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31st-Dec-2010 09:23 pm Artie's Rules by Shorty McGee (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Team
Length: 16,000 in 12 chapters
Author's site:

Why this must be read:
My last rec for the year. ): Good bye 2010. Hullo 2011!
Artie starts writing a list of rules that unfortunately everybody else hijacks and adds their own rules to. This sweet little fic plays on the family feeling of warehouse 13 and does it very well. If you don't start laughing within the first couple lines you may have a problem. :)
Happy New Year!

"Artie took of his glasses and rested his hand in his hands. Claudia used Volta's lab coat just because she wanted to change a light bulb that was flickering and got stuck near the ceiling. The whole episode caused havoc in the Warehouse. Artie couldn't count the times that he had told her not to touch whatever artifact that hit her fancy. He took a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote something down and taped it to the door leading into his office.

"Just because you can use it, doesn't mean you should.

Pete came down the stairs leading to Artie's office. He was supposed to be helping with inventory today. He hated inventory. He was about to open the door to the optical scanner, when he saw a paper on the door and read. The first one was obviously meant for Claudia, but the second was in Myka's precise handwriting.

"If you don't know what it can do, don't touch it...."

Artie's Rules by Shorty McGee
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31st-Dec-2010 07:44 pm Amplification by Ficlit78 (R)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Myka/Pete
Length: LONG
Author's site:

Why this must be read:

Well it's long. Very very long. 30 chapters to be exact. It's also really really good.  Ficlit78 has created an amazing story. AMAZING. The emotional roller coaster will have you one moment laughing and the next crying. Give your self plenty of time to read this story as it will suck you in and not let go.


"What do you mean, ow? How is that ow?"

"Don't you question my ows! I'll ow if I want to. That hurt!"

"Don't be a baby."

"Don't be a jerk."

"Claudia saw it. Claw, back me up here."

"Your airplanes are mighty and strong, Pete. She might be concussed."

"Concussed, my eye. You chicks and your wagon circling."

"We're not circling! You just happen to be a stupid boy."

Amplification by Ficlit78
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30th-Dec-2010 11:12 pm Secrets to be Kept by Sunnyrea
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Team
Length: 1512
Author on LJ: [ profile] sunnyrea[ profile] littlenotebook 

Why this must be read:

It's Artie's big bad secret! Artie irks me with his secrecy. I understand he want to protect his team but come on! Give them a little info once and a while? They are adults. They might be able to deal with the big bad world out there.

Everyone has secrets, Myka knows this. Sure it bothers her about how many secrets Artie keeps from them; how he shuts them all out... She hadn't meant to find out about his father but she did.

Secrets to be Kept by Sunnyrea on AO3
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30th-Dec-2010 06:00 pm Meeting Pete by Anonymous (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Myka H.G.Wells
Length: 282

Why this must be read:

Yuletide had a lot of amazing fics this year and this is easily one of the cuter ones for Warehouse 13.
Helena finds an unexpected visitor in her room. Myka rescues her. You'll be going awwww... 30 words in.

Meeting Pete by Anonymous on AO3
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30th-Dec-2010 01:49 am Music Video: Your Invitation To Endless Wonder by Jesuit24
Vidder: Jesuit24
Musical artist:Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
Pairing: Team
Vidder's website: Youtube

Why this vid kicks ass:
I love this vid. Jesuit24 has created a lighthearted look at the amazingness that is Warehouse 13. Make sure you check out the rest of their vids. Each one is a masterpiece in its own right.
You may need to crank up the sound as it is a little quiet for me.

Your Invitation To Endless Wonder by Jesuit24
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28th-Dec-2010 07:08 pm The Beginning of Something by HopefulNebula (PG-13)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Myka/H.G.Wells
Length: 4192
Author on LJ: [ profile] hopefulnebula 

Why this must be read:

Myka/H.G is almost canon and I know a lot of people were ticked off when H.G went evil again.
This lighthearted look at the beginning of H.G. and Myka's relationship is a must read for anybody who was hoping for more in the show. As HopefulNebula says herself, this story is canon compliant and it shows.

The Beginning of Something by HopefulNebula

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27th-Dec-2010 11:32 pm Dead Wrong by Abbysiuta (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Team
Author on LJ: [ profile] abbysiuta 

Why this must be read:

Pete introduces Claudia to one of his favourite bands and true to form the Warehouse crushes his fondest memories. I just love how in this fandom everything in the world can be traced back to an artifact. Nothing is sacred.

"Unbelievable! Especially for you of all people!” Pete exclaimed as he sat on the couch at the B&B and pointed his index finger at Claudia. “You, who can quote every word ever said or spoken by David Bowie, and whose MP3 player is chock full of classic rock rebels, does not like the Grateful Dead?”

Dead Wrong by Abbysiuta
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26th-Dec-2010 11:25 pm Missing by Luna_dove (PG-13)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Artie/Claudia
Length: 10 parts. Fairly long.
Author on LJ: [ profile] luna_dove 

Why this must be read:

I usally don't read Artie/Claudia for one simple reason. He's old enough to be her Dad! Ew ew ew...
This one however, blows past all my prejudices against May/December relationships. Luna_Dove has written a lovely story dealing with kidnappings, angst, and loyalty. Her Claudia is possibly one of my favourite out there.

"What happened?" She asked, staring from Pete to Myka, who were still glaring at each other.


"Claudia." Pete knelt down next to her, like she was some damn child. She could feel her chest raising and falling faster and faster as she anticipated the next words that came out of Pete's mouth.


"Artie's gone."

Missing by Luna_dove
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25th-Dec-2010 11:35 pm Five Places Claudia Donovan Never Called Home by minkhollow (G)
Fandom: Warehouse 13/Eureka/Sneakers/,Iron Man/Percy Jackson and the Olympians/Doctor Who
Length: 3554
Author on LJ: [ profile] minkhollow 

Why this must be read:
Minkhollow is a master at crossovers. In this fic you discover 4 places that Claudia never lived and 1 place she didn't go after the season 1 finale. Each AU is a perfect little world unto its self. Minkhollow also has Claudia describe The Doctor as Unfortunate Bow Tie Dude. If that doesn't make you want to read this then really, there's no hope. :)

Five Places Claudia Donovan Never Called Home by minkhollow on AO3.

FYI: AO3 is a little slow this holiday season due to increased traffic. Hit refresh a couple times if it crashes. That usually does the trick.
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24th-Dec-2010 08:35 pm Twas the Night Before Christmas at Warehouse 13 By InuGhost2.0
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Length: 443
Author's Web Site:

Why this must be read:

There's one of these in every fandom. Sometimes they are written in a traditional fashion. Sometimes they take on elements from the show. I think Warehouse 13 is possibly the best fandom ever that could be mixed with The Night Before Christmas. Of course Santa has an artifact. It explains so much! :)

Happy Holidays everybody!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the bed and breakfast, not a creature was stirring…except Pete who was hiding Myka's necklace.

The agents' stockings were hung by the chimney with care, so anyone breaking and entering would pass out due to a lack of clean air.

Twas the Night Before Christmas at Warehouse 13  By InuGhost2.0

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23rd-Dec-2010 08:53 pm Slight of Hand by Shinealightonme (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13/SG-1
Pairing: Mrs. Frederic, Vala Mal Doran
Length: 734
Author on LJ: [ profile] shinealightonme 

Why this must be read:

Vala meets Mrs. Fredric in a bar. Mrs Frederic does her disappearing act. Vala is amazed.
Short, simple, and funny. Perfect for a little light holiday reading. :) 

"Oh, but little umbrellas make better everything that can be made better. And alcohol is for everything else."

Slight of Hand by Shinealightonme
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21st-Dec-2010 11:54 pm Aftershock by Milena D (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Artie, Claudia (Father Daughter)
Length: 4 Chapters each about 1300.
Author on LJ:

Why this must be read:
I love the relationship between Claudia and Artie in the show and Milena D has captured it perfectly in this fic.Perfectly. If my Daddio wasn't so amazing himself I'd trade him in a heart beat for the Artie in this story.

"Claudia let out a disgruntled sigh and tapped her foot rhythmically on the ground. Already frustrated with the situation, she became even more irate when her displays of annoyance went unheeded by her companion. He was dozing. Dozing. Claudia’s eyes narrowed and she let her left foot slip rather forcefully to the side to kick him."

Aftershock by Milena D Part 1.
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19th-Dec-2010 11:30 pm Pet Rock Paradise by Regent Ella (Ellalah) [PG]
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Length:  1596
Pairings: Myka/Pete
Author on LiveJournal: Might be [ profile] ella_in_spades ?
Web site: AO3

Why this must be read:
50 Sentences based on 50 Prompts. This is a quick adorable fic all about Pete and Myka's relationship.
Running the gauntlet from funny to downright sad there's a little bit of everything in here.
My favourite is number 32.

32. Noise – Pete the Ferret has this really cute snore that Myka kind of adores, but Pete the Human snores too, and it’s definitely cuter.

Pet Rock Paradise by Regent Ella on Archive of Our Own.
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18th-Dec-2010 11:50 pm More Hands On by Physicslinguist (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Length:  7396 in two parts
Pairings: Benedict Valda along with the rest of the warehouse crew.
Authoron LiveJournal: [info]physicslinguist

Why this must be read:
Because it's all about Benedict Valda of course!  And considering how much of him we see on the show, we really don't know all that much about him.  He's British, short, and sexy. That's about it really. He's practically crying out for further character development.
Physicslinguist has written an excellent take on his background and really fleshed out Valda's character.

"Seventeen-year-old Benedict Valda sat contemplating his computer screen.  On it, dialog box waiting for the ‘Enter’ key, was the letter of declination he’d been about to print when his father called him downstairs.  He’d gotten his acceptance letter from the American-based University of Chicago earlier in the week, and he had intended to decline in favor of Oxford, full scholarship or not.  But after that conversation, he was seriously reconsidering attending out of the country."

More Hands On by Physicslinguist
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17th-Dec-2010 11:34 pm Family Holiday by Madam Crim
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Team
Length: 420
Author Website:

Why this must be read:

The holidays are coming and we all know that means. Family. This adorable fic  written from the point of view of Pete the ferret explores the family dynamics within the warehouse 13 team.

"There we were. It was the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas, don't ask for the exact date, and let it be known that it is damn cold in South Dakota in the winter.

I was curled up on the rug on the hearth near the fire in the grate. Myka, Pete, and Claudia were all on the couch, the girl leaning on Myka's shoulder with her legs across Pete's lap. She seemed so much smaller in that moment, like a young girl snuggling with her parents.

And that's what started this whole wheel turning. We all turned to look as the door opened revealing Artie and Joshua and letting in the cold. The door closed behind them and I returned to my curled up position, and my thoughts."

Family Holiday by Madam Crim

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16th-Dec-2010 10:56 pm Music Video: Disturbia by MilenaDaniels
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Musical artist: Rihanna  
Pairing: Team
Vidder's website:  Youtube

Why this vid kicks ass:
This song was actually featured in the show's premiere so its kind of fitting that this season one over cap is set to it. MilenaDaniels takes music and voice overs and mixes them together to create a truly spooky look at the warehouse.

Disturbia by MilenaDaniels
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15th-Dec-2010 11:51 pm Ascension at Dusk by Geonn (Adult)
Pairing: Helen/Nikola/HG Wells
Length: 2,631 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] geonncannon
Author Website: Geonn @, Fic Tag
Why this must be read: Remember when HG Wells says she met Nikola Tesla at the 1893 World Fair? Geonn takes that line and runs with it, giving us a wonderfully well written and smoking hot fic about what happens when Nikola introduces his new acquaintance to Helen. Oh, Nikola and his little plans, grrr. I'm not into Warehouse 13, but I absolutely adore HG and wow, she fits into Helen's past perfectly. I'd love to see her character on Sanctuary, but since that's not going to happen, I'll settle for the occasional fic. I also love how Geonn uses historical details such as the Ferris Wheel at the World Fair and the real Nikola's celibacy.

Ascension at Dusk
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15th-Dec-2010 08:55 pm Music Video: Here to say I'm sorry by xXConstantDreamerXx
Vidder:  xXConstantDreamerXx
Musical artist: State of Shock
Pairing: Claudia/Duke
Vidder's website:  Youtube

Why this vid kicks ass:
I still have a cold lurking in the back of my head so it's another vid for today.
ConstantDreamer has an amazing talent at mixing two different shows together. Claudia actually looks like she's talking to Duke in these scenes. My little sister who hasn't seen the second season of Warehouse 13 yet thought that Duke was a new addition to the cast.  Prepare to be amazed it's just that good..

Here to say I'm sorry by xXConstantDreamerXx
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14th-Dec-2010 06:53 pm Music Video: Fallin' Apart by WillieSlaterM
Vidder: WillieSlaterM
Musical artist:All American Rejects
Pairing: Myka/Pete
Vidder's website: Youtube

Why this vid kicks ass:
When you've got a nasty cold nothing is better than curling up with your favourite TV show and a cup of tea. But if that show is off air till next year where do you look for your latest fix? I personally head straight for the fanvids. No plots for my poor cold deadened brain to have to deal with. Perfect.

This vid is a cute little look into Pete and Myka's relationship.  With rocking music, excellent clip selections, and overall vid quality this is one of my staple  'Omg I'm sick again' videos.

Fallin' Apart by WillieSlaterM
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13th-Dec-2010 12:00 am Hide & Seek by Luc Darling
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Gen. Leena, Myka, Pete, Claudia
Length: 1763
Author on LJ: [ profile] luc_darling 

Why this must be read:

This cute little fic about playing hide and go seek in the warehouse will leave you giggling.  Pete locks himself into the Narnia wardrobe. A very Pete move I think we'll all agree. :)

“All right!” Pete exclaimed, grin spreading across his face. “This will be the best game of Hide & Seek in the history of ever!” He high-fived Claudia, who tipped an imaginary hat as it had been her idea. The duo looked pleadingly at Myka and Leena.

“Guys, I'm not sure this is what Artie had in mind when he said we should learn the Warehouse better,” Myka reminded them.

Hide & Seek by Luc_Darling.
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9th-Dec-2010 11:02 pm Inaudible by Sloth
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Leena
Length: 1103
Author on LJ: Not sure but if you know pop it into the comments.

Why this must be read:

This is an AMAZING look at what Leena could be. This fic picks up on all the strangeness that surrounds her in canon and writes a perfectly plausible backstory.  Even if you've never like Leena this fic will give you new insights into her character. Go read it. It's amazing.

Inaudible by Sloth on Archive of Our Own.
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8th-Dec-2010 11:15 pm Strained Negotiations by Minkhollow (G)
Pairing: Artie and Dumbledore
Length: 1308 in two chapters
Author on LJ: [ profile] minkhollow?

Why this must be read:

I read this one just because of the summary. And because the author describes MacPherson as "McNuttyPants". (A totally apt description if there ever was one.)

Minkhallow has written the Potterverse perfectly into Warehouse 13 canon. While reading this fic you can totally believe that they exist on the same plane of existence. And the way Artie reacts to Dumbledore? Classic.

"Dumbledore goes to America seeking to reclaim an important artifact in the fight against Voldemort. It doesn't go quite as smoothly as he would have hoped."

Strained Negotiations by Minkhollow on Archive of our own.
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7th-Dec-2010 09:57 pm Hired Muscle by Flamingo_bandit (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Mrs. Frederic/pilot episode bodyguard
Length: 850
Author on LJ:[ profile] flamingo_bandit 

Why this must be read:

Crack alert!
This fic chronicles the love story between Mrs Fredric and her Bodyguard. I love when an author take a seldom seen character and brings them to the forefront and Flamingo_Bandit does it beautifully. Considering we only see the guy a couple of times and he has one if any lines this is excellently done.

“My name is Mrs. Frederic,” she said, leaning forward. Her eyes were clever, glittering in the fluorescent light. “How would you like a job?”

Hired Muscle by Flamingo_Bandit

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6th-Dec-2010 07:36 pm I'll Keep You In My Pocket by Cypanache
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Artie/Claudia Friendship.
Length: 1800
Author on LJ: [ profile] cypanache 

Why this must be read:

To Claudia a Farnsworth means family.


The thing about having a Farnsworth is it works both ways.  Means that with the flip of the cover, the press of a switch she can be connected, can reach out wherever she is and they’ll hear her—this makeshift, patchwork family of crazy-brave, perfectly imperfect screw-balls. They’ll hear her and they’ll answer.

Her family.


I'll keep you in my pocket by Cypanache
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4th-Dec-2010 06:59 pm Artifact by ArchangelUnmei (G)
Pairing:  Gen Claudia, Artie, Alfred F. Jones
Length: 1066
Author on LJ: [ profile] archangelunmei 

Why this must be read:
Hetalia: Axis Powers is a Japanese? Manga/Anime/Movie where the main characters are anthropomorphic representations of countries. For more info click the link above.   :)

Frankly I'm surprised there aren't more cross overs between these two shows.  They practically beg to be mixed. Even Anthropomorphic Countries need somewhere to store their centuries of crap. People might get a bit suspicious otherwise.  Archangel does a terrific job of meshing these two shows together.  The characters stay true to their own shows while mixing together to create a totally new reality that is just perfect.
For a bit of reference here is a picture of America.

While doing inventory in the Warehouse, Claudia comes across a box that doesn't seem to be recorded anywhere. It looks less like an Artifact and more like the contents of someone's junk drawer.

Artifact by ArchangelUnmei (Archive of our Own)  (Livejournal)
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3rd-Dec-2010 05:15 pm Life Less Ordinary by Littlenotebook (PG-13)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: Artie/James; Mrs. Frederic and OCs
Length: 13,436 in 2 parts
Author on LJ: [ profile] littlenotebook 

Why this must be read:

Artie and James are probably my favourite pairing in Warehouse 13.  Mainly because they could be canon but mostly because they are so cute! The snark! The established relationship vibes! The kidnappings! :) This story follows the beginning of their partnership or, as the author says: The story of Arthur Nielson and James MacPherson. Partners at the Warehouse leading to love and loss and maybe even hate. What their relationship was really like before they wanted to kill each other.

James MacPherson arrived wearing a suit and tie, a bit over dressed for the Warehouse but how was he to know that? Artie met him outside with a plate of cookies. He'd been baking a bit more lately what with no one else around the Warehouse.

“You must be James MacPherson,” Artie said, holding out the plate.

“Do you tend to get many unexpected visitors out here?” James said, looking down at the plate but not taking a cookie.

“No, not really,” Artie replied, lowering the hand holding the plate. “But you could be a spy for all I know.”

Life Less Ordinary by Littlenotebook
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2nd-Dec-2010 10:54 pm A letter to the Regents by Jeff Morris (G)
Fandom: WAREHOUSE 13
Pairing: None
Length: 570
Author on LJ: [ profile] jeff_morris 

Why this must be read:

In this hilarious letter to the Regents we may or may not find out the reasons why Pete and Myka were hired. It is how ever an excellent take on the friendship between Artie and Mrs. Fredric. I dare you not to laugh when you read it.

"On (date redacted), Agent Nielsen was discovered dressed in Judy Garland’s “Dorothy” costume, including the ruby slippers. He had evidently painted a large section of the Warehouse floor gold and was singing “Off to See the Wizard” as he danced down his makeshift ‘yellow brick road’. "

A letter to the Regents by Jeff Morris.

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1st-Dec-2010 04:53 pm Fandom Overview: Warehouse 13
Hullo my name is Kt and I am your driver for Warehouse 13 this month!  As this is the first time it's been featured on crack van I get to write a fandom overview. Yay!

Click here for the good stuff! )
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