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15th-Dec-2008 09:50 pm Primeval/Sharpe (12)
Title: Soldier, Soldier by Athene
Pairing: mostly gen but with some implied Ryan/Sharpe
Length: ~2,800 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] deinonychus_1
Author Website: none but all of her Primeval fic is here
Why this must be read:

There are surprisingly few crossover stories in the fandom when you consider that the premise of the show is about holes in time, giving a lot of scope for characters to move into our present. However, in this story, Athene builds on our glimpses of multiple anomalies in series one and instead has her protaganists go through anomalies in their respective times and end up in the same, prehistoric past.

It's the characters that make this story. Ryan, in Primeval canon, is a fairly minor character, although large swathes of the fandom have taken him to heart. This means that in a lot of ways he's a blank slate, but Athene builds his character up in a way that is realistic and rings true. But her Sharpe is incredibly well drawn, sounding just like the character in the TV adaptions. She has his speech patterns, his mannerisms and his motivations down to a tee, and he comes brilliantly to life in this short story.

Excerpt )

Soldier, Soldier
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15th-Aug-2005 01:13 am Horatio Hornblower/Master and Commander/Pirates of the Caribbean/Sharpe (PG)
Title: Five Things That Never Happened to Anyone in the Age of Sail: A Curtainfic Medley by Skud
Pairing: Jack/Stephen, Horatio/Archie, Sparrow/Norrington, Edrington/Sharpe
Author on LJ: [ profile] damned_colonial
Author Website: The Scriptorium
Why this must be read:

The suggestion was made that curtainfic is impossible in Age of Sail fandoms. [ profile] damned_colonial promptly took this as a challenge. Not a crossover in the traditional sense, this is a set of 5 ficlets with a common theme: curtains. They are by turns humorous and sweet and each one is a perfectly believable snapshot of the time and the characters. This is the kind of curtainfic I could happily read more of.

Five Things That Never Happened to Anyone in the Age of Sail: A Curtainfic Medly
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15th-Feb-2005 08:42 am Highlander/Sharpe (TV version) (NC-17)
Title: Lovers Keep Secrets (Chosen Men series), by Hellblazer
Pairing: Methos/Sharpe
Author on LJ: no idea
Author Website: ninemuses
Why this must be read:
Oh, come on -- it's Sharpe! It's Methos! Bark*bark*bark! The goodness is gravy.

This was my very first: first fanfic, first slash, and first Methos story, which I stumbled on completely by chance. Amazingly, it was sexy and engaging and sucked me down the rabbit hole leaving just my socks behind.

"Lovers Keep Secrets" is the short introductory story to the author's Chosen Men series, in which Sharpe is an Immortal (oh, perfect, perfect)with Issues and Methos is his old buddy from the wars. It's a bit buggy. As the series develops, this particular take on Methos, MacLeod, and Sharpe might not be to everyone's taste -- but you've got to give at least the first couple a shot.

here's a little taste )

Lovers Keep Secrets

ETA: Came across the author's website. I still don't know if she's on LJ.
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15th-Jul-2004 11:10 am Shore Leave by Q_Skud, Commodorified, and Lady Bretagne (NC-17)
Pairing: Forget it. I'd need to make a Venn diagram here.
Author on LJ: [ profile] q_skud_, [ profile] commodorified, [ profile] ladybretagne
Why this must be read: Sixteen thousand words of pure crossover mansmut. Put the period's loveliest boys in one room and get them fucking, no one with their accepted OTP partner. Shake well, and enjoy.

I can't possibly pick an excerpt out of this. Richard Sharpe, Horatio and Archie, William Bush, Norrington, Edrington, Jack Sparrow, Jack Aubrey, Tom Pullings, and Stephen Maturin? Try picking an excerpt out of that. Just try. I will however tell you that Sharpe winds up with Edrington, and if you know anything about Richard Sharpe's attitude about the aristocracy and their attitude toward him, you can guess that the feathers will fly.

Shore Leave
Shore Leave Actor's Commentary -- Just read it, you'll get the idea.
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