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16th-Aug-2013 10:00 am A Brokedown Melody - flyingtapes (Light R)
Fandom: BANDOM - FOB/PATD & Blue Crush
Pairing: Jon/Cassie, John/Spencer, Anne Marie/Eden
Length: 35,525 words
Author on LJ: Not anymore
Author Website: The fanfiction of flyingtapes
Summary: When Jon is twelve, his parents move the family to Hawai'i.

Why this must be read: MCR was my main love in this fandom, and yet somehow this is one of my favourite fics. It's almost a character study in Jon Walker, since the main story never deviates from his life and his POV, but character studies sometimes get a little dull and this one doesn't. Full disclosure: it takes a bit of time to get going and the beginning is somewhat descriptive and can get frustrating, but I promise you: it gets better.

It's a realistic portrayal of how sometimes things can go wrong and your dreams can be gone in the blink of an eye. But it also tells of how when one thing in your life disappears, something else more often than not takes its place. For me, my favourite thing about this story is the pacing. It feels a bit like ebb and flow, which is funny considering the amount of ocean in this fic, and the story (and Jon in this story) feels so laidback and nice and steady and just... It makes me feel good. :) It's perhaps a bit unrealistic in that everything ends up so nice and tied up with a bow for Jon, but, well, we all love our happy endings, don't we?

Everyone in their neighborhood is really friendly and no one locks their doors, and Jon learns quickly who he can beg rides to the beach from and who he can’t. )

A Brokedown Melody
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