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15th-May-2004 09:50 pm BLAKE'S 7/MORGAN'S BOY (G)
Title: Morgan by Judith Proctor (G)
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Avon comes around from unconsciousness in what he discovers to be 1980s Wales, with no memory of how he got there, and no idea of why there is also what he takes to be a clone of Blake in 1980s Wales. The last thing he remembers is being on Liberator some months after the Andromedan war, with Blake still missing. Avon has to cope with a society and mores very different to the one he grew up in--and finds that he can cope with its bureaucracy rather better than Morgan can. Even so, he needs Morgan's help and support while he tries to discover how he came to be there, and until he finds that out, he has no chance of returning home. It's a tale of how two profoundly damaged men form a friendship that allows them to deal with having lost everyone they ever cared for.

The story plays off the fact that Gareth Thomas, who played Blake in Blake's 7, then went on to play Welsh hill farmer Morgan in the BBC series Morgan's Boy. It's written so that you need no knowledge of that series. It does have a spoiler for the last episode of Blake's 7.

Morgan - the whole story on one page

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15th-Apr-2004 07:36 am Blakes7/Morgan's Boy
Title: Morgan by Judith Proctor (gen)
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Avon wakes in a strange place and, as he soon realises, an earlier time in history, with no memory of how he came there. Nor will he have, until right near the end, and the twist there is so convincing and impressive that I won't do anything to pre-empt it. He is in fact in Wales in 1984 and being befriended by a man called Morgan who looks exactly like Blake. This is for the good reason that though, character-wise, the two aren't actually much alike, both are the actor Gareth Thomas, who, after he'd stopped being Blake, played a Welsh hill farmer in the series Morgan's Boy. It was really rather a bright idea to crossover the two sources, and you don't need to have seen Morgan's Boy to follow what's going on as the anti-social Avon learns to relate to and care for another human being. BTW, Morgan's Boy isn't well known, but wasn't a bad series and is worth seeing if you ever can; it has a powerful central performance from Thomas.

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