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15th-Jul-2004 08:41 am OZ / The Shield (PG)
No twofer on the Collision, sorry! *g*

Title: Something by Gemma Files
Pairing: Holly Beecher/Cassidy Mackey
Author on LJ: n/a
Author Website:
Why this must be read:

Because "futurestory" is as fascinating to me as backstory. And what Gemma has done here, is to take the daughters of two very flawed men from two of my favorite shows, grown them up, and then thrown them together to see what it might have been like to have had either OZ's Tobias Beecher, or Vic Mackey from The Shield as a dad.

"That was where you saw "blood start to tell", as Holly's Gram and Gramps liked to say, because Cass--otherwise far too feminine to look like her Dad, per se--had sure as fuck long since internalized Vic's trick of toting up grudges the way other people balanced their checkbooks. Inside or out, the Mackeys seldom forgave and never, never forgot; it was a shared trait which kept Holly consistently glad Toby-Dad had been able to do whatever it was he'd done (Beecher still rarely told her details about his prison experiences, not unless she pressed) for that particular clan of two, before he'd finally left Oz behind forever."

Oh, and there's actually an extra bonus triple-crossover special guest appearance in Something, so I suppose I kinda snuck in my "twofer" after all. :-)

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