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15th-Dec-2013 08:41 am SUITS/LEVERAGE (K+/General Audiences)
Title: Package Deal by Aurum
Pairing: Harvey/Mike, Eliot/Hardison
Length: 7,571
Author on LJ: not that I know of
Author Website: profile, AO3 profile

Why this must be read: Finding good Suits crossovers is a hard task. That said, I was amazed at how this fic didn't transplant Harvey and Mike into another fandom's environment without them interacting with it, or write them in a crossover that could feature any characters from any fandom. In this fic, Mike needs Hardison's help to hack into a Harvard alumni database (something maybe Mike really could use in the show right now). Hardison and Eliot don't feel out of place in Suits' New York in all, and this story could easily take place between any episode of Leverage.

"Mike, my man!" says the hugger, patting him on his back with rather more force than necessary. "Long time no see. Looking sharp!"

"Yeah," Mike responds weakly, trying to catch his breath. He smiles as soon as he's released from the embrace. "Thanks so much for coming to see me, Alec."

"Sure, man. Just let me get a coffee, I'm still half-asleep."

Mike remembers the time when he could afford to be half-asleep at noon with a certain amount of longing. He goes to find them a table in a secluded corner. Hardison joins him after a few minutes, holding a plastic cup filled mostly with whipped cream.

"You want to catch up first, or straight to business?"

"I... kind of have to be back at work soon. Sorry."

Alec waves a hand. "No problem. I managed to get two weeks of vacation, so we'll have time for that later. What do you need?"

"I need a hacker," says Mike.

The other man smiles widely and sprawls back in his chair. "Then you're lucky. You've got the best there is."

Package Deal:, AO3
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15th-May-2013 03:33 pm Press Zero for Assistance by sarcasticsra (G)
Crossover fanfiction is difficult to write well, so I tend to be pretty choosy about reading them unless someone has already recommended them. Well, it’s my turn to recommend, and I realized that I really couldn’t think of any Avengers crossovers that hadn’t already been recommended here or elsewhere. I freely admit to inputting some search terms on the AO3 and just trawling through looking for anything interesting to read. I’m glad I did, because I found several excellent stories…and a few series I’ll need to keep an eye on. But this one was especially fun:

Fandom: Avengers movie!verse/Person of Interest/NCIS/Criminal Minds/Leverage
Pairing: None (gen, although the author tags this as "implied relationships". I interpreted this as "slash goggles optional")
Length: 3,245
Author on LJ: None that I could find.
Author on DW:[personal profile] scripted-sra
Author Website: sarcasticsra on AO3

Author’s Summary: Five computer geniuses and their asskicking counterparts get locked in a room...

Why this must be read: Because it’s absolutely hilarious. Because the characterizations are spot-on to the point that I could hear each actor’s voice in my mind as I read their dialogue. Because it’s indulgence of the best kind: wanting to see the way these characters would interact with each other.
Because the brain/brawn relationship is a tried and true classic, and the best examples make it new and wonderful all over again.

Press Zero for Assistance on AO3
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15th-Sep-2012 10:19 pm The Prince's New Clothes aka The Camelot Job by oxoniensis
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin
Length: 6,265 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] oxoniensis
Author Website: AO3 / website
Why this must be read:

The idea of the Leverage team pulling the classic Emperor's New Clothes con on Uther Pendragon is downright irresistible, and oxoniensis does a great job writing it. The reasoning behind the crossover is handwaved away, but watching Merlin waver between suspicious and horribly turned on due to Arthur's oblivious nakedness is hilarious.

Arthur makes Merlin hang around while he's measured. It's pointless, as there are more than enough of them, and they're all far too well coordinated to need Merlin's help. So he leans against the wall, trying to stay out of the way, and most especially trying not to catch the eye of the blonde woman who keeps sneaking looks at him, almost as though she knows him. Or knows something about him. It's weird. Though possibly not as weird as the way the tall one, Master Hardison, keeps winking at him, as though they have a shared secret.

He also thinks it's a little odd that they don't have any fabric bolts, or any sample garments with them, but perhaps that's the way with royal tailors. Merlin wouldn't know.

The Prince's New Clothes aka The Camelot Job
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15th-Jun-2012 01:04 am Leverage/The Hunger Games (Mature)
Title: Apparent ('Homesick' Re-dub)
Pairing: pre-Cinna/Alec Hardison
Author on LJ: [ profile] hegemony
Author Website: Her AO3 page
Why this must be read:

Despite loving both fandoms, I would never have said, "I know! A Leverage/HG xover!" But more than just coming up with the idea, this author makes both fan texts just a little something MORE by bringing them together. The underlying theme here is loss, and moving on from loss, creating ourselves anew from it, and Cinna's POV is fresh and interesting, his insight in Alec particularly telling for an audience who has always seen Alec with his team. It's just really, damn, good.

Excerpt: )

Apparent ('Homesick' re-dub)
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17th-Dec-2011 11:30 am Born for Adversity by katiekins22 (R)
Fandom: INCEPTION / LEVERAGE (end of S3)
Pairing: Gen - if you squint hard you might see relationship possibilities
Length: ~ 3274 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] katiekins22
Author Website: Fic Tag on LJ - mostly Leverage fic
Why this must be read: I've been a Leverage fan from the beginning and I love the concept of Arthur as the potential brother of so many fandom bad-ass guys! Eliot Spencer is a retrieval specialist, military-trained, and can fight his way out of anything ... but he doesn't like guns, and typically takes the first opportunity to disarm anyone using one. But what about when it's his little brother that he hasn't seen for ten years? (Arthur might be a little ticked off about that fact ... and about Eliot missing Arthur's high school graduation.)

What you get is a stand-off extra-ordinaire that quickly turns into a knock-down drag-out with Arthur's team looking on (and Eames trying to get in a shot.) But family is family no matter what they've done, and Arthur's not about to let Eames shoot his big brother. If anyone's going to shoot Eliot, Arthur will do it himself!

It's always interesting seeing the characters from one fandom through the eyes of another. (Eliot identifies Eames as ex-SAS because of his distinctive stance, of course.) It's the little details like that which make the story for me. Plus I've always liked stories where one character is trying to protect/help the other who clearly doesn't need or appreciate the concern. Much like the last rec, this story's all about family. For guys who've made their teams their families (at least in fanon for Inception), it's interesting to see what they do when actually confronted with flesh-and-blood family.

*Familiarity with either fandom should be enough to make this enjoyable.

It’s been awhile since Eliot saw his little brother. Staring down the barrel of Arthur’s gun was not exactly how he’d hoped a reunion might happen, but he has to admit the odds had been better than even. )

On LJ: Born for Adversity

It doesn't matter how old or new or (how popular) a story is, authors love feedback!
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16th-May-2011 02:18 am White Collar/Leverage (R)
Hey there! Sorry for the late start to my second White Collar rec set -- RL obligations, computer problems, blah blah blah. I shall endeavor to make up for lost time. And so, on to the fic!

Title: Professional Contacts by [ profile] china_shop
Pairing: Neal Caffrey/Alec Hardison
Length: ~2,300 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] china_shop
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Yes, I'm repeating myself and pimping another White Collar/Leverage crossover. However, while the last one was giddy gen farce, this manages to combine acute characterization with some super hot action between the finest (in terms of both skills and looks) hacker and forger you're likely to meet.
Alec Hardison was a potent reminder that it was possible to be a good guy on the shady side of the law. )

“Professional Contacts” on Livejournal and Dreamwidth.
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15th-May-2011 06:57 pm The Boyfriend Job by James (Teen and up)
Pairing: Steve McGarrett/Danny Williams
Length: 2,038 words
Author on LJ: I don't know
Author Website: His fic on AO3
Why this must be read:

Yay! It's Crack Van Collisions! We have comparatively few crossovers in this fandom, but there are a few very good ones, and the one below is my pick, both because it's a personal favorite and because it somehow stays true to the atmosphere of both shows in a very fun way.

So this one's a crossover with Leverage, and not just any crossover! It has Elliot Spencer dropping by. How could any Leverage fan resist? Watch Elliot flirt, everyone else simmer, and Steve lose his freaking mind as Danny banters and flirts with a charming handsome ex-military badass that's not Steve.

Read, laugh, enjoy!

The Boyfriend Job

If you liked it, don't forget to leave the author some comment love!
(or even just a kudos)
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15th-May-2011 05:02 pm Hitter, Hacker, Grifter, Thief and Recon Marine - KahtyaSofia (PG)
Pairing: Brad/Nate
Length: 1,801 / 3,192
Author on LJ: [ profile] kahtyasofia
Author Website: Kahtya Sofia on AO3
Why this must be read:

I fell in love with the Leverage crew after I read this. It takes a damned good writer to suck you into a fandom you had no intention of even glancing at. The voices are perfect, the settings are true to the shows, and the situations made me snort out laughter helplessly at work. I can't help but adore a story that does that, and pass it on.

Author's Words

"I'm telling you, Hardison, we got trouble. This guy's a Recon Marine."

Hitter, Hacker. Grifter, Thief and Recon Marine


Hitter, Hacker, Thief and Devil Dogs
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15th-Sep-2010 09:58 pm Leverage/White Collar
Title: I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)
Pairing: Gen; references to Neal/Parker and canon pairings
Length: ~7,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] fiercelydreamed
Author Website: Playing God in Other People’s Sandboxes
Why this must be read:

I have a confession to make [ignores the frantic shushing from all but two of this story's characters]: I have never watched an episode of Leverage. This fic, though, makes me want to borrow the DVDs and get better acquainted with the crew, and I imagine Leverage fans meeting Neal Caffrey and the Burkes for the first time will have similar intentions re: White Collar. And if you're not a fan of either show, read this anyway because it's hilarious:
Caffrey is grinning like this is the funniest thing that has happened to him all week. "We know each other's alleged work."

Parker snorts. "We've stolen each other's alleged work." She pauses. "Plus there was that one time we had sex in an air duct," she adds, circling a hand absentmindedly.

Alec can actually hear Eliot choke on his tongue. Parker gives him a withering look. "We were bored. The security guard was taking forever to leave." She shifts the look to Nate, who appears to be honest-to-god tearing at his hair in frustration, and waves the knife incoherently from him to where Sophie is behind the shelves, trying not to suffocate from silent hysterics. "What, you think you're the only one whose professional rivalry gets to turn all sexy?"

The grin falls right off Sophie's face, leaving behind that oh no they didn't face that means they're in for a diva-caliber hissy fit later. Caffrey winces, almost imperceptibly; apparently even world-class con artists have TMI thresholds.

"I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal (and I Just Don't Get Any Respect)," on Dreamwidth and the Archive of Our Own.
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23rd-Aug-2010 09:31 pm LEVERAGE/IRON MAN (G)
If you're familiar with Crack Van, then you know the crossover recs (Crack Van Collisions) are posted on the 15th. If you've checked the calendar, then you know this is the 23rd. However, if you've taken Intro to Calculus, then you also know that 15 is equal to 23 for large values of 15 and small values of 23, so there's no problem, right? (Also, I got permission from the mod to post this one late. After all, fandom does not run on math alone.)

Title: Nerds of the Earth, take note!
Pairing: Gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] emeraldwoman and [ profile] brown_betty
Author Website: Betty's works on AO3, Emeraldwoman's works on AO3.
Why this must be read: It's a cool caper story where Alec Hardison and Tony Stark fight JARVIS' evil twin, the Black Widow and Eliot Spencer have a cagematch sans cage, and Nate Ford and Nick Fury compete for the title of Mister Mastermind, all told in a delightful Alec-voice. Also: Agent Coulson's secret super-power, revealed!

Link: Nerds of the Earth, take note!
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25th-Oct-2009 08:13 pm I Love a Man in Uniform by Sam
Pairing: Nate/Eliot but more a character piece
Length: One-shot
Author on LJ: [profile] hawk_dancing
Author Website: Author Profile on WWOMB
Why this must be read:I just love fics that show Eliot as more than just a muscle-head. And he is. Don't get me wrong, the show makes sure we know there's more to each of their characters than their thieving skills. (Well, except Parker. She's special like that. But she is learning - slowly - that stabbing people with forks does not endear you to them.) And [profile] hawk_dancing is one of my favourite authors too, which is why she's got a second rec here.

I Love a Man in Uniform
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25th-Oct-2009 08:03 pm Shake Your Head, Raise Your Fist by squeakyfingers (PG-13)

Pairing: Nate/Sophie
Length: Short
Author on LJ: [ profile] csiallie
Author Website:
Why this must be read: It's a lovely look into how Sophie views Nate, now and before events conspired to make him the man he is today.

Shake Your Head, Raise Your Fist
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25th-Oct-2009 07:45 pm Personally Involved by Twig (PG-13)
Okay, so I've been a little remiss with my recs. To be very blunt, life has pitched a fit and has left me very little free time, so I'm hoping to discharge my obligation (mostly) over the next couple of evenings. So, without further ado, I give you:

Pairing: Nate/Eliot
Length: Short
Author on LJ: Not on LJ so far as I know
Author Website:
Why this must be read: I love Sophie in this, her knowing amusement, and the argument between the boys is so very in character. It's set early in the first season, so Nate's reminder to Eliot that they aren't friends is so very fitting, whatever happens after.

Personally Involved
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17th-Oct-2009 05:31 pm Leverage/Psych
Title: The One that Got Away by Goody
Pairing: None/Eliot/Hardison if you squint
Author on LJ: Not that I can find
Why this must be read:

I love this fic because I think Eliot and Shawn as cousins would either be perfect or the perfect storm...

What's not to love? Eliot and Hardison getting into and out of trouble in practically the same instant; Shawn being Shawn; Lassiter getting the wool pulled over his eyes again. And it works. Because they're both short. Obviously a Spencer trait XD

And Gus realising who the guy is is so perfectly Gus while Shawn's trust in his cousin despite knowing what he does is a beautiful thing.

The One that Got Away by Goody

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4th-Oct-2009 08:42 pm Happy Pills by Sam (PG-13)
Pairing: Hardison/Parker/Eliot
Length: Drabble
Author on LJ: [profile] hawk_dancing
Author Website: Author profile on WWOMB
Why this must be read: Because this could so easily follow on from the end of 'The 12 Step Job'. Because it's wonderful and adorable and ouchy all at the same time. Because of the tiny details packed into such a short fic. Just because.

Happy Pills by Sam

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4th-Oct-2009 01:26 pm The Good Day Job by moonchildfic
Pairing: Nathan Ford/Eliot Spencer
Length: One-shot
Author on LJ: [ profile] moonchildfic
Author Website: BlackKingWhiteKnight 'verse
Why this must be read: So I'm putting this as a must read because it was gifted to me for the [ profile] leveragexchange and I just adore it. [ profile] moonchildfic writes the wonderful Black King/White Knight 'verse, which this almost-but-not-quite slots into. It's a look at Nate and Eliot's first anniversary, and the trials and tribulations of the day. And I must say thanks again to [ profile] moonchildfic for such an awesome fic :-D

So, without futher ado, I give youThe Good Day Job
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3rd-Oct-2009 12:38 pm Five Times Sophie went Shopping by ijemanja (gen, teen)
Hi, I'm [ profile] medjai_trowa and I'm driving the small-fandoms crack_van for Leverage this month. I'm hoping to bring you a nice mix of recs, from G right through to the upper ratings, with a variety of pairings and some Gen fic. Those who know me know that I'm not a fan of a certain character, but some people I know write wonderful versions of them, so never fear, all characters will get a fair go at being recced.

(Is now a bad time to mention I got driving tuition from NCIS's Ziva? XD)

Pairing: None
Length: 1580 words according to the author
Author on LJ: [ profile] ijemaja
Why this must be read: This fic is a lovely view of the rest of the team from Sophie's point of view through one of her favourite activities - shopping. The relationships are shown in a greatlight and it's one of my favourite "5 things/times" fics.

Five Times Sophie Went Shopping
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3rd-Oct-2009 11:17 am Leverage: Fandom Overview
Leverage is a show that turns your normal perception of right and wrong on its head. Yes, the crew help the downtrodden, but they often do it by illegal means. "We provide Leverage," says Nathan Ford, and he means that, by hook or by crook (four of 'em), fair means or foul, they will get the compensation or payback that people deserve, whether the courts are on their side or not.

On to the con... )
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