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31st-May-2012 12:08 am The Labyrinth, by Eustacia Vye (PG-13)
Title: The Labyrinth - PG-13
Pairing: Gen
Length: about 10,000 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] eustacia_vye28
Author Website: masterlist of fic on author's LJ
Why this must be read: My friends and I have been talking about a House of Leaves/Inception crossover since about 2 seconds after we all saw the movie, and we were enthralled when we finally got our wish. If you're familiar with Mark Danielewski's meta-textual postmodern horror masterpiece, then you know how well the stories of Inception and The Navidson Record fit together. You also know exactly both how unbelievably cool and how incredibly difficult such a crossover would be to pull off--for reasons both literary and stylistic.

Eustacia Vye has more than pulled it off. In this fic, she's managed to weave the insidious, permeating dread of the house, with its ever-expanding layers and endless mazes, seamlessly into the world of the dreamscape--with Ariadne as the leader of her team, the only one who can help them escape the minotaur. Just as in House, the textual effects spiral out of control along with the plot. Along with innumerable horrors, numerous formatting tricks lie in wait for you in this fic, including textual codes, meta-references, subliminal hovertext, and more.

Even if you're not familiar with House of Leaves, "The Labyrinth" is a mesmerizing experience. This fic is an amazing feat of worldbuilding, suspense, and meta that everyone should read.

The darkness around them seemed hungry and waiting. Eames was the only one afraid. )

The Labyrinth
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