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30th-Sep-2009 10:11 pm Talk of the Town by Rina (PG)
Pairing: Anne/Gilbert
Length: 2000 words
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website: Chasing Rainbows: Fan Fiction by Rina
Why this must be read: It has been an absolute pleasure reading through Anne of Green Gables stories for this month's recs, and I hope y'all will join me in requesting (and offering!) AOGG at Yuletide. You might have noticed that the stories really came from there in most cases. Yuletide authors have a way with AOGG that I find incredibly satisfying.

Tonight's rec is no different. I couldn't walk away from AOGG without making my final rec about one of my few OTPs, Anne and Gilbert.

This story, which reads a bit like a live gossip hotline, tells the tale of Anne and Gilbert's engagement from the points of view of Avonlea residents. They've all got a different take on this momentous occasion.

I have a soft spot for the fat old cats of Avonlea, who are as true as the story's heroine and her cohorts in this short story. If you made through this month with me, and you need a giggle and a good reason for a satisfied sigh, let this story do the trick.

Talk of the Town
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27th-Sep-2009 07:35 pm The Pen and the Sword by Marna Nightingale (PG-13)
Pairing: Multiple
Length: 8600 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] commodorified
Author Website: A Room of One's Own
Why this must be read: I had wanted to save this one as the final rec, but I find that I no longer resist the urge to share it with y'all.

Marna wrote a series of letters between the various characters that appear in Anne's story in the novels Rainbow Valley and Rilla of Ingleside, set just prior to and during the early days of World War II. This is an incredible feat - Marna keeps each character as recognizable as possible, and moves through the time with ease. It reads a lot like Anne of Windy Poplars, but deeper, more real.

"The Pen and the Sword" is a beautiful and realistic portrayal of a wretched time in Canadian (and world) history, and Marna shows amazing skill in weaving the familiar world of the Anne books with her knowledge of Canadian history.

I implore you to click once more and check out

The Pen and the Sword
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27th-Sep-2009 01:23 pm To Make Much of Time by Jennifer-Oksana (PG)
Pairing: blink-and-miss-it Anne/Diana
Length: 1200 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] jennyo
Author Website: Jennifer-Oksana's Reborn
Why this must be read: The most popular pairing in AOGG fandom, outside of the canon pairings, is Anne/Diana. Scads of stories have been written about these two kindred spirits, but Jennifer-Oksana's "To Make Much of Time" really gets to the heart of Anne and Diana. Set in the time frame of Anne of the Island, this is a vignette about a visit to Miss Lavendar Lewis' beloved home in the woods. Anne and Diana are just on the other side of adolescence, a journey that has taken Diana further than Anne in some ways.

There is a deeper melancholy in this story, not unlike L.M. Montgomery's originals, and that's what makes it work so well. You'll find yourself on P.E.I. with Anne and Diana, feeling Anne's grasping for childhood and fantasyland, and Diana's joy at moving beyond it. You can taste the preserves, smell the fire's smoke, and feel the winter chill.

So good you'll wish it kept going, and yet it is very satisfying.

To Make Much of Time
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25th-Sep-2009 05:44 pm VID REC: Learn to be Lonely by renoir160
Fandom: Anne of Green Gables
Vidder: renoir160
Musical artist: Andrew Lloyd Webber (I think this version is Minnie Driver singing, not sure)
Pairing: n/a
Vidder on LJ: Unknown
Vidder's website:

Why this must be watched:

There isn't a whole lot of material available for willing vidders, and most of the vids are Anne/Gilbert. So it's a treat to watch this video, which takes a look at what it meant to Anne to finally have a home and family when she came to Green Gables.

The vid is simply made, no flash and bang here. Renoir160 lets the scenes speak for themselves, and the music puts poignancy where one might not have always thought to look for it.

I loved watching this, and hope you do, too.

Learn to be Lonely by renoir160
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16th-Sep-2009 10:08 pm Waiting by mk_not_r2d2 (PG)
Pairing: Matthew/Marilla
Length: 1901 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] mk_tortie
Author Website: Fic Tag on LJ
Why this must be read: This AU (Matthew and Marilla are married, instead of brother and sister) takes place before Anne comes to Green Gables. It's more of a thinky double-drabble than a plotted story, though you can read between the lines to find the plot. This is Marilla, every day plain ol' Marilla, and her gentle, if naive, husband Matthew - completely believable from the first sentence. A lot of AOGG stays within certain boundaries, but when they crumble, some of the best work emerges. This is one of the best examples.

Really, the best AOGG stories come out of Yuletide, and there isn't enough of them. mk_not_r2d2 contributes to the fandom brilliantly, and defines a genre with this short work.

I highly encourage bringing a Kleenex.

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9th-Sep-2009 09:27 pm Time stood still (we were moving too fast) by dollsome (G)
Pairing: Anne/Gilbert
Length: 1901 words
Author on LJ: [ profile] dollsome
Author Website: Fic Tag on LJ
Why this must be read: Feeling very much like the winsome nature of Anne and Gilbert's relationship is a perfect cure for any number of ills, I cheerfully recommend this vignette. Anne, ever internally ambivalent and eternally obstinate with regards to Gilbert Blythe, has an encounter with him that leaves her in a romantic frame of mind.

Dollsome captures Anne's internal monologue extremely well; the deeply romantic Anne is often thwarted by her determination to believe herself indifferent to Gilbert's obvious attachment to her.

I think this has a tone of "movieverse" to it, and faithful readers of the novels may be jarred if they aren't familiar with Kevin Sullivan's adaptations from the 1980s (Megan Follows version).

I needed cheering up, and this light story did the trick. I hope it does the same for you.

Time stood still (we were moving too fast) by [ profile] dollsome
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8th-Sep-2009 02:50 pm a (most dreadfully) involuntary sin by Mardia (G)
Pairing: None
Length: 1800 words approx.
Author on LJ: [ profile] mardia
Author Website: Fic Tag on LJ
Why this must be read: I thought I would kick off the AOGG fandom recs with a look at Anne and Diana's friendship, from Diana's point of view. This short story takes the popular "five times" theme and delves into some of the ways Diana Barry Wright might have envied her bosom friend Anne throughout their lives.

I think this is a highly intriguing question, especially about a character whose blemishes are few in the novels, and who represents a point of envy for Anne herself at times. Mardia does a great job capturing Diana "through the years" and her characterization is top-notch.

If you're an old hand at AOGG fanfic, or this is your first ever, I think you'll find it captures the spirit of the novels extremely well.

a (most dreadfully) involuntary sin - by Mardia
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7th-Sep-2009 10:36 pm Next door to a perfect heathen - An Anne of Green Gables Overview
I'm Maidenjedi, back for another round of recs in Small Fandoms, and for September 2009 I'm doing Anne of Green Gables.

"There's such a lot of different Annes in me. I sometimes think that is why I'm such a troublesome person. If I was just the one Anne it would be ever so much more comfortable, but then it wouldn't be half so interesting."

At the start of the twentieth century, a Canadian author named Lucy Maud Montgomery created Anne Shirley, and for young girls everywhere, the world changed. I don't think I'm overstating my case when I make the claim that Anne of Green Gables took what Little Women did and ran further and more successfully. The fandom is small, but the impact that Montgomery's novels had has lasted a century and promises to endure.

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