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15th-Jan-2014 03:13 pm ART REC: Arch Nemesis by inklou & Dr. Spencer Reid by E-a-s-y (PG or FRT)
Characters/Pairing: Gen - George Foyet, Ian Doyle, Tobias Hanckel, Frank Breitkopf, Spencer Reid
Rating: PG or FRT for both
Artist Website: inklou's profile on deviantart,
E-a-s-y's profile on deviantart

Why this must be seen:
There are two art recs here for different reasons. Most CM fan art makes you want to scratch your eyeballs out - it's a sad fact - so I don't have a lot of patience for scrolling through thousands of hand drawn chibis and the BAU team members illustrated as cats or something. Life's too short. However, when I came across inklou's Arch Nemesis, I had to stop and stare. The killers on CM are either GREAT or psychopath-of-the-week, but rarely are they held up to us in such a beautiful way with their malice intact. inklou's style isn't photo realistic so there's a lot of artistic license in the likenesses, but the warmth of the lighting and palette, plus the four-paned layout, and the rotated POVs all make for an impressive piece of 'bad guy' fan art. It would almost be heroic if they weren't splattered in blood and grinning like, well, serial killers.

Arch Nemesis by inklou

The second art rec is Dr. Spencer Reid by E-a-s-y. Character portraits are a dime a dozen in the fan art world, so you have to do something a little different to stand out from the pack. E-a-s-y goes for caricature here highlighting the aspects of the character (nerdy glasses, grandfather sweater vest, crazy placement of his revolver) so that she suggests Reid rather than accurately drawing him. The thing I love about this piece is the loose, exaggerated line work - it's beautiful and wispy, almost architectural. Also, she manages to capture Reid's long lines and large eyes without making us think that we are staring into a funhouse mirror. This one is a right-click-and-save-to-your-desktop if you are a Reid fan.

Dr. Spencer Reid by E-a-sy

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11th-Jan-2014 04:35 pm The Consultant by fairytopia (R or FRM)
Pairing/Characters: Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, the B.A.U. Team, mentions of Jason Gideon
Length: ~130,000 words
Rating: Rated on as M (R or FRM)
Author Website: She's supposed to have an lj but I can't find it. Here is her profile page on

Why this must be read: This is technically a work in progress, but the author's last update (Dec. 2013) could qualify as an ending of sorts - she has resolved all of the major conflicts in the story even if it isn't tied up in a pretty bow for us. So, I'm rec-ing it.

This is an AU in which Reid suffers a debilitating accident in his childhood that prevents him from walking without the use of canes or a wheelchair. He is befriended by Gideon and becomes a consultant to the BAU, unbeknownst to the rest of the Team. The story begins when Reid shows up at the Unit looking for Gideon shortly after his disappearance. While it is a 'ship fic, there's a lot of other great stuff happening in it: Morgan and Reid develop a complicated friendship, Hotch gives Reid enough leeway to either shine or tank the Unit, and there are some very real anger issues surrounding the pride of a capable 'disabled person'. This is not your typical 'hurt Reid' fic where he is infantilized or 'feminized' into submission by his predicament. He doesn't feel sorry for himself and he gets angry at those who do -> that, alone, makes this a unique fic. The details of Reid's physical state and his limitations are so clear and fully realized that one assumes the author has real world experience with them.

There are some downsides to this one, though. There are significant grammar issues and some logistical miscues that may bother some readers. Also, the author has crudely edited out the NC-17 content in order to conform to's content policy - as a result, some chapters really feel as if there is a big hole in the middle of them. Normally, I wouldn't have persisted in light of these issues, but I did, and I enjoyed the ride. But this may not be for everyone. Consider yourself warned.

The Consultant by fairytopia on

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6th-Jan-2014 12:46 pm 5 Mandatory Events at the FBI Regional Training Seminar by travelinthedark (G or FRC)
Pairing/Characters: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, J.J. Jareau, Penelope Garcia
Length: 2,111 words
Rating: G or FRC
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: I have already rec'd travelinthedark here once this month, but 5 Mandatory Events at the FBI Regional Training Seminar is too fantastic to overlook. Not only does it put a new spin on the '5 things...' trope, but it places the whole team in an extremely average (and annoying) work situation: a corporate training seminar. Okay, maybe this is too much personal information, but I have attended a buttload of these events in my real life and I was HORRIFIED how perfect the characterization of the seminar moderators were. It's eerie. And, yes, I believe that the urge to maim a teambuilding coordinator is probably universal. Given that this particular team is conditioned to profiling deviants and killing people, the seminar resentment takes on an extra level of hilarity and danger.

5 Mandatory Events at the FBI Regional Training Seminar by travelinthedark on AO3

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4th-Jan-2014 12:46 pm Domino and Brunch In Georgetown by Fabrisse (G or FRC)
Characters/Pairing: Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, J.J. Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Mick Rawson
Length: ~2000 & 1300 words respectively
Rating: G or FRC
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: Fabrisse has written a lot in this fandom and there is much to like in her efforts. She handles relationships well - both het and slash - and doesn't pull the reader too far away from canon in the process. If there's one complaint I have about her writing it's that she tends to have weird fixations (like a lot of details about food or other minor elements that aren't really important to the overall story). "Domino" and "Brunch In Georgetown" are two examples were this fixation works to the reader's benefit. In them (and you cannot separate them because they don't function well independently) Fabrisse investigates Reid's anachronistic values as a symptom of quiet self confidence. I love the idea that Reid is odd because he chooses to be that way rather than being a victim of majority behaviour. In these two stories we see how this confidence helps him get the girl without a lot of drama and anxiety. Reid seems like the master of his own destiny here and even when he's challenged, you know that he'll kick all kinds of ass in the process (albeit in a typically Reid-like way) - it's pretty satisfying.

Domino by Fabrisse
Brunch In Georgetown by Fabrisse

If you enjoyed this fic, let the author know!
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31st-Dec-2013 03:02 pm Complimentary by prettychemistry (PG-13 or FRT)
Characters/Pairing: Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid
Length: 300 words
Rating: PG-13 of FRT
Author Website: Author on LJ

Why this must be read: All of [ profile] prettychemistry's stuff is pretty good - it was hard to choose this one over the others. I like it because it's just a snippet between Reid and Prentiss at a time in the show's genesis when their characters were full of possibility. Neither one has been irrevocably scarred by the job yet and they have a very human moment between all of the profiling and beating feet after baddies that we all saw. Plus, using Prentiss as 'chick bait' in "52 Pick-up" with Viper always made me grind my teeth so it's nice to imagine that someone might have appreciated her effort for other reasons.

Complimentary by prettychemistry

I don't know about you, but I enjoyed that. If you did as well, let the author know!
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29th-Dec-2013 01:07 pm Drawn In Slow Strokes by Pink_Siamese (NC-17 or FRAO)
Characters/Pairing: Emily Prentiss/George Foyet, Emily Prentiss/Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, J.J. Jareau, Spencer Reid, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan
Length: 81,024 words
Rating: NC-17 or FRAO (please read any author warnings carefully)
Author on LJ: [ profile] pink_siamese
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: I'll admit that this is a tough one to read. The 'falling-for-a-killer' idea has never sat well with me, but I'm a big proponent of both readers and fan work creators reaching outside of their comfort zones in order to broaden their appreciation. And [ profile] pink_siamese is a writer of a whole different caliber in fan fiction: she is aloof, mercurial, and paralyzingly erotic in her ideas. This story will challenge you and how you perceive the characters that you love. In places, her writing can leave you feel left behind and out of sync, but I encourage you to hang in for the whole ride. If nothing else, you'll never look at Prentiss and Foyet in the same way again. This is also one of the few fully-realized visions of a serial killer that is compelling while not sacrificing his inherent evilness. It is conflicting to put it mildly. One of the tags to this story is "mindfuck", and that's incredibly accurate. Consider yourself warned.

PLEASE NOTE: This story contains very adult themes including necrophilia. It also features major character death, so gird your loins or don't read it, okay?

Drawn In Slow Strokes by Pink_Siamese on AO3

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27th-Dec-2013 07:15 pm Come Open Your Eyes by luredin (PG-13 or FRT)
Characters/Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Length: 4772 words
Rating: PG-13 or FRT
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: This fic isn't treading any new ground but luredin does such a lovely job of describing Hotch's eventual realization of his feelings for Reid that I go back to it over and over again. The writing is very descriptive and visual in nature so - for me at least - this story comes across as pictures rather than memorable phrases. The fact that the author lets us know the colours of things so often makes the visualization more immediate without being distracting or overly committed to a theme. Please note that for some reason the author has locked all of her AO3 entries so only registered site users can view her stories. Luckily, a quick Google search revealed a public posting of the fic here on LJ as well. Both links are provided below.

Come Open Your Eyes by luredin on LJ
Come Open Your Eyes by luredin on AO3 for registered users only

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22nd-Dec-2013 02:31 pm The Season of Miracles by l3petitemorte ( NC-17 or FRAO)
Characters/Pairing: Emily Prentiss/Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia
Length: 7500 words
Rating: NC-17 or FRAO
Author on LJ: [ profile] l3petitemort

Why this must be read: This is a bit of a strange pick. It's a Christmas fic but it's also almost entirely pr0n as well. The basis of the *cough* story is that Prentiss loathes Christmas and it turns out that Reid isn't very fond of the holiday either. A haphazard plan ensues in which they can share their Scrooge-like misery together. While I tend to like more 'plot' in my porn-with-plot, there is something touching about how two people with legitimate reasons for hating the holidays get together over it. Both Prentiss and Reid tend to stay in character throughout this (which makes the smut all the more surprising), and if the ending doesn't make you smile a little, you might want to check your chest to see if your heart is missing. If nothing else, it's a nice break from all of the toothache-inducing cheer of the season.

The Season of Miracles by l3petitemort

Since escape from the holidays is impossible for me, this is my last rec until December 27th (I've been told that ignoring family in lieu of posting fanfic recs is considered "rude". Who knew?) Happy Festivus/ChristmaKwanzakuh to you all!

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20th-Dec-2013 01:38 pm Speak, Friend, and Enter by bessemerprocess (PG or FRT)
Characters/Pairing: Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, Derek Morgan (gen)
Length: 3260 words
Rating: PG or FRT
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: I love the dynamic between Spencer Reid and Emily Prentiss in Criminal Minds. There was never even a hint of romance between them on the show, but the real life friendship between the actors seemed to bleed over into their onscreen personas into this weirdly warm and intimate friendship. While I 'ship them in fan fiction, this story is just about their friendship - how it grows and fills out over the years. In a way, bessemerprocess's story is more romantic than most Reid/Prentiss fics I've read because she shows them as devoted and loving without physical obsession throwing a wrench in the works. And it all begins and ends with Reid's infamous purple scarf.

Speak, Friend, and Enter by bessemerprocess on AO3

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19th-Dec-2013 01:36 pm cling to love like a skidding car by bittereternity (PG or FRT)
Characters/Pairing: Derek Morgan/Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia, J.J. Jareau
Length: 3600 words
Rating: Unrated by author on LJ but I'd give it a PG or FRT rating for one suggestive scene
Author on LJ: [ profile] bittereternity
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: It was really difficult to choose one story to rec by [ profile] bittereternity - that's how much I love her stuff. Considering that I think "cling to love like a skidding car" is one of her stronger pieces - and that I do not 'ship Morgan/Reid at all - should give you an idea of how convincing her writing can be. She tends to write in vignettes rather than complete scenes, and much like the minimalist rec that I made yesterday, invites the reader to fill in a lot of the blanks between words. I love that level of trust placed in a reader's hands. The strength and pathos of Reid and Morgan in this piece lies in what both men do not say to one another. Morgan's love is based on an erroneous perception of Reid's frailty, and Reid's strength comes from "try[ing] to live by playing with death", which makes him a poor choice as a romantic partner. Their relationship is touching and unequal, and both men come off as infinitely more complicated than the show has let us believe. [ profile] bittereternity's stories are the essence of sadness but they are crafted in such a beautiful way that you won't mind if your favorite pairing doesn't get a happily ever after.

cling to love like a skidding car by bittereternity on LJ

cling to love like a skidding car on AO3

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18th-Dec-2013 01:53 pm another apple to slice into pieces by arbitrarily (14A or FRT)
Characters/Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Emily Prentiss
Length: 2363 words
Rating: 14A or FRT
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: Epic fics are all well and good but sometimes you just want something refreshing and savory that makes you think about the blank spaces between lines of prose. This is one of those fics. The writing is sparse and non-linear, and the subject matter is less about a relationship as it is about the cavernous darkness that is Hotch's emotional landscape. This really fits in with what we know about the level of Hotch's control from the show, and yet the author paints it in a desperate way - not as the heroic stoicism that most fans have come to expect. It is a beautiful piece - more art than fan fiction - and completely worth the confusion that the story might instill in you when you are done. Check it out.

another apple to slice into pieces by arbitrarily on AO3

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16th-Dec-2013 05:42 pm Evidently Unaware by travelinthedark (R or FRM)
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, Aaron Hotchner/OFC, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia, J.J. Jareau
Length: 8530 words
Rating: R or FRM
Author Website: Author on AO3

Why this must be read: This is a rare case of characters being out of character that really works. In this slightly tweaked version of the Criminal Minds universe, Reid is strangely socially confident, and yes, gay. Hotch is more or less himself and has decided to jump back into the dating pool after the death of his ex-wife, only to discover that he has essentially been dating Reid for a year and didn't realize it. Cue the gleeful embarrassment of the entire team and a little bit of gay panic. It's a delicious, funny read, and let's face it - you don't get too many laughs in this fandom. Soak this one in while you can ;)

Evidently Unaware by travelinthedark on AO3

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13th-Dec-2013 02:05 pm In the Aisles and Between the Pages by writing2death (NC-17 or FRAO)
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid, J.J. Jareau, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, Penelope Garcia
Length: 6177 words
Rating: NC-17 or FRAO
Author on LJ: writing2death
Author Website: writing2death on AO3

Why this must be read: Okay, so it's FREEZING where I am and snowing to boot, so this rec just feels right today. In this AU story, Reid is a bookstore owner and not quite content in his life. Hotch appears one day and complicates things considerably. Reid and J.J. are the only characters who aren't canon compliant in this, and let's face it: Reid as a befuddled bookstore owner isn't that much of a stretch. This fic takes place around Christmas, incorporating a blizzard and the cozy, cloistered feel that you can only experience from a dusty book shop in winter. But what is really great about this fic is the series of miscommunications that frames Hotch and Reid's relationship. It is humorous and believable and a little bit wistful - writing2death makes us fret for Reid in this, but not too much, if you know what I mean. Maybe it's just a flashback to my days as a book store clerk, but I find this fic to be very comforting and it's one of the few that I go back and re-read regularly. Fix some hot cocoa and indulge yourself!

In the Aisles and Between the Pages by writing2death

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12th-Dec-2013 03:30 pm Getting Better by siggen1 (G or FRC)
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner, Spencer Reid (gen, though there is mention of previous relationships)
Length: 700
Rating: G or FRC
Author on AO3: Author's Criminal Minds page

Why this must be read: The Maeve Donovan story arc from season 8 is contentious for Reid fans: some fans piled onto the angst and the tragic romance aspect with glee and others not so much. However you feel about it, it's canon now and fic cropped up almost immediately to 'deal' with it. This story isn't really about Reid and Maeve at all - it's about Reid's grief and it's also a bit of a 'fix-it' fic. The one person on the team who has the most obvious parallels with Reid's loss is Hotch and yet, the show has distanced these two characters from each other in the aftermath of Zugzwang. This is why I consider Getting Better a fix-it fic because siggen1 finally gets these guys in a room together to talk about their losses (sort of). The character voices are bang on and, though the story is ostensibly about Reid working through his problems, his insight into Hotch's hidden grief is the true gem of this piece. It's just a snippet, but the snapshot is strangely illuminating.

Getting Better by siggen1 on AO3

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10th-Dec-2013 03:42 pm Beta Testing by ewinfic (NC-17 or FRAO)
Pairing/Characters: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Length: 3460 words
Rating: NC-17 or FRAO
Author on LJ: [ profile] ewinfic
Author Website: Author's Masterlist on LJ

Why this must be read: The author's summary really says it all - "Hotch has never had gay sex. Reid has never had much of any kind of sex. This does not bode well."

A common failing across the board in fan fiction is it's lack of believability. Characters know things they shouldn't, say things that they normally wouldn't, jump to conclusions without the appropriate steps in between, AND they are all having rock star sex all the time. Readers and writers alike are eager to get to the bits that they like and sorta... skip over the rest, as if we've all agreed that the characters have 'ordinary mortal moments' just like the rest of us but we don't care about that. Well, [ profile] ewinfic doesn't write like that (not all the time, anyway). She appeared in the Criminal Minds fandom earlier this year (though its clear that she's been writing for some time), and delivered this fic about attractive, smart guys having truly awkward sex, and then dropped the mic and left the room like a boss. It was like a breath of fresh air. Her writing style is succinct and hilarious, usually comprising of blithe observations and deadpan dialog. I recommend all of her CM stuff but this one strikes me as her most unique effort.

Beta Testing by ewinfic on LJ

If you enjoy this story, leave a little sugar in the author's bowl, okay?
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9th-Dec-2013 01:32 pm Triggers & Ties Series by kuriadalmatia (NC-17 or FRAO)
Pairing/Characters: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Length: +80,000 words
Rating: NC-17 or FRAO. This is a 'hard NC-17' for various elements. Please heed any author warnings.
Author on LJ: [ profile] kuriadalmatia
Author Website: CM Fiction on LJ, CM Fiction on AO3, CM Fiction on

Why this must be read: Okay - full disclosure here: Kuria is a pal of mine, but I didn't know her at all when I came across this series the first time. When I first read it, I was also a het-only 'shipper in this fandom. THIS story changed all of that for me. It is a powerful, complicated look into a relationship between two men who are desperately fighting for a slice of normality when their idea of 'normal' is plumbing the darker side of humanity. The prose is fractured and explicit (for example, the reader is dropped into an explicit adult scene in the first chapter - it is initially jarring), and the characters' developing relationship is difficult, anxious, and revelatory by turns. Kuria manages to move her characters through the ups and downs of their personal strife alongside canon elements and cases, giving the whole enterprise the illusion that this could have actually happened to them if we looked harder. And the smut is so hot and dirty that you'll feel wrung out afterwards. Basically, this one is dark and packs a real punch that'll leave a mark - there's a reason why it's a fan favorite and has been nominated for a bunch of fan awards.

*Readers should note that this story is very angsty and features many triggering elements (such as addiction, spousal abuse, drinking, PTSD, graphic violence etc.). The author has usually posted warnings per section, but I'm not sure if those warnings appear on all platforms.

Triggers & Ties by kuriadalmatia
(For the sake of my sanity, I'm not going to provide a story link to every platform. If you don't want to read this fic on AO3, use the general site links listed above for your venue of choice)

If you enjoy this story, please take the time to stop and give the author some love!
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8th-Dec-2013 01:05 pm Marked by madlorific (R or FRAO)
Now, on to the reccing! I am a 'shipper so most of my recs will have a relationship aspect to them, but I'll try to offer a variety of stories. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone.

Rating: R or FRAO
Pairing: Emily Prentiss, Spencer Reid
Length: 8,535 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] madlorific
Author Website: Criminal Minds stories on AO3 and sticky post on LJ

Why this must be read: The synopsis of this story is that Prentiss discovers that Reid has a tattoo, which is fairly trope-tastic and doesn't appear to be the basis for a fantastic fic.
But it is.
Lori has an uncanny ability to channel the voices of any character she writes about in a thoroughly genuine way, even when their actions become out of character. While she has been recc'd here before (in more than one fandom) and her longer fics are the stuff of fan fiction legend, I find that she can get bogged down by too much detail. In Marked, she manages to express the evolution of a relationship with very few strokes and she does so while handicapping her verbose characters with silence. Basically, there's no way that this story should work at all and yet I believe that it is one of her best efforts. Add to that mystery tattoos, a confident Spencer Reid, and higher order mathematics as a form of seduction… and you get a recipe for awesomesauce.

Marked by Mad_Lori on AO3

Marked by madlorific on LJ

I highly recommend all of Lori's stuff, and if you love Prentiss/Reid and haven't read her How To Fight Loneliness series, you must do so at once. Go… I'll wait right here until you get back…

If you enjoy this work, please remember to take the time to let the author know!
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8th-Dec-2013 12:51 pm Criminal Minds Fandom Overview - Update
Hello fanfiction trawlers! I'm [ profile] blythechild and I'll be driving the van for Criminal Minds this month before this comm goes dark in the New Year :(

The van hasn't stopped by the B.A.U. at Quantico for regular writing goodness in 3 years and the (most excellent, comprehensive, and pretty) fandom primer hasn't been updated since 2007. [ profile] thepouncer did a great job back then so go check it out if you want show info or helpful fandom links - I'm not going to rehash the content of that post here.

This blurb pretty much sums up the show's essence )

A lot has happened in 5 years and I feel that a little update is required.

Here is the Coles Notes version of the show and casting updates for the past 5 years for those who are interested. )

Should anyone have any fandom links that are not included in [ profile] thepouncer's original post, please let me know in the comments and I'll update them to this posting for posterity.

Since this is already a long-ish entry, I'll post my first rec in a separate entry ;)
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15th-May-2013 03:33 pm Press Zero for Assistance by sarcasticsra (G)
Crossover fanfiction is difficult to write well, so I tend to be pretty choosy about reading them unless someone has already recommended them. Well, it’s my turn to recommend, and I realized that I really couldn’t think of any Avengers crossovers that hadn’t already been recommended here or elsewhere. I freely admit to inputting some search terms on the AO3 and just trawling through looking for anything interesting to read. I’m glad I did, because I found several excellent stories…and a few series I’ll need to keep an eye on. But this one was especially fun:

Fandom: Avengers movie!verse/Person of Interest/NCIS/Criminal Minds/Leverage
Pairing: None (gen, although the author tags this as "implied relationships". I interpreted this as "slash goggles optional")
Length: 3,245
Author on LJ: None that I could find.
Author on DW:[personal profile] scripted-sra
Author Website: sarcasticsra on AO3

Author’s Summary: Five computer geniuses and their asskicking counterparts get locked in a room...

Why this must be read: Because it’s absolutely hilarious. Because the characterizations are spot-on to the point that I could hear each actor’s voice in my mind as I read their dialogue. Because it’s indulgence of the best kind: wanting to see the way these characters would interact with each other.
Because the brain/brawn relationship is a tried and true classic, and the best examples make it new and wonderful all over again.

Press Zero for Assistance on AO3
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15th-Apr-2013 10:40 pm STARGATE SG-1/CRIMINAL MINDS (PG)
Title: Branching Out by Mhalachai
Pairing: none; gen
Author on LJ: [ profile] mhalachaiswords
Author Website: Mhalachai's Writing
Why this must be read :

Author's Summary:Jennifer Jareau's first day as liaison for the Department of Defense really wasn't what she expected.

I really like what mhalachi did with JJ's character and how she was brought into the Stargate program. Her abrupt departure during the beginning of Season 6 of Criminal Minds is explained so well. The reason she is brought into the Stargate program is genius and dealt with in a manner that brings depth to her character and gives us a view into the future of the program itself. Mhalachi's characterizations breath with life and her voices are spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed JJ meeting the Stargate world and all the wonder that 'verse entails. Definitely a story that will give you an urging for more of the same.

Branching Out
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25th-Sep-2012 10:55 pm Evening of the Empire by skieswideopen (Teen)
So, pretend it's the 15th, right?

Title: Evening of the Empire
Pairing: Emily Prentiss
Length: 8k
Author on LJ: [ profile] skieswideopen
Author Website: DW, AO3
Why this must be read:

When a serial killer strikes on an important allied world, the SGC calls on the BAU for help.

This is a great fic which captures both fandoms and makes it believable that they exist in the same world.  The characters are well-written and recognizable, and the twist--not in the case, but in the relations between Earth and the allied world--is both surprising and believable.  I didn't see it coming, and yet when I knew it it seemed inevitable.

Disclaimer: this fic was written for me for [ profile] xover_exchange

Evening of the Empire
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25th-Oct-2010 11:00 pm Nature of the Game by shinealightonme (PG-13)
I had to double post today because, after saying there are two main ways to do the main-character-is-a-serial-killer on Criminal Minds fanfiction, I only gave an example for one of them. This is an example for the other, as well as kind of a classic in fandom.

Pairing: Emily Prentiss, Aaron Hotchner, gen
Length: ~8,600
Author on LJ: [ profile] shinealightonme
Author Website: Criminal Minds stories at the AO3 and sticky post at LJ
Why this must be read:

Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner is a character that canon has shown us can be broken. Unlike the story in the previous post, this story doesn't show us how the break happens, but takes us to a time after all has happened. We meet a Hotch similar to canon Hotch, one who's never been part of the BAU but who's still very recognizable. This time, the focus is not on the good-character-turned-bad but on the agent interviewing him, a rookie Emily Prentiss. Via their conversations we actually discover more about the (not present) team than about the circumstances that lead to Hotch becoming a killer, which cleverly proves that, despite never being a profiler, he will always be BAU material.

Warning: secondary character's death.

Nature of the Game
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25th-Oct-2010 10:24 pm Hopeless Son Universe by buffyadict (R)
Pairing: Spencer Reid, gen
Length: ~50,000
Author on LJ: [ profile] buffyaddict
Author Website: Check out both the Fanfiction sticky post and, as not all fics are listed, the Criminal Minds tag at [ profile] buffyaddict_fic
Why this must be read:

There are many great fics that come to my mind when talking about [ profile] buffyaddict, but the first one in this verse is probably The Fic I'll remember her for. Making one of the main cast character a serial criminal, one of the offenders the team hunts, is a favorite cliche of the fandom. There are different ways to do this, and two main ones: the character is canonically the same until something happens and he turns into (or seems to turn into) a bad guy; or the character has been (or seems to have been) a bad guy from the beginning.

Hopeless Son is in the first group, and one of the reasons the fic works is because the writer keeps the main character, Reid, In Character. What he does is believable, every step he takes, every plan he makes; he never forgets who he is and what he's going to lose for what he's doing. This is one of the things that I enjoy most of [ profile] buffyaddict's fics: she is a very introspective storyteller, and a good part of her stories focus on what the characters are thinking, how they feel, the turmoil they are going through. It becomes more true than ever in this series of fics. Warming: secondary character's death.

Hopeless Son Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03
Dark Side of the Moon Part 01 | Part 02
When Skies are Gray Part 01 | Part 02

I'm only planning to rec one fic or series per author, but there are other five fics by this writer that are among my all-time favorites. Therefore, I wholeheartedly recommend you to read more of her work; or to ask me for my other favorites, if you prefer.
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24th-Oct-2010 04:34 pm These Are the Times That Can't Be Weathered (or Maybe They Can) by the closetalker (R)
Pairing: JJ/Prentiss
Length: ~12,300
Author on LJ: [ profile] theclosetalker
Author Website: Criminal Minds tag at the [ profile] closeawcho community
Why this must be read:

Canon-compliant fics are something I treasure, specially when they go a step beyond simply not contradicting canon and actually include bits of the TV episodes -- with the characters reacting to on-screen plots and on-screen behavior being explained by the fic plot. These Are The Times does this beautifully, showing the reader snippets of the developing relationship between Emily Prentiss and Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau, never forgetting the canonical JJ/Will. The writer is both a good storyteller and a thoughtful researcher, and the result is a well crafted piece that I'm glad I, perpetual m/m and gen reader, took the time to enjoy.

These Are the Times That Can’t Be Weathered (or Maybe They Can)
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23rd-Oct-2010 06:14 pm Seven Crimes by Scarimor (g)
Pairing: Jennifer 'JJ' Jareau, gen
Length: ~10,140
Author on LJ: [ profile] scarimor
Author Website: Criminal Minds' tag on LJ
Why this must be read:

This fic is a case!fic. It also is a crossover with Las Vegas CSI, but you don't need to know a thing about that show to understand the story. Although all of the team plays a part, the main character is JJ. Inevitably, on every procedural show sooner or later an episode will use the "one of the main characters is accused of a crime" plot; Criminal Minds has certainly done so. In this fic, the accused character is JJ, which makes the story more interesting because, as it is implied, she certainly is in a position where she could hide any case from the team of she wished to. What makes this story interesting is the setup, how JJ is framed, and why; the OC are well played too, as is JJ. There are not many case!fics where she takes the central spot, which makes this story special in that regard.

Seven Crimes
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22nd-Oct-2010 08:51 pm Blaze with the Glory Universe by kyrdwyn (FRM, G, PG-13)
Pairing: David Rossi, Spencer Reid, some Hotch/Reid and Rossi/Prentiss
Length: ~7,000
Author on LJ: [ profile] kyrdwyn
Author Website: Her fics can be found via the author's memories and her tags
Why this must be read:

"Where did you find this kid?"
"He was left in a basket on the steps of the FBI."

[Rossi answering a local detective's question about Reid; ep 4.12 "Soul Mates"]

It takes a great author to take a canonical crack line such as the above one, and to turn it into an entirely believable Universe. The first story starts with a simple premise: what if Rossi's joke about finding Reid in a basket on the steps of the FBI were true? The resulting fic manages to be canon-compliant up to January 2009, when it was posted, including many scenes from the show's first seasons, showing how such a father/son relationship between Rossi and Reid could still have happened without contradicting anything in the TV episodes. The next stories deal with the BAU figuring it out (Worst Kept Secret), or are drabblish snapshots of Rossi and Reid's life over the years.

Blaze with the Glory
Regained Through Fire
Worst Kept Secret
Family Thanksgiving
Family Christmas

As before, I fully recommend this author's other stories. Enjoy!
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21st-Oct-2010 09:40 pm Take Seven Series by Hagar (FRC/G)
Pairing: Team!fic, gen
Length: ~5,000
Author on LJ: [ profile] hagar_972
Author Website: Criminal minds fic on AO3
Why this must be read:

The Five Things meme has been used by many writers with mixed results. Personally, I like the exercise because it allows ficcers to link many 'snapshot' pieces under a similar theme without needing to write a long piece; sometimes the muses don't stay for long, or the plot bunnies are too many to properly feed any of them. Whatever the reason, Five Things (and related memes) can be delightful to read, when done right.

The series I'm recommend today is one of those. Some pieces I've enjoyed more than others, but all of them have left me with a smile afterward, which is welcome after reading a few too many h/c-angst-drama stories in this fandom. Furthermore, Hagar's style leaves me thinking about what's not shown, about the backstage stories, and at the same time it makes the characters more real for me.

Whole series

Five times Spencer's teammates were seen feeding him, and one time they weren’t. (Seen.)
Five ways Prentiss and Reid improved each other, accidentally-on-purpose. (And what Rossi has to say about it.)
Five reasons Rossi is glad he doesn’t really have kids. (And why Hotch couldn’t believe him less.)
Five times Hotch tucked a teammate in. (And one time the other thing happened.)
Five Sneaky Ways to Intervene on a Teammate. (And one that's even sneakier.)
Five office toys the team loves. (And one nobody will own up to.)
Five things that only happen on the jet. (And one that doesn’t.)
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20th-Oct-2010 06:52 pm How to Fight Loneliness Series by madlori (R)
Pairing: Prentiss/Reid
Length: Novel-size, really
Author on LJ: [ profile] madlori
Author Website: Criminal minds fic list on LJ
Why this must be read:

This is another 'I don't like X but you made me love it!' story. This time, X stands for heterosexual relationships, something I have to admit I barely read. This series, nonetheless, is one I'm glad I read, because [ profile] madlori is an amazing, amazing writer that fleshes her stories with a multitude of details and has the ability to write entirely believable case!fics, which is always a plus for me :D. She is also one of those ficcers that can handle a fic with a Main Plot and many Sub Plots, and that subtly drops hints everywhere, giving the reader an 'aha!' moment (actually, many 'aha!' moments) and a sense of fulfillment as the end approaches. This is, definitely, one of my 5 Favorite All Times Criminal Minds fics.

Part One: How to Fight Loneliness <-- Chapter 01 of 40
Part Two: Perspectives on a Romance <-- Chapter 01 of 09
Part Three: Casefiles of Mr. Prentiss and Mrs. Genius
Three point One: Mr. Prentiss & Mrs. Genius and the Frantic Friend <-- Chapter 01 of 03
Three point Two:Mr. Prentiss & Mrs. Genius and the Mysterious Manuscript <-- Chapter 01 of 04
Part Four: Closure <-- Chapter 01 of 01
Part Five: Genius at Work <-- Chapter 01 of 15

Also, I know I should only rec a fic or series per post, but if you like How to Fight Loneliness, I suggest reading [ profile] madlori's other story, linked in her fic archive; it is completely amazing too.
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10th-Oct-2010 08:56 pm "The One Where ..." Series by myrna1_2_3 (PG-13 and R)
Pairing: David Rossi/Spencer Reid
Length: ~74,600
Author on LJ: [ profile] myrna1_2_3
Author Website: Criminal Minds fics on LJ
Why this must be read:

In all my years reading fanfiction, I have found that now and then appears a fic that has reviewers literally commenting 'I usually don't read X, but you've made me LOVE it!'. I have two of these fics in my rec list; this is the first one. The members of the Team fall into three subgroups: BAU founders (Gideon, Rossi), 'kids' (Prentiss, Morgan, Garcia, Reid), and well ... Hotch :P. It's not unusual to find fans saying they have something of an squick when it comes to pairing Reid, (one of) the youngest, with any of the older ones -- be either due to the age difference, or to the mentor/student kind of relationship they sometimes have. Due to this, Rossi/Reid and Gideon/Reid are the less popular slash pairings, and it is hard to find fics, and fans, for them.

There, thought, is a Rossi/Reid series that makes people go all 'I usually don't read X, but you've made me LOVE it!'. I haven't been able to find an official name for the series, but given that most stories' titles start with "The One Where ...", I'll call it that :B. It is a non-linear recount of David Rossi and Spencer Reid's relationship, and it freely uses sarcasm and deadpan humor all around. It is funny and sweet but not overly fluffy, so no fear of rotting teeth :D!

The One Where Rossi and Hotch Play Golf and then Rossi Goes Home (PG-13)
The One Where Reid Speaks at the Law Enforcement Conference (PG-13)
The One told from Hotch’s Point of View (PG-13)
The One where Reid Graduates (PG-13)
The One that Starts with Rossi Mad about Psychics (PG-13)
The One Where Rossi's Brother Visits (PG-13)
The One with the Dinner Party at Hotch's Place (PG-13)
The One Where Rossi and Reid visit Caltech (R)
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9th-Oct-2010 05:31 pm The Descent by oleanderclouds (M)
I'd originally planned more recs, but after noticing that my previous posts were all in the same page, i decided to wait a bit in order to not spam the community :(. But now that other fandoms have picked up, I'm back :D!

Pairing: Team!fic, gen
Length: ~70,500
Author on LJ: oleanderclouds
Author Website: Criminal minds fic on FFnet
Why this must be read:

Guest stars are an important part of the appeal of Criminal Minds the TV show. With cleverly written characters, Criminal Minds makes a skillful use of familiar faces, from geeky shows like the X-Files, to drama shows like Dawson's Creek, to ... well, Malcom in the Middle. Even when less known actors are used to bring to life the show's UNSUBs (the bad guys), they are not shown as two-dimensional villains. They have reasons, however twisted, and they have depth.

This, unfortunately, is more rare in fanfiction, which is why I'm reccing oleaderclouds' The Descend. This fic is one of less than a dozen fics (that I'm aware of) where the villain is incredibly well written. Moreover, what makes this fic more special is that it evolves, or as the team would've said, it devolves. By seeing inside the UNSUB's mind, we get to understand the rules that lead him ... and then the world shifts again and we found ourselves, alongside the story characters, wondering what the hell just happened and how the hell didn't we see it before.

Warning! It contains triggery themes.

The Descent
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