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15th-Oct-2003 01:14 pm Popslash/uh...Hitchcock?
Previously on Popslash: "There was nothing but this: wind, road, dust. And the low, lazy hiss of static on the radio, tuned between stations."

Today on Popslash: "Suddenly Justin sits up very, very straight. 'She's cutting up his credit cards and his driver's license--she's got them in her hand and she's--my god.' He stands up one more time, turns the light on again, then looks hard at Chris. 'Okay. Tell me everything--all of it. From the very beginning.'"

Title: The Window
Pairing: Chris/Justin (Timbertrick). Yes, more.
Author on LJ: [ profile] beth666ann
Author Website: ..unaware..
Why this must be read:

[ profile] shaggirl's request for crossovers caused a little panic here earlier today. I haven't read a huge number *Nsync/Any Other Fandom stories and, suddenly, all my bookmarked stories were glaring at me, mocking me with their exclusive *nslash-ness.

I looked again at the list of stories I already had planned to rec here, however, and was suddenly struck by the fact that this story -- [ profile] beth666ann's highly entertaining *nslash remake of Rear Window -- fits the "crossover" description perfectly. Almost.

The Window gives us injured, paparazzi photographer Chris Kirkpatrick stuck in his one-bedroom apartment with only his neighbors, his telephoto lense, and his semi-frequent sexual encounters with opinionated boyfriend Justin to relieve the boredom. I've really exhausted my supply of adjectives recc'ing stories here, so this next bit may sound familiar, but it's not any less true. [ profile] beth666ann wrote this to be an incredibly clever, involving story with so much good dialogue that I'm almost sad some of it wasn't used in the original film. And, like Hitchcock's work itself, it's full of wit and sharp details.

Embrace the voyeurism.

Starring Chris Kirkpatrick as L.B. Jefferies and Justin Timberlake as Lisa Fremont. )

Friday on Popslash: Picking up next with the fic I was going to do today and here with the quote I used last time. "Not because I'm polite," Justin said. "I mean. I hope there are sexier things about me. But I thought it couldn't hurt."
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