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15th-Apr-2008 07:03 pm NUMB3RS/Medium (PG13)
Title: Go-Cart Charlie by Red Soprano
Pairing: Don, Charlie, Alan, Allison
Author on LJ: N/A
Author Website: Red Soprano’s NUMB3RS Fanfiction
Why this must be read: One of the first Gen Numb3rs crossovers I’d ever read, and if it hadn’t been nominated at Numb3rs Awards I would have missed it. The author is right when she says in her notes that this is a story about the Eppes men as seen through Allison’s eyes. Just like the series, there’s some action/adventure mixed in with the family stuff.

"Alan says Charlie just doesn't like wearing his helmet, but I think he would if he were reminded. Did I mention to you that he's a little absent-minded?" The woman's eyes misted with sudden tears. "Someone wants to hurt my son. Why on earth would they want to hurt him? Please warn my husband. It would kill Alan to lose Charlie, too."

Allison reached across the table to take her hand and reassure her, but in that instant, she was gone.

"Wait! Dammit! An address would be nice!" Allison dropped her head in her hands in weary frustration.

"Charlie. No last name, but he crashes go-carts." She got up and retrieved the laptop computer from the counter. "Okay, I can do this. Just how many Go-cart Charlies can there be in the L.A. area?"

Go-Cart Charlie
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