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1st-Dec-2004 01:53 pm CLAMP: A limited Overview

I will be running one of this month's Small Fandom supplements.

The fandom I will be in charge of is actually a collection of fandoms created by CLAMP.

For those not familiar with CLAMP I will give a small (ok it is long...) overview of who they are and what you can expect from their work and the work of their fans.

Info about CLAMP )

Since many may be unfamiliar with the fandoms I will be making recommendations from I will give a short overview of a few of them. Please note I may REC from a CLAMP fandom that I was unable to provide an overview for, but most of the RECs will be from the fandoms listed bellow.

So here they are:
Selected CLAMP fandom overviews )

And Finally...
Links for archives and information )
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