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15th-May-2011 10:02 pm Death Note/Boy's Next Door (Kaori Yuki) (PG-13?)
Hi, I'm reccing Death Note this month. I got held up by various things, hence starting halfway through. My first rec is a crossover for Crack-Van Collision.

Title: Trace on a Data Back-Road
Pairing: Gen - Mello, Lawrence, Dallas
Length: 1321 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] allira_dream
Author Website: [ profile] intentationem (fic comm) and their account on Archive of Our Own
Why this must be read:
This fic provides nice characterisation of a young Mello as he makes his initials moves toward building a power base. The author has a clear grasp on the rage held just below the surface, and how Lawr would remind Mello of his Near-issues. (For reference, here's the wiki article on Boy's Next Door.)

Trace on a Data Back-Road (lj)

And the AO3 link.
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