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16th-Dec-2006 10:11 pm Twin Peaks/The Blair Witch Project (PG-13)
Title: The Blue Rose Project, by Michael S. Lucart (AKA GlitterRock)
Pairing: none (gen/horror)
Author on LJ: unknown
Author Website: The Lair of GlitterRock
Warnings: Spoilers for TP s2, Fire Walk with Me, and The Blair Witch Project
Why this must be read:

In FWWM, it’s implied that the FBI’s awareness of the preternatural entities who Agent Cooper encounters in Twin Peaks predates Laura Palmer’s death. Apparently, Gordon Cole occasionally sends trusted and uniquely qualified agents, like Cooper, to investigate what are known as “blue rose cases.”

Inspired by the pre-release speculation about The Blair Witch Project, GlitterRock suggests that more blue roses sprouted after Twin Peaks. Perhaps one appeared in Maryland, where three student filmmakers vanished while they were making a documentary about a local legend...
I'm in Burkittsville. Looks like a nice quiet little town. But it's the quiet ones we have to be careful of, right, Gordon?

The Blue Rose Project and the author’s spoiler-laden “behind the scenes” commentary (including unexpurgated versions of the story’s edited passages), The Secrets of the Blue Rose Project.
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