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15th-Oct-2008 06:10 pm Drake’s Venture/The Sweeney (NC-17)
Title by Author: Playing Games by Alinewrites
Pairing: Thomas/Francis
Length: 4 part series
Author on LJ: [ profile] alinewrites 
Author Website: Index of Aline’s DV fic on LJ
Why this must be read: There have been plenty of DV crossover stories, but the most tempting targets are Blakes 7 (playing on Paul Darrow’s role as Avon) or The Sweeney (with John Thaw as D.I.Jack Regan). This is my personal favorite. Our hero is D.I. Frank Drake, substituting one John Thaw role for another – but the story is set in the Sweeneyverse, including other Sweeney favorites like George Carter. In the story, Drake goes undercover to solve a series of bdsm murders – a hot premise if I ever heard one – and he enlists the help of an old lover – who else – Thomas Doughty.

“We’ll go undercover. I’ll take so many precautions that even you will think you’re someone else.”

Untying the knots around Doughty’s wrists he added lightly, “Of course if you’re too scared…”

“Emotional blackmail doesn’t work,” Doughty said, wiping himself up with his ruined shirt before going to a closet, pulling out clean ironed clothes. He took his time dressing up. Clean shirt, new tie, a suit as sophisticated and well cut as the first one. “You want to use me as bait.”

“No,” Frank said. “Cross my heart; I wouldn’t risk you.”

“They’ll ask you to display your skills as a top,” he said. “I’ll be expected to play your sub. I know how they work.”

I can’t ask him that, Frank thought. Not after what I did to him before. Then he remembered the photographs and hardened himself. “Three men died; who will be the fourth, do you think?”

Part 1: Sex Crimes

Part 2: Dangerous Acquaintances

Part 3: Beauty and the Beast

Part 4: Rescue
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