smiles like she deals with this all the time and says she's used to dealing with cranky green men, which makes Mr. Bruce smile a little when he hears it. Elmo's pretty impressed with Miss Natasha for that, because it took him a long time to understand how to handle Oscar. But he's the most impressed with Mr. Steve, who just smiles and listens and helps everyone with whatever they need. Elmo is pretty sure he wants to be Mr. Steve when he grows up.

You and me both, Elmo.

It Starts Out Like an A-Word (As Anyone Can See) by [ profile] fox1013

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