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15th-Apr-2011 12:32 pm Misdiagnosis by Juli
Pairing: Jim/Blair Steve/Jesse
Length: 71970 words
Author on LJ: not known
Author Website:
Why this must be read: - This is actually a sequel to a much shorter story, Comparative Analysis, where Jim Ellison and Steve Sloan meet again, having known each other some years previously. In Misdiagnosis, Steve and Jesse Travis come to visit Jim and Blair; Jim and Jesse go surfing and are kidnapped.

When I first read this story, I'd never seen Diagnosis Murder, and the story got me interested enough in those characters that I began watching it. That hasn't happened in any other crossover I've read where I didn't know one set of characters.

Ostensibly a kidnap-rescue case story, there are a lot of nuances in Misdiagnosis. It's not just sentinels who are territorial! There are other sentinels, another guide and loads of hurt-comfort... A good solid read.


Comparative Analysis is at

Comparative Analysis
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